Chapter 250: Natsuno / Sharp-Eared Yami-chan


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

 He was thirsty, so he left the tired-out Aoba in the room and went to the kitchen to drink water or something.

 That was when he ran into the three sisters and Shirokiyami.

 Perhaps because they had just gotten out of the bath, the three sisters’ flushed cheeks and cherry blossom-painted skin were captivating, and Taiyou could feel his heart pounding.

 In addition, behind the sister trio was Shirokiyami in white pajamas, equally cute.

「So cuuute」

 They were so cute that Taiyou couldn’t help let out his honest thoughts.

「You think that too, Taiyou-san?」

「We were thinking the same」

「That this cute appearance fits us」

 The mismatched three sisters, Koto, Suzu, and Kaza sang a chorus of the soul.

 Taiyou unconditionally agreed with what they had said.

「Yeah, you’re super cute. I agree that it fits you」

「That is……not, true」

 Shirokiyami denied with her peculiar way of breathing, turning the other way.

 Her sakura-colored skin increased its redness further, and Taiyou felt that was even cuter.

 She held a complex toward her long white hair reaching behind her knees, her white skin, as well as her red eyes, so in order to supplement that she normally preferred to wear jet-black lace dress.

 A black dress for a pale girl.

 That was beautiful in its own way, but Taiyou still thought that white fit her better.

 As if that were “the way it should be”.

(If I said that……not sure whether she’d get angry, cry, or cut me down)

 Taiyou was inwardly sweating cold sweat.

 He would rather none of them, but crying was definitely the last thing he wanted.

「You are thinking……strange, thoughts」

「Am not」


「Not lying」

 Taiyou smiled broadly.

「Just thinking you’re cute, is all」


 Her face even redder, she reached down to her lower body area, but let go as she suddenly realized something.

 She made an extremely disappointed face.

「Oh yeah huh, can’t brandish a katana like that. Only from under your skirt, was it?」

「A maiden’s……eti, quette」

「Mhm. Strove to remember it, right?」


 Shirokiyami slightly nodded.

 Normally, when she were in her black lace dress, she was able to pull out her beloved sword,『Heaven Reversal』.

 It was almost like a party or magic trick, but she specifically called it「Etiquette of Beautiful Sword-Wielding Girls」.

 And as it would seem she could not do such a thing without her skirt, her current pajama apparel made it impossible.

 Knowing that, Taiyou thought to himself…

(Can I defeat her right now?)

 It was normally quite reasonable to assume that a beauty without her sword is a mere beauty…

「As long as it doesn’t hit……it isn’t, an issue」

「……Plus you can create afterimages and offshoots」

 It was naive for Taiyou to think that way.

 Even without a weapon, that movement of hers that surpassed human intellect wasn’t going anywhere.

 That movement that allowed her to immediately appear behind you, leaving afterimages.

 That wasn’t something reliant on a weapon. It was her own skill――her own ability.

 Even without taking out her weapon, Taiyou could still not hit her.

 As he was cooling down, giving it up, the three sisters “finished” their own cooldown, speaking to him.


「We just feel we should」

「Apologize ahead of time」


「See, tonight」

「We’ll be sleeping together」

「So Taiyou-san, we can’t……」

 The sister trio said with apologetic faces.

 He wasn’t immediately sure what they meant, but he quickly realized that the sisters and Shirokiyami were sleeping together.

 That was why they had gone into the bath together, now in pajamas.

 Nothing more, nothing less.

「Could this be what they call a pajama party or girl’s gathering?



 Taiyou nodded, motioning to get out, but as he was about to turn around, he grasped his jaw, thinking.

「Can I join too?」


 Shirokiyami was the one with the reaction.

 She stirred slightly, opening her eyes wide.

 Taiyou once again saw an opening.

 This was probably the most vulnerable she had been since they had met each other.

 But Taiyou discarded such evil thoughts, speaking.

「I won’t try anything. And even if I did, I’d be physically suppressed. It just really sounds interesting, and I was wondering what you do」

「You were wondering?」

「We don’t do anything in particular though」

「We simply chat and then go off to sleep」

「Mm, but it still sounds sorta interesting」

「Well, we’re fine with it……」

 Kotone said as all three sisters looked at Shirokiyami.

 They seemed to be seeing if she was also okay with it.

「I don’t……really, care」

「It’s alright?」

「Mhm……it’s, fine. If you tried anything weird……I would just cut you, anyway」

「Haha. Well, I’ll just do my best not to get cut」

「In that case」

「Taiyou-san, please enter the bath」

「I’ll go in with you, okay?」


 As Taiyou was inclining his head, wondering, Kazane ended up continuously pushing him from behind into the bathhouse.

 Thirty minutes later, they were in the sisters’ room.

 An oddly refreshed Taiyou and a tired but satisfied Kazane entered together.

 Kazane was in the sisters’ matching pajamas, while Taiyou was wearing something similar to sweats.

 It was no secret why Taiyou and Kazane looked that way, but for some reason, Shirokiyami made a sour face.

「What’s wrong?」



「You did something……rather, extreme」

「Well, yeah」

 Taiyou smiled wryly, looking at Kazane next to him.

 Even if she were small, it was immediately clear that her face was sexually excited.



「Not about that……I mean、this」

 Shirokiyami looked not at Kazane, but at Kotone and Suzune who had been together.

 Upon closer inspection, they had the same faces as Kazane.

「They’ve been……like、this」


 Taiyou clapped his hands.

 He recalled them being able to convey feelings even when apart.

 The feelings gained from what they had done in the bathhouse had been conveyed via telepathy, and Shirokiyami had noticed.

「Erotic……mon, ster」

「I don’t deny it」

「How many times do you……do it、per night?」


「You also……did it、earlier」


「Cause my ears……are quite、adept」

「Wait a sec wait a sec」

 Taiyou panicked.

「Did it earlier……ears are adept……so that means……」



「Because I can……cover the、entire building」

「That’s NOT okay at all!!!」

 He screamed, enough for his voice to crack.

「S-So……after all this time……?」

「I’ve been、hearing all of it」


 Taiyou wanted to die.

「It’s fine……I don’t, care」

「But I freakin’ do!」

「I……hit the wall when it happens、so I’m fine」

「If it makes you go that far, then just become mine」


「Hey hey」

「When you say you can hear it」

「Just how much?」

「As much, as right now」


 Highly interested in asking Shirokiyami, the three sisters were ready to begin the girl’s gathering.

 Taiyou was embarrassed enough to where he wanted to escape.



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