Chapter 28: The Asymmetrical Three Sisters

The three sisters jumped into his bosom simultaneously. As soon as he confirmed their appearances, Taiyou stretched out his arms and had an accepting posture. Still, he was pushed back by the tackle of three people and his back was pressed against the wall.

He naturally slid down to the ground as he entrusted his back to the wall, and the three people are quietly embraced.

「You guys, how come…..?」

「That is our words to say」

「Although we were waiting for you to return to the classroom, no matter how long we waited you didn’t come」

「We were really worried」


Taiyou had a strained smile on his face, he finally recalled the fact that he went out of school without informing them of anything.

He wanted to secretly resolve the issue so he did not inform them as he went out. He regretted the fact that he could have just said a few simple words in order to relieve them of their worries.

「My bad, I had something I had to do」


Kotone was watching him with moistened eyes.

「Please……Kiss me」

She, requested him. If he looked carefully, both Suzune and Kazane had the same expression on their faces. If Taiyou was a bystander looking at the situation, he may have thought “What a lewd face” the girls had, however, looking directly into their eyes even he was infected with their intense expressions.

His heart begins to throb, it became unbearable to Taiyou as the three girls were irresistible.

He brought them even closer to his embrace, first of all Kotone’s lips were breathed in. her soft luscious lips were passionately kissed, pressed and sucked up.

The flavor of her kiss was neither sweet nor sour. He didn’t even know whether her lips tasted delicious or not.

Taiyou could only feel warm inside.

The warm pleasant feeling spread throughout his body.

The feeling of sitting on the hard floor gradually disappeared, and what replaced it was a feeling of his body floating in the air.

「Puhaa」(gasping for air)

「Taiyou-san, me too……」

After Kotone it was Suzune’s turn. Suzune had an intoxicated gaze as he went for her lips. Her lips looked exactly the same, however her lips were a little bit smaller.

Prod, Probingly. Whilst kissing her, Taiyou lightly probed her lips with his tongue The more he continued to do this, it was like the tip of his tongue was directly connected to the nerve endings of his nether regions, and he started to feel a sweet numbness in that area.

(I wonder…. if she also feels the same….?)

Whilst feeling the warmth of her body he was thinking such things. Suzune’s petite limbs which were being held in Taiyou’s arms, were twitching and trembling every time Taiyou’s tongue brushed against her lips. He was curious to know whether she could also feel the wonderful sensations that he felt.


「You are next」

When he separated from Suzune, this time he pulled Kazane’s body close to him a little violently. He “deprives”, this would be the best word to describe his actions. He kissed her intensely and violently.

He pressed unto her lips with enough force to change its shape, he licked her lips. He sucked it up.

When he continued to do this for a while, suddenly, Kazane’s body lost its strength.

Her whole body loses its power and all her weight was entrusted to Taiyou.

Taiyou caught her firmly and embraced her even more strongly.

He finally separated from her lips.

Kotone and Suzune both leaned into Taiyou at the same time. Together along with Kazane, the three people were being held tight.

Nobody had to say anything, the four people just continued to enjoy the aftertaste of their passionate kiss.

Taiyou looked up into the sky.

Up until a little while ago, this was a scene that would have never occurred for someone like him.

For a long time up till now, Taiyou had a dull life without any girls in it.

He was branded as a “good guy” but a girl actually told him it was lame that he was a “good guy”. Additionally there was this one time where he got a chocolate on Valentine’s, however, the girl in question actually told him that she put it in the wrong shoe cabinet by mistake and re took the chocolate. When he thought that it couldn’t get any worse, he was ranked as being the least popular school boy, in an underground school site and he managed to win this title five times in a row.

He thought that he would never get a girlfriend, for his whole life. He even started to think that he would have to rely on those mediation services where you would be matched for arranged marriage or a mixed-race marriage in the future.

Regardless, having this kind of relationship with such cute girls was completely unthinkable to him.

「Taiyou-san…..I really like Taiyou-san」

Someone said those words, and he tried to glance at them to see who it was. Who said it? He wondered, even now he was unable to distinguish the voices of the three, but he guessed that even if he could find out, it was a meaningless thing.

That’s because all of them were looking at him with the same gaze.

「I also love you. Forever and ever, I want to be by Taiyou-san’s side」

「I will do anything to be together, so please let me be together with you?」

「I also really like…..You girls」

When he said so, the girl’s faces were beaming in smiles.

