Chapter 275 – Winning Conditions / I Can’t Fly Holding You


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Chapter 275 – Winning Conditions / I Can’t Fly Holding You

「So, what can these wings do?」

「What are you saying, Taiyou-chan?」

Hera laughed, amused.

「For a great a perverted man, these wings are made to fly, desu.」


「Yes, desu. You can fly, desu.」

Hera spoke as if this was obvious.

And Taiyou grudgingly accepted it.

「More important than that, if I couldn’t fly, then I’d wonder why the hell I had them in the first place.」

「Try flying.」

「In the room?」

Taiyou grimaced.

「Go ahead, this room is pretty big.」

「I guess you’re right…okay then.」

There was no reason to refuse, so Taiyou decided to try it.

「So, what should I do?」

「Um, I guess I could tell you, desu.」

Hera hit her cheeks and thought.

How can I explain this, her face said.

「I guess it feels like moving your sixth fingers, desu.」

「I don’t have those though.」

「But you do, in a way, desu.」

「Hey, you know how some people can move their ears and make their nose twitch and so on? Maybe something like that.」

「Ah…I think I know what you mean.」

Taiyou understood after Youran provided a follow-up explanation.

It pretty much meant that Taiyou would have to flex a new part of his body.

Taiyou tried to imagine it, the way that Youran had imagined it for him, through nerves and muscle as one part of his body.

He imagined his wings flapping. Them flapping and him slowly rising off the earth.

「Wow, just like my Taiyou-chan, desu!」

Hera said happily, as she flew around Taiyou.

In the same way as her, he rose off the floor with his wings.

First, he rose about a foot.

「I’m flying…wow.」

「Hey, can you move around?」

「Like this?」

After saying that, Taiyou flew straight backwards.

His wings flapped, and his wings when swissssshh in the air.

「I can do it, this is eas…」

As soon as he said that, the wings disappeared from his back.

At the same time, he fell from the weight of his body.

He was only a few inches off the ground, but the fall also made him lose his balance.

「Wha…what the?」

「It’s because the amount of wings you have disappear from distance, desu.」


「From the source of the wings (your wives)…desu.」

「Ah, I see. There’s a range.」

「Now it seems around six feet. So I guess if it’s just me it’s six feet.」

「You’re probably right.」

「You want to try? From one wing to four, we can see how much all the wives can make.」


He touched his chin and thought about it.

「No, let’s save it until tomorrow. Everyone’s asleep already.」

「You can wake them up. Hera!」

「Okay, desu!」

Youran nodded and Hera disappeared through the wall.

「No, there’s no reason to wake them up. It’s not like I have to find out now.」

「Are you that stupid?」

Youran looked disappointed again.

「Everyone knows you’re trying to level up, right?」

「Yeah, I told everyone.」

「So, everyone knows you’ll get a new skill at level 20, right?」

「Yeah, I guess.」

「So then…」

Youran said, and then sighed.

「Taiyou, did you really learn a skill?」

「So, husband, what skill is it?」

「Hera said we need to help you with something.」

The three sisters, Kouhaku, and Aoba.

All of them had arrived after being called by Hera.

It was quite late at night, but they were all there, ready, and not sleepy at all.

They all looked ready to see what had happened.


「They all know what’s going on, so of course no one’s going to sleep soundly.」

Youran said, and Taiyou felt embarrassed, but also full of emotion and thanks.

From the roof of the apartment building, the night sky was filled with blowing wind and glittering lights, and seemed strange.

If a wife was to be there with him alone, he could talk with her while looking at the night sky.

Taiyou thought so as he went out on the roof, but then stopped the thought, and focused on testing his skill.

The skill itself was simple and he understood what he had to do.

「First is how you generate it, when there are more than one person generating the wings, we just have to stand next to one another and touch.」

「Like this.」

Kohaku said and joined hands with Youran.

Seeing that Taiyou generated two pairs of wings.

「I’ll make three pairs.」

「「「And we’ll make four,」」」

「That’s pretty much it. Now somehow we have to find the range of the…no using us, we have to find out how much the range increases.」

「The range was about six feet for one pair of wings, so two should be 12, and four 24.」

「I wonder if each person increases it by a power…maybe something like that.」

Since there was no way to express it in real life terms, Aoba couldn’t say what she wanted to clearly.

But still everyone nodded.

「Anyway, I think the final stage should give him a radius of almost 500 ft that he can fly in.」


「If you count us as one person.」

「If you count us as three, it’s more like 1500 feet.」

The three said in chorus, while Kohaku, Aoba, and Youran all extended their fingers to the triplets lips to quiet them.

「Don’t worry about that Kazane.」

「Yes, Suzune, you alone are one person.」

「It would be weird to consider you three as one person.」


All three seemed encouraged.

Seeing this, Taiyou held them all close.

Three wives cheered the other three up.

Taiyou felt a limitless happiness.

「So, one more. And perhaps the most important one.」

Kohaku said, and the wives all nodded.

As everyone was watching, Kohaku went close to Taiyou and touched him.

That second, the wings on his back disappeared.

「When I touch you, they disappear.」

「…that means you can’t hold him and fly, desu.」

Taiyou grimaced.

It was quite a strong skill, but for some reason, it was a skill where he couldn’t do something important.



  1. Yeah, pretty weird.

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

  3. This skill seems pretty weak compared to every other thing he has gotten thus far. Beyond it being just weak, it doesn’t even seem to fit in with the system or story thus far.

    • Ugh, I really wish I could edit this comment, somehow I used the same damn phrase to end both sentences without realizing till just after I submitted it.

  4. Author-san. Please try refocussing on your story. You missed the skill for level 15 and now dont offer 3 options, further more this skill makes no sense and doesn’t fit the story. The skill name has no relation to the story since he only has 5 brides. and if the range is only 6 ft per bride near him, that means he can’t ”fly” more than 30ft or 9 meters away before he falls. Please try and remember that the level up and skill system are PURELY self-centered and can’t have a relation to anyone but the person with the level up fairy. Basically I’m saying that this skill doesn’t fit the story. Idol barely passes and the complete skipping of levels 13-17 and the skill are just bad. Please try and remember that the mc spent YEARS focussed and loving the concept of levelling up and that fundamental habit won’t disappear just because he got a few girls. Basically, stick to the focus of the story, don’t skip or ignore the focus for a tangent and please try emulating human behaviour a little more realistically.

    • Correction he has 4 brides so he can only fly 24ft. thats 8.7m or the height of an ordinary 2 storey house. Frankly, and I’ve been thinking this for over 100 chapters, this story started out good, dropping the first wife in his lap on day 2 was a little much but tolerable, but now the story’s only a romcom with a little supernatural to act as a catalyst to make girls fall for him. There’s also nearly no comedy. In other words my impressions were:
      -1st few chapter – this has an interesting premise. it could be good.
      -now – author wasted a good premise for a cliche romcom.

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