Chapter 272 – Winning Conditions / Princess Maker


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「I’m going to kick your ass someday.」

Night, in the apartment building.

In a room using the total floor of the top of a tall apartment building, Taiyou felt it looked like a complete house the first time he went inside, while Kohaku and Youran grimaced at him.

Taiyou was talking trash to Hera in this living and living room terrace that they were using while the Taiyou Castle was being rebuilt. He wasn’t really angry, but he did look quite stunned.

「Because I’ll do anything for you, I’d let you kill me over and over, but if you killed me once that would be it, so it’s impossible, desu.」

「Don’t joke around. You’re doing this on purpose.」

「What do you mean?」

「Don’t act stupid. I mean leveling up.」

Level up.

From when Hera arrived, he was able to do it. He would do things over and over that had no meaning in the real world, and from that he would level himself up.

Normally it would have no meaning, but with this foot tall fairy beside him, he would become stronger while leveling up.

There was an exception to the leveling up.

Normally when one digs a hole and then fills it, or unties and then reties their shoes, with the common point only in multiples of five that never had such a meaning before.

From level five onward he could kiss a girl.

From level 10 he could make love to a princess.

Just like that, every 5th level, with a girl, he could do something new.

Now, he was getting ready to pass level 20.

「What happened to you leveling up?」

「…Hera, tell me once more what I should do.」

「Um, first you take a girl’s clothes off, desu…」


「You take them off and then put them back on, desu.」

「And next?」

「Once they’re on, you take them back off, desu.」


Taiyou shouted with both hands in the air.

「What is it Taiyou-chan? The moons not out and you haven’t grown a tail, desu.」

「I’m not a huge monkey! Not that, you’ve got to be messing with me!」

「Messing with you? I mean, this is what you have to do, desu.」

「Stop that! As if I could?! Taking clothes off and then putting them on, of course it’s impossible!」


She responded with a tilted head.

Looking at her, she was asking innocently, with a naive look on her face.

She really looked like she didn’t understand.

「I, I mean….」

「What is it? You can just repeat that over and over, right?」





Hera looked confused.

Seeing that, Taiyou snapped.

「If I take her clothes off, I’m going to want to…you know.」


Hera clapped her hands together.

「It’s obvious, right? There are only four of them I can do that with. Of course I’m going to want to do it if I take their clothes off, right?」

「I guess you’re right, now that you say it, desu.」

「And more, even if I can be patient, maybe she can’t hold back either, right? In front of a guy…in front of me, naked, a girl can’t just do that calmly, right?」

「You’re right, desu. If you’re naked in front of the man you love, I guess you would get turned on.」

It was a frank way of putting it, but it was what he needed to so, so he suddenly said.

「Geez, what the hell…」

「Um, it’s hard to do it in multiples of five too, desu. Even on level five, a person that can’t never can, desu.」

「…you said that a long time ago.」

He remembered to way back.

The necessary action to get to level five was to kiss three times.

Just then Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane were there, so it was easy to clear it.

This time Hera said the same thing, people that can’t do it, never can.

He understood.

Once Taiyou thought that he was the type of person that never could do it.

Doing it five times (in several meanings) was difficult, and this was already pulling at him.

「I mean…take off clothes, then put them on…I can’t just do that all day.」

「Yes you can.」

He heard a voice from behind.

He turned, and there was the twin-tailed Youran.

She had an autumn-colored top with the usual hotpants.

She heard all the commotion and had come from her room calmly to see what was happening with Taiyou.

「I can, what do you mean?」

「Take off clothes, and then putting them on after you take them off. Is there anything else he has to do?」

「Nothing, desu.」

Hera quickly answered Youran’s question.

「Well then it’s easy, I’ll let you do it.」

「You will?」

「Yeah, look.」

Youran said, and then put both arms out to her side.

She opened her legs a bit, making a spread-leg T-pose.

Taiyou guessed that this meant 「Take off my clothes」, but honestly, that took 30 more seconds.


「What are you doing? Hurry.」

「No, hurry, huh?」

「Taiyou, what are you doing? And you, Youran?」

From outside one of the three sisters entered, the littlest, Kazane.

He could see from her eyes that she was surprised.

But, Youran stayed calm as usual.

「Do it.」

「Whaaa? But Kazane is here.」

「So? All you have to do is take off my clothes and put them back on.」

「Whaaaaaat?! Taiyou’s going to do it here?!」

「No! Not that! Don’t look at me that way!」

Kazane was clearly taken aback.

She had a face saying…this, in the living room?!

「Okay, hurry.」

「Go, go, go! Desu.」

「Taiyou…well, if that’s what you’re doing, than I…」

The voices of all three together.

While Taiyou was unaware, things were about to get a little crazier.



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