Chapter 245: Hera / The Greatest Pleasure


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Editor: ryunakama

「Seriously, what does she expect me to do?」

 While staring at Akiha sitting atop the fence, Hera complained.

 There was no doubt she had been talking about Hera.

 But what in the world did Shirokiyami mean by 「I leave it to you」?

 She didn’t get what she had been entrusted with or what she should do at all.

「Should I convey her feelings for her? Should I have Taiyou-chan tell her? Should I become a letter and have it say『Open Me』?」

 While flapping in front of Akiha’s eyes, she continued to discharge complaint after complaint.

 Initially she had played around with various ideas, but they gradually decreased in number.

 That was because of Akiha, sitting before her.

 Hera loved to chat, but she was no good at talking to herself. It was like trying to play verbal dodgeball without having the actual ball. She simply could not keep talking.

「Hmmm, what should I do?」


 Akiha muttered to no one in particular as Hera was folding her arms and cocking her head.


 Hera asked, but expectedly there was no response.

 She thought momentarily that Aoba might have come, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

 Hera could pretty much sense the distance of those whom Taiyou kissed.

 She could tell that Aoba was on the bottom floor, further away.

 Basing this on experience, she knew she should be in the classroom and did not come here.

 Then why? She wondered, when Akiha opened her mouth again.

「Natsuno Taiyou……」

「Ooo, so you call him by his full name?」

 Hera said, waiting for who was next.

 However, Akiha said no more than that.

 Even when the chime rang for the next class to begin, she didn’t move from there.

 She sat cross-legged on the fence, simply staring straight ahead

「Hmmm, seems like there isn’t any point staying here」

 There wasn’t any sense that Akiha would say anything more, so even though she knew she couldn’t hear, Hera said「Bye bye indeed」, flying away from there.

 She slipped through the wall, going back to where the girls in the school were.

 Aoba was in the the classroom. She had changed back from a swimsuit into a school uniform, concentrating on the lesson in her seat.

 She tried approaching her, but she only answered with a smile, so Hera went to the next girl.

 She made it to Classroom 1-A.

 The three sisters Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane were likewise focusing on class, mouthing「Later」, whereas Kohaku excitedly waved Hera over.

 She still couldn’t speak to her during class, but Kohaku would do things like prod at her with her fingers or stroke her in the palm of her hand.

 It felt like something a human might do with a dog, and Hera briefly frolicked about with Kohaku.

 At length she also exited 1-A, detecting the next girl’s location.

 Shirokiyami was quite far, and it was highly likely that she had left the school premises.

 Meanwhile, Youran and Leticia seemed to be in nearly the same place; apparently together.

「Where are Yuri-chan and Leti-chaaan?」

 Hera flew in the direction that she sensed.

 Flying through the wall.

 At length, she entered a room of thick making; different from the rest.

 This was called the board chairman’s room, which you could tell was of a higher class.

 Youran and Leticia were facing each other there, discussing something.

 If Hera were the type to read the mood a bit more, or hide herself here, she could have likely eavesdropped on something.

「It is indeed hello」

 She spoke in a jovial voice, flying over to the two of them.

「Can you knock when entering the room?」

「Whaaat, why must I? I am so close with Yuri-chan after all」

「Close in what way?」

 Leticia said, exasperated.

「So what did you come for?」

「I came to playyy. Everyone is busy with class, so I am suuuper free」

「Umm, I’m busy too」


「Me too. Ya realize instructors are purty busy themselves, right?」

「I see. That is indeed a shame」

「What about playing with Adashino?」

「Oh yeah huh, Pochi-chan exists」

 Hera clapped her hands together. She had remembered the girl who had inherited the big breasted blood of the Juunishimas.

 It was true that Pochi would be free, so she’d probably tag along with her.

 After thinking that, she thanked Youran for her suggestion.

It was at that moment.

「Oo, ooooo」

 Hera suddenly got really excited.

「What? What happened?」

「It has come come cooome, indeed」

「What has?」

「Thaaat, you know, that」

 Something had welled up from within her. It had been accumulating in her heart, but it was now released.

 She had felt this about ten times. She could sense that it was deeply related to her raison d’être, reason for living――a level-up.

 Somewhere far off, Taiyou had leveled up.

「Ooo, I was summoned this time」

 Jovial, Hera’s body disappeared into the black hole, sucked into nothingness.

「It is indeed goodbyeee――」

 Hera had been summoned by Taiyou. She was sucked into darkness with Youran and Leticia staring puzzledly.

 The next moment, she was in front of Taiyou.

 Inside the living terrace of Taiyou Castle…

 Half-naked and covered all over with bandages, Taiyou was also wearing brand-new sneakers.

 Before leaving she had instructed Taiyou to grind repetitively by「Tying and untying shoes」.

 That had accumulated exp, and he had leveled up.

 The moment she came before Taiyou, Hera had spun around in the air, speaking in a jovial voice.

「Tererettettettehhh♪ Taiyou-chan has leveled up!」

 That was everything that connected her to Taiyou.

 It was a moment of ecstasy received from Taiyou that was far superior to any sex.



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