Chapter 278 – Walking Abreast


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

Taiyou knocked and entered.

Suzune and Kazane were in the middle of the room in their pajamas.

They may have just gotten out of the bath, as the smell of shampoo and clean pajamas filled the room.

It was a soft smell, and a calm air about the sisters.

It was their temporary home, but it made Taiyou feel like he was in his real one.

Suzune and Kazane stood and turned to Taiyou.

「What is it Taiyou?」

「I had something to ask you…」

He said, and looked around the room.

There was something strange in the air about this room, and he could feel that it was because Suzune and Kazane were there.

「Something for us?」

「Hm? Oh, yeah…」

Another ambiguous response, and a look at the sisters.


「Ah, maybe you’re looking for Kotone?」

「Um, no…uh…」

Taiyou shook his head and looked at them.

Straight at them, and then asked.

「Um, why did I come in here again?」


「No, I mean, I just remembered, it was some important reason that I came…and I can’t remember it.」

「Hee hee.」

「We’ve seen this before.」

「Was it something you wanted to say to us?」

「Yeah, there’s no doubt.」

Taiyou nodded. Including the not-present Kotone, he knew that there was no mistake there was something that he had come to talk to them about.

Now he couldn’t remember.

「Well, Taiyou, I’ll make you some tea, and you can drink it and think it over.」


Kazane took Taiyou’s hand and took him to a seat, while Suzune made some tea.

A room and not in the Taiyou castle they were used to. Suzune heated the water up in an electric pot, and prepared it for tea.

Taiyou sat on a pillow on the floor, while Kazane sat across from him with a smile.

「Oh yea, this is a different conversation…」

Taiyou said, and bowed.

Instantly, one wing appeared from his back.

「I knew it.」

「You knew what?」

Suzune returned and gave them all tea.

Taiyou took the tea and drank.

He felt every corner of his body and through his heart, and answered.

「Somehow I felt Kotone here. Maybe it’s just my nerves, feeling Kotone. I wanted to try this.」

As he said this, his wings vanished.

He just wanted to put them out, but with no reason to use them, he put them away.

Suzune and Kazane smiled at each other.

They slid closer together.

Taiyou put his arms around them and held them close.

They had a calming smell about them.

Taiyou asked them as they rubbed up against him.

「Are you two wearing perfume?」

「No, not at all.」

「I don’t like perfume…are you saying we should wear it?」

「No, the opposite. I like the way you smell now.」

「We found this recently.」

「Le Lake Via, it’s a shampoo.」

「Hm? Nice…can you get this everywhere? Is it a limited product?」

「Yeah, just a normal product.」

Suzune and Kazane had a look of 「What’s the big deal」on their faces.

「Well, use this for a while. I like the smell.」



「Yeah, just inside. If you go outside you can use perfume, or maybe you should.」


「Yeah, I want my wives to be cute and beautiful, and I want them all to be proud that they smell good, right?」

「Enough with the jokes, Taiyou.」

It wasn’t a joke, Taiyou thought.

Somehow it was a real desire of his, as he was happy to see the three so beautiful as his wives.

Of course, he was against any other man trying to touch them, but watching them…he was happy if they saw them and thought they were beautiful.

The feeling of a kid showing off his best toy.

His wives were what made him happy.

Suzune and Kazane said so, and they looked pretty content with it.

He felt love for them and kissed them.

But just kisses.

The sound of two wet kisses, and nothing else.

Holding them, he didn’t go any farther.

He wanted to enjoy the calm air a little longer.

Suzune’s hand moved.

Her wrist and then fingers went over Taiyou’s chest, over his clothes, and touched him.

It was a bit ticklish, but it felt good.

Following Suzune, Kazane did the same.

Touched his chest, a little scratch.

And then they were both using two finger like legs, walking over his chest.

Taiyou put his mouth close to the legs.

He started moving his mouth as if he was going to gobble them up.


「He’s going to eat us!」

Suzune and Kazane’s fingers ran away.

And Taiyou’s mouth chased them to gobble them up.

They all played tag on his chest.

「Oh yeah!」

After a little time, Taiyou seemed to remember something.

「What is it Taiyou?」

「I remembered why I came here.」

Taiyou said, and turned a serious face towards Suzune and Kazane.

「What do you two think about Akiha?」


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