「It’s probably more precise for me to say, that I have always admired you guys」

「「「You admired us?」」」

The three spoke in a chorus. Taiyou secretly liked this aspect about them. They were able to align the frequency of their voices completely and the voice of three people became the voice of one person.

Every time he heard their voices align, something seemed to stir from the depths of his heart.

Even now it was the same, when he heard their voice sync, he instinctively puts more power in his arms, he hugged them even more closely and their bodies were stuck together.

「Your heart beats…..No is it your frequency? That’s also not it, your smells? Atmosphere? At any rate, I really adore the fact that you guys are so synchronized. Even now it makes me…..」

For the time being Taiyou shuts/closes his eyes and he just tried to feel them.

「It’s like I am holding on to one person instead of three people, it’s a really weird sensation. However, I really like that feeling」

「Is that so?」

A voice was heard, whose voice was it? Was it just one person who said that, or was that all three of them speaking?

Taiyou who closed his eyes couldn’t discern such a fact.

And he didn’t want to find out the answer.

He wanted the girls to be all together as one.

The Asymmetrical Triplets, they were each their own independent existences, they were three separate girls yet they were also bonded with each other.

「Ahh….I get it now. I found a fitting word to use」

「What is it?」

Taiyou opens his eyes and he looked into the girls eyes.

「You girls… Share the same pure soul don’t you? 」

When he said this, the three girls had shocked expressions on their faces.

「Ahh, I’m sorry,  I probably said something weird. Please forget about it—-」

「That’s not true!」

Kotone spoke in a loud voice and interrupted what Taiyou was going to say. In addition to that, Suzune and Kazane firmly grasped unto his right and left hand.

「It seemed like you guys were showing me a strange and unpleasant face?」

「That’s not it, we were just really surprised」

「yeah, we didn’t expect you to say such a thing. We didn’t expect you to be able to understand us」

「Although we hoped that Taiyou-san would be able to understand, we didn’t really believe that you would be able to understand us so well, even without us explaining anything to you」

「What is this about?」

When he asked them to explain, they all separated from Taiyou at the exact same timing and they sat on their knees.

And then Kotone extended her right hand, and made a thumb with her left hand and started to pierce the middle of her right palm with her thumb nail.

「Oi!」 (Taiyou Speaking)

Without thinking Taiyou stood up immediately. However he was stopped by the look on their faces.

Blood started to flow out from Kotone’s hands, her fingernail penetrated the skin of her palms and a small blemish could be seen.

Following that, both Suzune and Kazane opened up their right palms to show Taiyou and they each had the same exact wound.


Taiyou was mind blown, amazingly the same exact wound appeared on each of their right palms.

He understood this well because he saw it right in front of his eyes, Suzune and Kazane didn’t physically injured themselves like Kotone did.

In other words, the two other girls didn’t move a muscle, yet their hands just started to bleed on its own.

「Since a long time ago, we have always been like this」

「If one of us got injured, the other two would also get the some wound」

「When we get sick we also share the same cold」

「Is that true?」

「Moreover for us…..It was really hard for us to learn a language. Ne (right guys?)」

「Yeah, it was around elementary school? That was when we were finally able to talk」

「It was because back in those days we used to converse with our minds……. Although it was different from a normal conversation, we three were able to converse with our hearts, that’s why we didn’t really need to learn any words to express our feelings」

「Telepathy…..Among triplets? 」

「Yeah, sadly now we can’t communicate like that anymore」

「Now we are able to converse normally, but we can’t communicate using our mind anymore」

「Yeah, I mean we were acting like a married couple, and we weren’t able to hold any conversations. Although I thought that it was special in its own way」

「Is that so……Ahh, I know what you guys mean」

Taiyou think’s a little bit and nods.

「If you three were put into an unpopulated island and made to live together, you probably would start to forget certain words, is it a little like this?」

「I think it is similar」

「Even now when there is a long holiday, we get a feeling that we start to forget certain words」

「It’s because when three of us are together, there is no longer any need for words」

「Is that so?…….I think it’s kinda cool, that sort of thing」

Taiyou narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

Taiyou truly felt so from the bottom of his heart. The triplets shared the same soul and were able to feel each other, they were connected, and they were able to convey their full emotions without the need for any words. He really envied the relationship they shared with each other.


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