Chapter 265 – Winning Conditions / There’s no XXXX


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

The weekday amusement park wasn’t completely open, but it was quite empty, and there was no life and seemed devoid of activity.

The clientele seemed mostly adults, all couples, and there were a few families with children that had taken the day off as well.

In the midst was an even rarer guy with two girls.

Taiyou, Aoba, and Akiha – a trio.

「Okay, you got to put these on your wrists.」

After paying the entrance fee Taiyou held the rubber wristbands out for the two girls. Aoba and Akiha took the bracelets and put them on.

「This keeps track of everything we buy and we pay it all off as we leave.」

「I see, so I’ll pay you back when we leave, okay?」

「No need. I have the money today, okay?」


「It’s not me actually, but Kohaku. If I don’t use up all the money she gives me, like any elderly person she’s going to get angry.」

「True, my grandfather’s the same. Okay, I see, then I’ll leave it all to you.」

Akiha said and nodded.

「So where should we go?」

「You like the extreme rides, right?」

Taiyou said. He expected that Akiha would be that type.

「Of course. I always think a rollercoaster would be so much better WITHOUT a seat belt.」

「That’s crazy! You’ll fly off!」

「The centrifugal force will keep you in, right? You can free fall without the belt on.」

「That’s after the centrifugal force though! When you’re going up you’ll get launched!」

「Yeah, well I was thinking of trying the bungee jump, without the band.」

「You’d just fall to the ground!」

「It’s okay, I’d let you do it first.」

「Are you trying to kill me?!」

After a brief, pleasant exchange the three looked at the map and headed towards the rollercoaster.

The rides they passed by were pretty empty, but the rollercoaster as usual was quite popular.

After waiting behind in line for 10 minutes, they finally reached the ride.

「Okay, Aoba and her husband…」

「No, you two go together.」


Akiha was surprised.

Since the rollercoaster was two seats next to each other, it would be natural to put Taiyou and Aoba in the seat together…but Taiyou stopped this and made Aoba and Akiha sit together.

While Akiha was confused, they both go on the rollercoaster together and the safety lock went CLUNK.

「Sir, get in behind them.」

「Nah, no need.」


Taiyou started to walk away and Akiha was even more confused.

「I’ll be waiting around there somewhere.」

Taiyou said and waved as he left the roller coaster.

Aoba was a bit surprised, but Akiha was shocked.

The two rode together and the rollercoaster started to move.

He watched them moving away and Taiyou remembered what had happened last night.

Last night at his castle, in Kohaku’s room.

Kohaku, completely naked, had alluringly looked down onto Taiyou from above.

They were connected, the two, and they talked after their passionate lovemaking in a calm conversation.

「You’ll have a flower in both hands tomorrow.」

「Both of them have thorns too, you know. I’m almost reluctant to do this.」

「Akiha Aoyama…instead of her attacking you as an opponent, why not take a shot at her instead?」

「I know all that.」

Taiyou looked at Kohaku,

Just today, she had made Taiyou invite Akiha, so that the next day all three could go to the amusement park together.

Even though Akiha had declared her love, it was with Aoba who Akiha 「didn’t like, but loved」.

The three in one made the situation tumultuous.

It was a very Kohaku-ish plan, but he couldn’t see why she was planning what she was.

What was she going for, Taiyou wondered.

「I wonder what Kohaku is trying to get me to do?」

「In one expression, a coup de grace.」

「Coup de grace?」

「Aoba is not going to just leave her husband, so the battle would be pointless.」

「…you’re right.」

「If it’s pointless, we must conclude it quickly without extending it. She will hate you if she can’t put an end to your lovey days with the girl she likes.」

「Stop using that word lovey…I just don’t like it.」

「How about Supa-Love then?」

「That’s not as bad. Yeah, it’s just a problem of how it sounds.」

Taiyou said.

He didn’t want to make his love for Aoba seem less, but that word lovey just seemed to turn him off.

Sometimes words just mess with you.

A normal occurrence.

A classic tale.

Just two words, their meanings almost the same.

But even those two words have different images, one is a minus, one a plus.

And in the same way, that word lovey was not one he liked.

That was all.

「Well, I’m all for a short fight. And I want to be the one in charge of it. I don’t want those mothers-in-law involved, because it gets really tedious if I don’t take the initiative.」

「So, which are you planning to do?」


He looked at the naked Kohaku and had no idea what she was trying to say.

「Will you totally dispose of her, or bring her in? That’s what I mean by the word which.」

Taiyou couldn’t answer.

He didn’t want to 「totally dispose of her」, but even the meaning of「bring her in」he didn’t understand completely.

We watched the roller coaster undulate among screams as he remembered his conversation with Kohaku.

Kohaku’s question, two possibilities.

About them, he thought…

「Which one…hmm…」

He sighed and whispered.

「Since Akiha didn’t use her usual phrase…I wonder if I can dispose of her…」



  1. frankly i don’t want him to add her. i recognise homosexuality as a type of relationship. accepting her in his harem is like accepting a second guy in it.

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

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