Chapter 242: Hera / The Classroom in the Morning


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『I’ve always liked Hayakawa-san! Please go out with me』

 They were in the classroom in the morning prior to homeroom.

 With it being her day shift, Kotone had arrived at school the earliest. That was the message sent to her smartphone via mail app.

 The person who had sent it had a name she didn’t remember, nor was their number registered.

 So from Kotone’s viewpoint, a person she was completely unfamiliar with had confessed to her.


「I indeed saw thaaat」


 Despite Hera calling out from behind, Kotone wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

 The elusive fairy would appear out of nowhere when there weren’t any people around and talk to her in a carefree manner, so having been around her for a while, Kotone had already grown used to it.

 The actual astonishing thing would be if she talked to Kotone in front of others

「That was a confession, right?」

「Yeah, I think so」


「Yep, again」

 Kotone nodded with a troubled expression.

 Oritate Academy did not prohibit the use of smartphones within the school building. Instead, it endorsed their usage, preparing a system that could be used even on the academy’s side of things.

 Due to that, the academy’s students were doing various things on their smartphones.

 Even confessions were not done by love letters, meetups, etc, but rather largely via smartphone like this one.

 Regardless, Kotone simply had been confessed to a ridiculous amount of times.

 It was comparatively larger than even the rest of the female students, and she was a cut above even the other two sisters.

 She did not find “that” particularly agreeable.

「Impressive as always, Kotone-chan. Getting confessed to is like breathing air for you」

「There is a legendary person within the academy who『gets confessed to seven times a week』. If you’re comparing getting confessed to with breathing air, you must be referring to them」

「Ooo, such an amazing person existed?」

「Yes, they do」

「What will Kotone-chan do about this confession?」

「Of course I will reject it」

「I don’t mean that. I recognize you will reject it」

 While floating in the air, Hera put her hands on her hips, speaking while pointing her index finger.

 It was a self-evident truth that none of Taiyou’s brides would accept any other male, so she was saying that the question wasn’t that.

「I wish to know what way you will reject them」

「What way?」

 Kotone tilted her head. Her expression wanted more of an explanation.

「Yes indeed. Via letter in the shoe rack? Call them into the classroom? Will you end up digging into them on your way back because『it would be embarrassing for my friends to gossip about me』?」

「Not sure about that last one, but all I have to do to end this is send an “I’m sorry” to them」

「By send, you mean the smartphone?」


 Kotone nodded. Her expression questioned why Hera was asking.

「Ooo, so high-tech. To think that it’s come to where you can just reject a confession with your smartphone and leave it at that. What a time we live in」

「Hera-chan’s younger than me, so why you are saying things like some old-timer?」

「I indeed wonder why. Sometimes Taiyou-chan says that as well」

 Indifferent to Hera tilting her head, Kotone typed in her answer to reject, right afterward putting her phone away and starting on her daily work.

「Incidentally, it feels like I’m always encountering Kotone-chan when someone’s confessing to her」

「It doesn’t happen that much though」

「Suzune-chan and Kazane-chan don’t really have it happen to them all that much, so why does it only happen to Kotone-chan?」

「That’s because Suzu-chan and Kaza-chan don’t get confessions much either」

 Kotone said, making a half-angry half-lonely expression.

 It was the kind of expression where one was angry but had given up because there was no point in letting it out.

「Is that really so?」

「Mhm. Speaking by numbers, I’m the most, followed by Kaza-chan and then Suzu-chan by a wide margin」

「That’s the order, hm?」


「Hmm, so it doesn’t go by how tall you are」

「For whatever reason, no」

 The three mismatched sisters.

 They were triplets with the precise same faces, yet the three of them for whatever reason had a clear difference in their heights.

 Kotone was 150cm, a height that was neither tall nor short for female high school students.

 Suzune would enter in the slightly small category, at 140cm.

 Kazane looked utterly like an elementary schooler, at 130cm.

 They were identical triplets, and yet for some reason the difference in their heights was clear.

 Of the three, the one who got the most confessions was the tallest and eldest, Kotone, followed by the third sister Kazane who looked like a total elementary schooler, whereas Suzune between them for whatever reason had had far fewer incidents.

「Come to think of it, Kotone was popular even before she got with Taiyou」

「You think……so?」

「Was there ever someone amongst them who wanted all three sisters?」

 Kotone gave a slight bitter smile.

「There was not. Although there was just one person who came close」

「Ooo, who are we talking about?」


「Hayakawa-san, ‘morning! You’re a transcendent three times cuter today as well I see」

 The moment Kotone was about to answer, the door to the classroom opened, and her classmate Nakajima Katsuki entered.

 He was the boy boasting the greatest knowledge about others in the class, and had always been talking to Kotone and her sisters in this manner.

「It’s him」

 Hera had gone quiet at the appearance of another person. Kotone conveyed this to her in a small voice and then began chatting with Katsuki.

 Katsuki’s selling point was his friendliness and lack of reservation, but because of that, he didn’t approach people in a romantic way.

 To Katsuki, everyone was classmates, and friends.

 Nothing more, nothing less. He was that kind of guy.

「Now for the journal」

 Kotone put her phone on the terminal that was built into the podium.

 Having the day shift, she logged in using the smartphone as a key, aiming to attach the journal into the terminal.

 Peeking in at that, Katsuki opened his eyes wide.

「What’s this? That Natsuno is absent today?」


 Kotone slightly frowned.

 Though she had the daily shift and no more than two people had showed up at this point in time, she had entered in Taiyou’s absence ahead of time in the log.



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