Chapter 257 – The Mamaz / Winner’s Stand


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All of these women collected in front of the same man caused cases like this that were rare among normal society.

Even if it all went well, it was still the same if it went poorly.

And in the Natsuno family, the biggest example of that was Youran Juunishima.

As 『Shingetsu no Kami』, she didn’t deal with it.

The other women didn’t forgive her for that, and she didn’t care if they did.


As Taiyou watched the mothers leave, Youran called from behind him.

He turned, and she was holding her lunch box in front of him.

She had called him, but her gaze was turned a bit away from him.

「If you don’t eat this the afternoon competitions will begin soon.」

「Oh, yeah.」

Taiyou nodded, but he didn’t seem to move.

「What’s wrong Natsuno-kun?」

「Won’t you feed me?」

「Feed you?」


He opened his mouth and put it toward the group of girls.

And mischievously, he swished his tongue around inside his mouth.

「Well, if my husband is going to request such a thing…I’d be happy to give it!」

「Really? Natsuno-kun hasn’t done things like that lately.」

「「「Oh yes, compared to when we first met him.」」」

Kohaku, Aoba, and the three sisters said in order.

The words had a feeling of love more than they sounded, but the three didn’t move to feel Taiyou.

Only one girl was tricked into doing it.

「Okay, I’ll do it then. Look!」

Youran said bluntly, while holding chopsticks extended she picked a lunch box, grabbed some rolled omelette, and pressed it towards Taiyou.

It was a large cut of rolled egg, and you could see it was rolled layer by layer in the pan much like a rolled cake, cool and soft.

It was made for a lunch box, with a very high quality egg. It was a rolled egg that with one look seemed made by someone with skill.


「What? Go ahead and eat.」

「So that is your lunch box?」

「Wha? …ah!」

Youran noticed it in the first thing Taiyou said. She was jolted, and saw the rolled egg that she had in her chopsticks…they were both examining the lunch box she had made.

Unlike the other girls, he had fooled her into showing him which lunch box she had made, and the usually calm and controlling Youran realized her mistake.

She turned red out to her ears.

「Y, you fooled me?」


Taiyou quickly acknowledged.

「Did all of you notice?」

「Yes, there’s no way I’m going to get fooled by that. Nice to not be trapped.」

「Um, my father used to do the same thing to my mother long ago.」



Her face was aflush, and her twin tails were shaking.

She stayed like that a while, and then turned to Taiyou.

She had teared up a bit.

「Just eat it, okay?!」

「Sure, sure.」

Taiyou said, and he chomped down on the egg.

「Ugh…no more…Just eat it all.」

Youran sulked at him.

「Yeah, it’s good. Thanks, Youran.」

「He, heh heh. Of course it is…I used the best ingredients.」

Youran turned away from him, and Taiyou and the other girls snickered at her.

That evening, they had the winner’s stand for all the athletes.

It was built on top of the platform for the morning opening ceremonies, and behind a folding screen shadows of people were seen waiting.

A ways away, there was a female media announcer in the corner with a microphone in front of her.

She walked to the mic and said in a lovely voice:

「Next is the individual award, In third place is Kyosuke Mikuriya.」


He called out and walked up on the platform.

「Get out of there Altered Beast!」



The students yelled out “cordial” comments as the second place was awarded.

「Individual award, second place: Raiako Tenchi.」


The girl in second was called and went up the platform.




Amidst the strange voices, the first place was then called.

「And the first place goes to, Taiyou Natsuno!」


Taiyou left the group and went up onto the platform.

People shouted insults at him too, but he didn’t notice.

Right in front of him was the screen with people behind it.

Other students, Mikuriya and Tenchi had no idea who was behind it, but Taiyou knew.

Behind the screen was Youran Juunishima, who had just changed.

She was the director of the event and had come for the presentations.

With the media announcer, Youran gave awards from third to first place.

Since she was giving them from behind the screen, only those awarded could see her.

「Oh, wow!」


Mikuriya and Tenchi received their awards with a loud surprise.

Taiyou felt proud after hearing their reactions.

Youran put off that much of an impression, her beauty, and her aura.

Taiyou knew it, knew it well.

He knew what she appeared like in her Shingetsu no Kami mode.

That’s why he was proud.

If you were to define it, it was like childish possessiveness, at least that’s what he thought.

「First place to Taiyou Natsuno!」


Called by the announcer, he stood in front of the second place girl and in front of Youran.

Her hair was down, the Shingetsu no Kami.

He naturally bowed his head as Kohaku had taught, a correct bow.

Youran Juunishimi Shingetsu no Kami, or just Youran.

Their difference of status made him want to bug her.

But because of that difference, he still honored it.

She was that kind of girl, he said, and he was satisfied with their relationship being that way.

「These top three will get Filly Empire Exchange Student Points. We’ll announce their place in scores combined with the midterm test points. Seventh place, Kyosuke Mikuriya gets a point…」

After getting his award, Taiyou walked away from the stage and the announcer’s voice.

At the bottom of the steps was something hidden from the student’s view.

There was one girl standing at the bottom.

With shorts on and white knee socks, was Akiha Aoyama.



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