Chapter 279 – Complex


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「What is it?」


Kotone made a bit of a troubled face. Youran put down her teacup and asked her.


「Um, Taiyou asked a question.」


「A question?」


「Yes, what do we think of Akiha…question.」


「…I see.」


Youran put the teacup to her mouth again and snickered.


「I wonder if she’ll be the fifth girl.」


「Um, it seems that Taiyou’s still a bit worried. That’s why he asked.」


「I bet he doesn’t know his question has leaked this far.」


Youran snickered again.


「So, what do you think? She might be number five, if the trend continued.」


「I think it’s fine.」


Kotone said, laughing.


And without the least bit of delay, she answered Youran’s question.


「She’s very good friends with Aoba, and, it seems that Taiyou likes her.」


「I see.」


「What do you think?」




Youran again snickered to herself.


「I really don’t have much reaction. I guess if you forced me to say, I’m for his decision, I guess.」


「Taiyou’s decision?」


「Yes. Oh, Don’t tell him, he gets upset when we take advantage of him.」


「I don’t think Taiyou’s that type of person though.」


「But he’d get mad right? Don’t you think we deserve a little more manly of a guy if we’re all waiting on him?」


「Um…maybe a little.」


Kotone reluctantly nodded.


「But, I think Taiyou’s fine the way he is.」


「I was just speaking about my own image of him, I mean, we’re the reason he has all that skill, right? At least half of it.」


「Um…when he has the ability of 『the idol image』…and the ability to fly.」


「Right? When I see that myself, I think he should do a little more to help us out sometimes. It’s obvious, right? His final objective is to beat Shirokityami. He has to get a lot done before he can beat Shirokiyami, the Warrior of Clear Shadows.」


「So, support us? How will he do that?」


「We have to do stuff everyday in order for him to remember skills, right?」




「So, of course he’s got to do the same with us, right?」


Youran took a breath, and returned to the conversation.


「Well, I guess Taiyou can try and see if Akiha is okay, okay?」




「Well, he can’t bring her over on one try. That happened with Letty once, and there’s the chance he may totally mess it up.」




Kotone said as she remembered back.


Her face said now that you mention it…


Leticia H. Kellers


Once during the summer vacation, when Taiyou counted his 『idol image』there were four wives there, and for some reason he miscalculated and instead took Youran as his wife.


Even with it happening once, it was still an example of him messing up.


Taiyou and Leticia had kissed, many times.


And Taiyou saw that kiss as 「the best kiss he ever had」.


That means if Leticia was an example of him messing up, then Akiha could end up the same way.


That’s the basis for Youran saying「He can try and see.」




Akiha Aoyama. Youran thought about her.


Aoba’s close friend, so she knew enough about her.


Not just her height and weight, but her interests and family make up, even the number of times she had sex, Youran had researched and now knew about her.


She didn’t tell Kotone (she did to Kohaku), but there was one qualifier for being a wife of Taiyou.


Whether or not you were a virgin.


Also, there were several other conditions, but that was the only way to Taiyou.


Akiha had no sexual experience with men, so there was no reason for Youran to discount her.


「What is it?」


「Hm, nothing.」


「Really…I think…」




「Um…well, don’t get angry if I say this…」


「Say it! If I don’t like it, I’ll get angry.」


「But I said don’t get angry at me!!」


Kotone said in a loud voice.


「I will get angry, I always get angry at things I don’t like. And I get even angrier when you have something to say and don’t SAY IT!」




「So say it!」


Kotone hesitated, and it was fun for Youran to bully her a little bit.


「Okay. Just now you made a really lonely-looking face. Are you thinking about Taiyou?」


「Lonely? For him?」


Youran thought to herself and went Heh, in a quick laugh.


「He’s moving on to his next girl, so maybe I’m lonely about that?」


「Um, yeah.」




Youran flicked Kotone in the forehead.


It was pretty strong and she didn’t hold back, so Kotone put her hand on her hear and teared up.


「There’s no way I’m going to think like that.」




「Could you think like that?」


「No, of course not.」


「Well, then I’m the same.」




Kotone nodded strongly, but then tilted her head.


「So, what is it then?」


「Akiha Aoyama, she’s a lot like me, I was thinking.」




「In my past, I hate thinking back and considering all the stuff I had to do to get to now, is how we’re similar.」


The edges of Youran’s smile seemed to lilt, somewhat cynically.




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