Chapter 252: Natsuno / The Harem Sleeps Together


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

 A half-destroyed Taiyou Castle was visible in the residential district at dawn.

 Youran and Kohaku were staring up as the three sisters and Aoba dealt with the onlookers and neighbors who had gathered.

 And then there was Taiyou, huddled over the asphalt in a seiza position.

 The building had become like this because of Taiyou and Shirokiyami’s fight, but Taiyou was the one who had caused it.

 It was because he knew this that he was kneeling and bowing his head before Kohaku.

「I’m really sorry that this happened, Kohaku-san」

「I do not really care, but at least tell me how this happened, matey」

「Yeah, same here. Usually you have enough power to deal with her, but this is new……did you do something to piss her off?」



 Kohaku said, glancing around as if searching for something.

 And then her gaze became absorbed into one location.

 Standing there was Shirokiyami clad in white pajamas.

 The way she was trying to hide in the shadows truly made it look like she was apologetic.

 Looking at her and then looking at the half-destroyed Taiyou Castle, Kohaku spoke.

「But wow, this be a wreckage worse than the typhoon from earlier」

「At this point, I think reforming is outta the picture. We gotta build it up from scratch」

「That too, but…」


「For the time being, I’d say we need a place to sleep tonight. We must find a hotel」

「What’re you saying? We already have a great place」

「Huh? Where might that be」

「Over there」

 Youran said, jerking behind her with her index finger.

 It was a building next to Taiyou Castle that had been recently constructed.

 It was the place where an important extraterritorial foreigner lived.

 Leticia H Kelarz.

 Leticia, third princess of the Phili kingdom, was living in Japan.

 In addition to the neighbors, maids and special forces had shown up to see what was going on.

 The only different thing about them was their clothing.

 Kohaku saw that, clapping her hands in exclamation.

「So we’ll be staying here a bit」

 They were in an extravagant reception room inside Leticia’s estate.

 Princess Leticia, the owner of this mansion, and Youran, her best friend, were facing each other.

 Behind Youran was the Natsuno household, watching closely over the proceedings.

「I dunno what the heck yer spoutin’. The hell happen?」

「I don’t know anything either, other than that he attacked Shirokiyami」

「Attacked her? That’s it?」


「No way! We’re talkin’ bout that Shirokiyami. If she were attacked it’d still be child’s play. Sure he didn’t do anythin’ else?」

 As Leticia said that, everyone in the area gazed at Taiyou.

 Kohaku, Aoba, Youran, Leticia, Hera.

 Everyone gazed at Taiyou and peered at the mismatching sister trio, who had been there with Shirokiyami when it had happened.

 As if asking “What on earth did you do?”


 Taiyou was at a loss for words. It was quite the sight to see him fidgeting for once.


「It isn’t Taiyou-san’s fault」


 The mismatching sisters attempted to cover for him, but weren’t able to say anything.

「I still don’t understand anything, but I can surmise the gist of it, aye」

「Yeah, the gist is that he did something stupid」

 Taiyou’s shoulders got even smaller as he heard what Kohaku and Leticia said.

「So what do you say?」

「Ya don’t hafta stay here. I got an even better place for ya……a place uninvolved with family matters」

「No, I don’t really care about that. Will you let us stay? Or not? Which one?」

 Youran pressed her friend.

「……The heck you plannin’?」

「Uhh, nothing? Just demanding a night’s stay and meal」

「Favors aren’t somethin’ to be demanded」

「Then think of it as repaying previous favors」

「……Lovely personality ya got there」


「Both you and me have enough debt to each other to make a livin’ off of」

「We did?」


 Leticia said, sighing.

「Okay, you can stay……on one condition」

「One condition?」

「No destroyin’ houses」

「That’s what you’re concerned about?」

 Youran burst out laughing.

 She walked away from Leticia over to the girls.

 Returning to Taiyou’s『brides』, she entered the throng.

「Don’t worry. We’ll deal with him, so you won’t have to lift a finger」

「Then alright」

「And there’s a little something I need to discuss with you」


「Yeah, just the two of us, where no one can overhear. Any good place for that?」

「Over here」

 Leticia began walking, leaving the room before her.

 Youran turned back to Taiyou and the others and spoke.

「Then, I’ll go ahead and talk with Leti. If it gets late then you guys can sleep before me」

 She said, chasing after Leticia as she exited the room.

 The rest of Taiyou’s family left in the room, a maid soon came in to guide them to their room.

 He wasn’t sure whether it was Leticia’s orders or the maid’s own judgement.

 Taiyou and the others were led into a suite room that was a size bigger than a king sized bedroom.

 Even if Taiyou and his brides were to all be up at once, this gigantic bed left ample space.

「Wowww, that’s even bigger than ours」

 Aoba saw it, letting out a voice of admiration.

 She went to the bed and pushed down on it to feel it.

 Kohaku came beside her.

「Oh? Might there be something similar at your family’s house, Aoba?」

「Yeah, for my father and mothers to use when sleeping together. It’s not this big though」

「So does that mean」

「You also……use it for when」

「You do it?」

 The three sisters attempted to ask Aoba but left out all the important bits as they faltered.

「Nope, apparently not. Just when they sleep」

「Just when they sleep, huhー」

「That be mighty intriguing」

 Kohaku shuffled to the bed, copying Aoba by touching it.

「Which means that gigantic beds be not for sexual activity, but purely for everyone to sleep together on, aye?」

「Mhm, exactly」

「So you’ve slept together with them before, Aoba-chan?」

 Hera asked, inclining her head.

「No, never. It’s reserved for Father and the others」

「This be becoming even more intriguing」


「Doesn’t this remind you of a sancturary or something?」

「Quite possibly. What do ye think of us following the example of our elders and trying the “only sleeping” thing out?」

「So we’ll be imitating our harem senpaisー」

「「「Yes, let’s do it!」」」

 The three sisters said all at once, dashing to the bed first.

 They discarded their shoes, rising onto the bed.

 Aoba followed them, and then Kohaku after her.

 The females were all on the bed, staring at Taiyou from above.

 Come quickly! We want you here too!

 Come here and sleep together with us.

 The females all had the same idea, gazing at Taiyou.

 Seeing this sight, for some reason Taiyou found himself hesitating.



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