Chapter 243: Hera / Growth and Stagnation


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Editor: ryunakama

 During gym class…

 Split into gender-based groups, the girls were taking swimming lessons at the pool.

 This would be the last pool class for the rest of this year’s summer.

 Those girls were wearing monochrome navy blue swimsuits with nametags in their chest area. As of the present day, this was an endangered kind of item, but just like how the school still had bloomers, these “maniac-lover” articles were still in use.

 Wearing said swimsuit, Aoba swam the normal amount of distance that the teacher had instructed, afterward climbing up to the poolside, sitting on the ground, and taking a breather.

 That was when Hera came flying in from the schoolhouse, landing on her shoulders.

「Aoba-chan, are you sure you don’t want to change into a new swimsuit?」

「Huh? Why?」

 Aoba asked.

 It was a low enough voice to where it wouldn’t draw any attention.

「Aoba-chan’s name has gone all tight」

 Hera was pointing out the nametag on Aoba’s chest.

 The tag that had「Miyagi」written on it was stretching to the side.

「Aoba-chan’s boobs have indeed become big」

「Mhm. Seems like they got bigger over summer break」

「Wait, that must be thanks to Taiyou-chan, huh?」


 Aoba was at a loss for words.

 Her chest becoming bigger was thanks to Taiyou.

 It was something that she didn’t see any point in being declared out loud.

 Immediately, Aoba’s face became red with embarrassment.

 She wasn’t composed enough to be able to remain calm with Hera messing with her or retort with a joke.

 For better or for worse, she was a 16 year old girl.

 Hera spoke to her again.

「Aoba-chan has now become number one」

「I have? Ah, right」

「Yes indeed. Number 1 amongst Taiyou-chan’s brides」

「Not Kotone-chan?」

「No, no. Aoba-chan is the number 1」


 Aoba put a hand to her chest. Her face seemed somewhat happy about that.

 It went without saying that Kohaku’s chest couldn’t grow due to being an Eternal Little.

 Youran had only just become a『bride』, so she had not yet begun to grow.

 Kotone seemed to be the only one out of the three sisters who had the symptoms, yet Aoba was the one “developing”.

 At the time when they had gone to the hot spring some months ago, Aoba had been the most concerned about the tiny size of her breasts out of all of Taiyou’s brides.

「They are indeed impressive boobs! I must say I am jealouuus」

「Come on, don’t stare so much」

 Aoba hid her chest with her arm.

 Hera was a non-human existence, and on top of that the same gender. There were plenty of reasons to not care, but she was still embarrassed about having her breasts stared at.

「What’s wrooong, Aoba?」

 She suddenly heard a voice from the side.

 It was a familiar, carefree, jovial voice.

 Looking up to see where the voice was coming from, she saw Akiha wearing a swimsuit of the same design.

 In contrast to Aoba, she was energetic, and on top of that, she had amazing, voluptuous proportions accompanying that.

 She was standing with hands on her hips, and her beautiful features made it easy to mistake her for an idol.

 Since she couldn’t see her, Hera closed her mouth.

 It was a adorable mannerism where she hid her mouth with her hands.

 After glancing to confirm that, Aoba turned back to Akiha, answering.

「It’s nothing」

「Really? Sorta seemed like you were chatting with someone. Was someone over there?」

 Akiha said, gazing in Hera’s direction.

 Hera was still there, floating in front of her eyes, but Akiha couldn’t see that at all.

 As evidence to that, Hera flew in a「∞」orbit in front of her and made silly faces staring her down, but Akiha didn’t react at all.

「Maybe someone was spying on you?」

「No way」

「You sure? If they ever do, let me know and I’ll get ’em good」

「Seriously, I’m fine」


 She wasn’t being spied on by anyone in actuality, and Akiha couldn’t see Hera, so she went along with it and sat next to Aoba.

 The two best friends sat on the sun-blazing concrete side-by-side.

 As they were sitting, Akiha stared at Aoba.

 ……She stared at one specific area.


「What is it, Akiha?」

「Aoba……your boobs got big?」

「You too!?」

「Ah, so they really did huh」


 Aoba nodded timidly.

 She wanted to say something to steer the conversation elsewhere, but Akiha was the kind of girl who’d pursue something once she gained interest, so just admitting it right here would decrease the damage.

 Aoba knew that, so she had admitted it meekly.

「It’s cuz ya got groped right?」

 Aoba was stumped at this exact conversation continuing.

 And the most troubling thing was the fact that off to the side, the invisible Hera was snickering.

 She wasn’t a big fan of answering the question, but if she didn’t then things would get annoying, so Aoba timidly nodded, admitting it.

「Yeah. I……think so」

「Wooow, I didn’t know “that sort of thing” makes them bigger」

「I dunno. I mean, it might also not be the case」

「But they really got bigger. And after you were groped」

「Y-Yeah. True」

 Aoba nodded, looking down.

 Her face was hot. At this point even she could tell her face was probably red.


 Akiha had her arms folded, thinking about something and groaning.

「What’s wrong, Akiha?」

「Mhm, now that you’ve got to this point, I think I’ll assist ya」


「Yeah, big is best I’ll grope them and make you even bigger」

「Whaaa, n-no I’m fine」

「Oh c’mon c’mon, don’t be shy. It’s just out of friendship right?」

 Akiha pressed in closer to Aoba with a carefree smile.

 She moved her fingers rapidly, as if saying “I’m gonna grope ya nooow”.

「Wha, quit it Akiha」

 Aoba let out a loud voice and resisted, but it didn’t cause any disturbance.

 This was a pool with no one but girls, and Aoba and Akiha were known to be best friends.

 Even if she didn’t like getting her chest groped, it was seen as skinship between best friends, so no one saw it as a big deal.

 There actually were several girls looking their way, but if anything they were cheering「Do it some more!」.

「Kyan! S-Stop it Akiha」

「All is well, all is well」

「Ugh!Stop screwing around like that」

「Still……Aoba, at this rate I bet you’ll get even bigger」

「Eh?Y-You think so?」

 Aoba, who had disliked what Akiha was saying until now, stopped moving.

 She gazed at Akiha with a certain expectation.

「Mhm, y’know, like this」


「You became bigger and softer, but this area’s still hard as lead. That means ya still got a ways to go」




「Man, I think you can go two cups bigger」

「Ngh……G, Gosh darn it!」

 Aoba had been enduring it, but as expected couldn’t keep at it, flinging Akiha’s hands off.

「Seriously!Give it a rest, Akiha」


「Don’t give me that “whaaa”」

「Come on. A girl’s just giving her help」

「And I don’t need said help」

 Aoba said, and Akiha seemed to be irritated at that, but those words ended it.

 She quickly switched the topic to something else.

 Her best friend Akiha loved messing with her.

 Although that was why Aoba practically hadn’t realized.


 Hera in the corner of her eye was making an odd expression for some reason as she covered her mouth.

 Aoba was rather curious about that.



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