Chapter 276 – Winning Conditions – Deciding Again


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

In the night sky, Taiyou lifted off the top of his designer apartment building.

400 feet off the earth, and about 45 feet off the roof.

He flew in the sky with his fairy beside him.

「So this is the sight you always get to see.」

「I haven’t seen it that much though?」

「Huh, even though you can fly?」

「Yes, desu. I always have to look after you.」

「Don’t lie, you can fly anywhere you want so you do it all the time.」

「I’m being honest, desu. Whenever I’m away from you I’m always thinking about you, even with this million dollar or so sight, I don’t really think much of it, desu.」

「Million dollar『or so』is it?」

Taiyou looked down at the spreading scene and cringed a bit.

Oritachi, Seikaen, Wazashika

The foot of Tsugai mountain wasn’t part of the city so the view was okay, but looking down at it now from here in the air was quite stunning.

It was several levels more than that million dollar view she was talking about.

Even though she had said 「or so」as well.

「Of course, because you’re so much better and more valuable than that amount, desu.」

「I wonder. Anyway.」

Taiyou looked at the scene without looking at Hera.

「Thanks, it’s all because of you.」

He said clearly. Taiyou’s words expressed a flood of emotions.
And Hera, just as usual, responded simply accepting them.

「You’re welcome, desu.」

「That was quick.」

「Because I do everything for you, it’s obvious that I’ll keep doing whatever for you too…」

「You really like saying that over and over.」

「Yes, desu! I’m not just trying to praise you or anything, I’m just saying the truth, so even if it sounds like I’m praising you it feels like 『nothing really…』」

「That’s a mixed up statement.」

Taiyou tapped the top of Hera’s head.

He was far off the earth, so it was a tsukkomi, but not one too.

It was more like a loving tap.

「Sometime I’d like all of them to see this.」


Taiyou whispered, and Hera looked on silently.

It was a strange moment, and it felt like some kind of silent conversation.

But there was no response.

What did it mean? Maybe it was impossible, or maybe there was a deeper reason in it.

Taiyou didn’t know, he didn’t know, but he thought he didn’t have to.

「This time, was a mistake I guess.」

「A mistake?」

「Yeah, it happened when I made ranged attacks uneffective.」

「Why do you think so?」

Hera asked, and Taiyou shrugged, almost in self-ridicule.

「Back then, when that sniper hit me from far away, I could have stopped it with that ranged attack blocker.」

「Yes, desu.」

「This time too, if I had leveled up by the time I went on that ferris wheel, I could have used the skill. Now that I think about how dangerous it was, it would have been easier and safer.」

「You’re right, desu.」

「All the time, the skill is something that’s convenient, and if I use it it will help me get through stuff quickly, at least it has that kind of smell. This time it feels like I made a mistake and didn’t do it in time, and it feels like that strongly.」


「That’s why, yeah, I was thinking I need to speed up the pace of my leveling up, and I feel that I have to strongly too.」

Taiyou said, and shrugged once more.

「So then, until you get to your highest level, you can’t beat Shirokiyami too. If I do, then I can beat her, right?」

「Yes, desu. I think you can beat her if you max out your level, desu. I can guarantee it, desu.」

「If so, then I have to speed up the pace.」

「You keep on saying that, but you still go slow, Taiyou.」


She hit me in a painful place, Taiyou said with a groan.

Just as Hera said, he kept on deciding to do that, but then after a while he’d forget.

However, there was an excuse for all of this.

The thing (or things) slowing him down were his wives.

He would think about capturing a wife, and then forget completely about levelling.

He knew it to be true, but he could never say it.

If he ever did, then he would use it as an excuse to his wives.

He thought that was about the uncoolest thing he could do. Just thinking about it was uncool, and actually saying it was worse.

So that’s why he never said it.

In exchange, he just said what he would do.

「I’m fine for now.」

「Really? That’s the only thing I can’t trust you about, Taiyou.」

「I’m fine, look, I’m doing what I can for everyone.」

Taiyou said, and looked down.

He could see his wives 45 feet below. They were holding hands, and looking up.

Even away from them, he knew they were holding hands. The fact that they all were together and providing him with power, and he would see that because of them he was full of it.

Then he would add three more.

Including Shirokiyami, three others.

He would have to work hard to get his level up, he promised himself, as he and Hera went back to his wives.

(First will be…)



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