Chapter 274 – Winning Conditions / Wings of Light


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

Late night.

Though he had to go to school tomorrow, he still continued trying to raise his level.

Since he used to level the hell out of games until the late night before, what he was doing now just seemed a new cycle of the same thing.

He put clothes back on the stripped Youran.

Top and hot pants, garter, and finally the twintail ribbons.

He had no idea how many times he had done this, but he felt like he was becoming a pro at it.

He held the ribbons while skillfully banding the flowing hair into a tail, making one twintail flow from her head.

As he was tying one up, he said.

「How’s that, it looks really good on you.」

「I guess, I mean, by now, you’re better than me at doing it.」

「Yeah, if so, then I’ll do this for you daily.」

「No, if you have sex with me while you’re fooling with my hair I won’t be able to take it.」

「No, no, no.」

Taiyou said to her as she looked over her shoulder at him.

「Are you saying you wouldn’t do it?」

「I…I guess not?」

「Okay, then say it. How many times did you have sex with me tonight during this?」


「Say it.」


He took that side of flowing hair, tied it up in a twintail, and answered Youran in a whispering voice.

Yes, already tonight, Taiyou had done what he wanted with Youran thrice already.

「But, that’s because you were naked, it had nothing to do with hair.」

「Like Pavlov’s dog.」

Youran said in a disaffected voice.

「Three times, after untying that last ribbon you keep on forcing sex on me!」

「But I’m not a dog!」

「Well, it seems like you’re certainly in HEAT!」

「No! Just untying your twintails isn’t getting me turned on though.」

「Well, then fine…」

Youran said, making sure that Taiyou would stop beating around the bush too much on the topic.

Taiyou mumbled 「It’s not that」over and over while tying up her twintail.

The second he started tying up the other side…

「Dah dah dah daaaah! Taiyou, you’ve leveled up!」

Hera said in the air as she warped in the room.

She flew in a circle, and did her usual level up dance.

Finally, Taiyou said with a sigh, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

「I was waiting…Hera? Why is your face so red?」

「Yeah, are you okay?」

Taiyou asked, and Youran also.

For some reason, Hera, who had just appeared, was red faced.

It was so red the two realized they had never seen her like this.

「I’m fine. This is just a sunburn, desu.」

「How the hell did that happen? It’s night?」

「Okay, moon burn…Shingetsu (new moon) is here so it fits, desu.」

「Shingetsu being here isn’t going to make your face red.」

「Anyway, I’m okay, desu.」

「Hmph, okay then.」

Hera responded, and Taiyou agreed.

Her face was still red, but the way she talked was her usual.

At her worst she had an annoying high spirit to her, and that hadn’t changed about her at all.

Either way, Taiyou decided to ignore it.

「Well, since I’ve leveled up…」

「Yes, desu. Your skill, what shall you do? Deal with status? Skill? Or Youran?」

「Why me?」

「A double meaning, that 「me」…it’s impossible for him to level up on you, I mean other than the fact he’s already gotten his stuff all over you…」

「Stop…that’s enough. I’ll take status and and check it later. I don’t think there’ll be a big change. But tell me what skill I get.」

「Sure, desu. This time you can choose from three, desu.」

「I bet the three will be the same this time too.」

「That would be correct…plewwwhh!」

Hera was answering him when he slapped her across the room.

「Listen, if there’s only one then just tell me.」

「Okay, desu, you get the skill 『Seven Wings』, desu.」

「Seven Wings.」

「That’s a pretty direct name, just hearing it and you can imagine what it is.」

「Yeah, something with a relation to you girls, like the 『idol image』thing.」

Youran and Taiyou nodded to each other.

Since they had an example to speak about, they could speak theoretically about it, so they were quickly able to imagine the skill Taiyou received.

If they thought about the name itself, and looked at Hera as they spoke, they knew there was no doubt as the little fairy floated smiling back at them.

「So, what happens?」

「It’s easy, you can imagine it in your mind. Since Youran is next to you now…imagine that Youran was riding on your shoulders.」


Taiyou nodded, and closed his eyes so he could imagine better.

Then just as he was told the image arrived in his mind. Youran on his shoulders, an image of her on his right shoulder.

「Just like that.」

Hearing Youran’s voice, he opened his eyes.

She was already looking at his back, and looking at where she was, he turned to look behind him.

There were white, shimmering wings there.

Like the wings of a swan, godlike-bright, layered wings.

It was a far better skill than Taiyou had imagined.

「Just like that.」

He and Youran said the same thing together.



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