Chapter 266 – Winning Conditions / Fun Date


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

「Welcome back.」

Taiyou was greeted by two girls below.

The surprised Akiha was still smiling…but her eyes weren’t.

「Was it fun?」

「It was! My ears are still ringing, though. Aoba screamed like crazy the whole way.」

「Liar! I hardly screamed at all!」

「You did, you did. I could hear you from down here.」

「Geez! Natsuno-kun at least back me up!」

「Hah hah hah, okay, where next?」

As he said that, they all walked along looking for the next attraction to ride.

Their eyes fell on the spinning coffee cups ride. There were seats inside the coffee cup, and by spinning the middle handle the seats would spin around and around, making a fun ride that would mess with your sense of balance.

「Let’s ride this one.」


Aoba nodded and then they all walked into the attraction.

They all three gazed at an empty cup.

「Okay, then Aoba and Akiha together, and I’ll ride this one.」

「You’re not riding with us?」

Akiha said.

With what happened before, her eyes suddenly shone with a look of caution.

Taiyou smirked.

「It’s okay, you’ll see why I don’t want to ride with you.」

「Well, Aoba, let’s get in this one.」


As Taiyou had said, the three split into two different cups.

The music started, and the attraction began to spin.

A big spinning coffee cup – Akiha and Aoba both started to spin it.

Watching them, Taiyou started spinning his cup as well.

Wathoooom! And then in an instant:

「Fatal Blow! Just Stupid Strength!」

Taiyou put power into his body and began to spin the cup.

Though the coffee cups spun on their own from the machine moving them around, the power that Taiyou was putting into the spinning showed from how he was spinning the handle.

The coffee cup that Taiyou was in was spinning three times faster than normal.

「Wow! Taiyou’s so fast!」

「So that was why…」

Akiha gazed over at him with a grimace.

But still, on that day, it was the first time she smiled without any hostility to him. It was a grimace, but there was no malice in it.

Maybe there was shock mixed up in it, but either way it was fine, as Taiyou started spinning the cup even faster.

「I’m going…to spin the world!」

As Taiyou’s physical power increased, it seemed his power of balance didn’t match.

With the music over, Taiyou emerged stumbling from the cup.

「Are you okay, Natsuno-kun?」


「Because you got all fired up spinning that thing. I mean, it WAS great, you were spinning like a top.」

「I was a bit worried about you Natsuno-kun, I heard the employees shouting about you during the ride.」

「Wha? What did they say?」

Taiyou said with a shocked face.

「Um, is he going to be okay? Can the cup take that speed? And so on.」

「I was spinning like Gelman Ninja out there.」

Taiyou laughed, he had wanted to clown around on a ride somehow, and it had worked pretty well.

「Okay, what next?」

Taiyou asked, and the three walked around the attractions.

Sky swing, biking, and go-carts.

The three rode them all together, and had a fun time.

During it, Taiyou was observing Akiha.

She was having fun, and maybe with Aoba, but since she had been hostile to Taiyou at first, she had lost that attitude and was now just having fun.

If that’s so…Taiyou thought.

「Next should be…yeah.」

He looked at the next attraction, grimaced, and stopped.

This attraction was the standard for helping one progress on their date.

It was normal, but also a bit raw.

A haunted house.

「A haunted house?」

「No, let’s not do this.」

「Why not? You don’t like haunted houses, Natsuno-kun?」

「No, I mean…」

A memory was reborn of Taiyou’s childhood.

He had been to a haunted house before only once as a student.

That was during kindergarten, and right after he had entered he heard the couple in front of him scream and from fear he had bolted from the haunted house.

He had entered, and without seeing a thing, ran.

From then, he had never been to a haunted house.

…of course, he had then become obsessed with games, and so one could he had no relation to amusement parks as a dating spot.

「If you want to go, then you two…」

「Aoba, over there.」

「Ah, got it, Akiha.」

Akiha and Aoba had signalled to one another and surrounded Taiyou, putting each of their arms around his.

With a beautiful woman on each arm it was like two blessings at once, but the story wasn’t going to progress like that.

It was the story of two women dragging a man into a haunted house that he was afraid of.

「W, wait…I can’t go…」

「You don’t want to?」

「…frankly put, I…」

「Then you want to go in alone? Aoba and I follow you.」


「Okay, let’s go!」


Akiha and Aoba both shouted in good spirits.

「Waitwaitwait, I don’t think I can take this.」

「Hee hee」

「Hah hah hah」

Taiyou was dragged into the haunted house by the other two, and he seemed to lose all that made him a man.

The two being very pleased at this was the one thing that saved the situation.



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