Chapter 273 – Winning Conditions – Doing “IT”


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

Taiyou grabbed Youran and took her into the girls’ room.

But, it almost felt like he was the one being dragged in here.

Almost like someone in a back alley getting dragged away, like that.


From the living room to the bedroom, and not even more that 20 feet, made Taiyou lose all his wind.

Since he was so psychologically drained, Youran attacked him once again.

「Come on, hurry up.」


「Are you going to do it, or nor?」

「Haaa….Don’t say “do it”」

Taiyou sighed, and asked a question.

「Are you okay with this? I mean…taking your clothes off and then putting them on…it’s more embarrassing than normal.」

「I’m different than others.」

Youran smiled, and it was one very rare for her, a calm smile.

「This is the weird place for me. Back in my real home, I let all the others take my clothes off for me.」


「Like this.」

As she said that, again, she put her arms out and stood.

She looked the same as when they were in the living room, and Taiyou relaxed when he understood what she meant.

「Oh, I get it, I’ve heard of that. For a high-class princess, you get others to do your work for you. I forgot that I heard about it.」

「When we all got in the bath together, you heard it from Kohaku, right?」


「Oh yeah, you weren’t there.」

「What do you mean?」

「Nothing, it’s a girl’s se-cre-t.」

「A secret…」

Taiyou laughed to himself.

It was strange, but it lightened the mood, he guessed.

Because of her upbringing she was used to this, and that’s the reason somehow that this was a 「girl’s secret」he guessed.

Or maybe it was all the girls.

Anyway, he still thought it was funny, and now he was ready.

「Okay, so I can depend on you?」


「Well, before that…」

Taiyou spun himself around.

Hera was there in front of him. She had passed through the wall, and she wanted a front-row seat to watch.

「Go ahead and start, don’t mind me, des—!」

Taiyou grabbed the fairy, who was trying to play it off like a joke, ran to the end of the room, and threw her out the window as far as he could.

「Fly awaaaay!」

「Whaaaaat, dessssssu?」

Only her voice remained, as the little fairy became one far-away star in the sky.

He shut the window, closed the curtains, and turned to Youran.

Then he grabbed her clothing.

「Ok, let’s begin.」


She took a very natural posture, and let Taiyou go at it.

She was perfectly calm about being undressed, and the one undressing her…Taiyou was still pretty nervous.

First he took off her top, and then next her hot pants.

Next, the light blue bathing suit she word as underwear that he was actually used to, he took it off.

Finally, he looked at the garter on one of her legs that she put on as a fashion, and stopped for a moment.

「What is it?」

「Well, I was wondering if I have to take this off too.」

「This, you mean the garter?」

「Yeah, I wonder if I should call Hera back and ask.」

「What if you just take it off? This is underwear after all, and if you have to take EVERYTHING off and put it back on, than this is included, right?」

「This is underwear?」

Taiyou was taken aback.

「It’s classified as such.」

「Is that so? Well, then I’ll take it off.」

Taiyou said, and then silently pulled the garter down her leg, and easily pulled it off.

Then Youran was completely naked, the same as she was born.

「Next you have to put them on.」

「…wait a second.」


Youran tilted her neck, Taiyou went around to her back, and untied the ribbons holding up her twintails.

Fwuf, her long hair spread over her back.

「I see, you have to take them off too.」

「Just in case.」

「But you have to put them back on, it might be hard for you. Can you do it?」

「I’ll be fine.」

Taiyou quickly answered Youran’s question.

It was an answer that seemed like a double entendre.

After answering, Taiyou looked here and there around the room.

Youran’s room, it had less things in it than one would expect, but on the other side of the room was a very expensive powdering mirror.

Taiyou went there, and retrieved a hairbrush.

Youran saw it, and her face changed to a smile.

「What do you intend to do?」

「…something or other.」

「Not just something or other.」

「No, really, just something or other.」

Tiayou made a pained smiled, and answered.

She tried to stop him, but it really was just a whim of his. Getting her naked, and looking at her naked with her hair down, made him want to do that.

He took her hairbrush, and began running it down her long stream of hair.


There were no knots in her hair, just a beautiful cascade of it down her back.

「You have such beautiful hair. It’s even more beautiful than the day that I met you.」

「Of course it is.」

Youran answered in an unexpected way and she jumped and covered her mouth.

She had said something she didn’t need to…is how she looked.

「Of course it is? What?」

Taiyou looked at the side of her face from behind.

「What do you mean?」

「It’s…it’s nothing.」

「It might be nothing, but, the way you said it makes me want to know.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「Something you can’t tell me?」


Youran stopped.

「The way you asked was wrong, so the way I answered was…wrong.」

「If you say it in a provocative way like that, than saying nothing about it afterwards is even more wrong.」


「Go ahead, say it.」

He brushed her hair, and pushed her to answer.

Youran continued to fidget.

She was perfectly fine with showing her naked body, but there was some other reason for her embarrassment, and so she continued to fidget.

「Well, don’t say you didn’t ask for it.」

「I did.」

He responded with a light smile.

Just after that, he did regret asking for it.

「Of course I’m going to look good for you. I’ve been fixing myself up like this because of you!」


「Because you’re always wanting sex and so on, that’s why I make myself look good! Is that what you want to hear?!」

She said it in a way that sounded harsh.

And her body…her completely naked body turned pink in a light blush.

Taiyou realized he had gone too far.

—If she says something like that to me, of course it’s going to blow all logic out the window.

Two hours later, Taiyou realized this and got angry.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. Dafuq, Taiyou…. You actually have the guts to complain about that, punk…!?

    • No bud… That mean he just did her then and there after that is said.. And 2hours in the afternoon is wasted just like that.
      Only one take off done, Taiyou will take weeks for this one to finish lol.

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