Chapter 247: Taiyou / Oh, are we being invaded?


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「Incidentally, Yami-chan said something odd」

「Something odd?」

 Hera then told him.

 She told him everything she had seen from beginning to end that occured on the school roof.

「……Very impressive description」

 After he had heard everything, Taiyou gave his opinion.

「Was it visual enough?」

「Yeah. Akiha was sitting on the fence, and Shirokiyami was standing to her side, right?」

「Yes indeed」

「I’ve seen it from both sides, so I can really picture it. And once I picture it it’s just fabulous」

「I see indeed」

「You don’t really get it do ya」

 Taiyou asked Hera.

 He hadn’t felt any understanding in her jovial, carefree answer.

「No, I do think that it’s fabulous when Taiyou-chan is together with his briiides」

「No, I don’t mean anyone specifically. It could be anyone really. Visual-wise」


「Well I could care less. The real thing we need to focus on is what Shirokiyami said」

 Taiyou tried to organize what he had heard in his head.

 He had admittedly anticipated this in a sense.

 If he were to compile the information Hera had brought back after spying and what had happened until now, one answer floated up.

 It was still but a possibility.

 And he didn’t want it to be anything more if he could help it.

 Because if that were true, Taiyou and Akiha would end up as “rivals”.

 Rivals in a love triangle for Aoba.

 He didn’t think Aoba would be moved in any way, nor did he intend to let it happen.

 It was just that Aoba thought of Akiha as her best friend.

「This is where the issue is」

 Taiyou muttered.

「It is?」

「Yeah. Akiha brought Aoba over here right」

「Hmmm, oh, you mean when she ran from home?」

 Taiyou nodded.

 That was when Aoba had still been「Miyagi-san」.

 Aoba had run away from home when the number of mothers had increased, and Akiha had taken her here for whatever reason.

 If his assumption was correct, just what would that mean?

「I want to investigate more」

「Investigate what? You may leave it to mee」

「……Nah, I dunno about thaaat」

「Excuse me? Is Taiyou-chan making light of me? Even though I can do espionage the best?」

「That’s true in it’s own way for you, but…」

 If all he needed were the facts, he might leave it to Hera.

 After all, even Shirokiyami at one point hadn’t been able to detect her presence.

 However, from what they had just discussed, it was evident that she was detached from human emotions.

「Or I could have you look and make the calls myself」

「What will I be looking for?」


 Taiyou thought about what would be best.

 That was when a chime rang.

 When it rang, he saw a figure beyond the glass to the entrance.

「Who is it at a time like this?」

「Shall I go look?」

「No, don’t worry about it」

 Taiyou smiled wryly.

 Just as he had meant by saying「don’t worry about it」, there was no need to go so far as to use Hera right now.

 Taiyou put on the clothing he had discarded on the sofa, standing up and heading to the entryway.

 When he opened the door, he saw unexpected visitors.


 Two of Aoba’s three mothers, Nazuna and Mio were standing there.

 Though Taiyou now had “four” brides, these women were the clearest definition of “mother-in-laws” to him.

 Taiyou thought it a little strange.

 He had four brides, and yet only one of them had people he could call his mother-in-laws…but there were three of them.

 He chuckled a bit at this unexplainable situation.

「It has been a while. Has something good happened recently?」

 Nazuna asked him with her usual aloof vibe.

「No, not exactly. Anyhow, please come in」

「Indeed, thank you for having us」

「……Thank you for having us」

 Mio with a sour look followed after the placid Nazuna like a servant as they entered.

 She hadn’t lately been saying anything directly to him, but even so, it was clear that she did not think highly of Taiyou.

「Mio-san is like a father」

 Taiyou said as he showed them to a sofa.


「Yeah. The kind of father who says『You won’t have MY daughter』」

「Yeah, I do feel the same vibeーーplease do sit」

 Taiyou sat in his usual spot, motioning for them to sit as well.

 Only Nazuna sat, whereas Mio preferred to stand behind her like the maid she was.

 Taiyou had always thought that relationship was fantastic.

「Thanks. Yeah, pretty sure that Mio-san still doesn’t want to let her daughter go」

「……That is not true」


「Yes, even I can tell」

「But Mio-san is the only one who is against it. Both me and Atsuko-san concur, so relax」

「If I recall, you had a parliamentary system」

「Indeed. Putting aside one case, the three of us decide all the important things with majority rule. We’ve done that for around twenty years」

「One case?」

 Taiyou wondered what that was, but neither Nazuna or Mio seemed to budge.

 It didn’t seem to be anything important, so Taiyou decided to let it slide.

「More importantly, why have the two of you come here? Usually no one is here on a weekday」

「Aoba-sama has contacted us. She wishes for us to see how Natsuno-sama is faring」




「Please strip」


 Taiyou couldn’t believe what her mother-in-law was saying.



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