Chapter 280 – Bosom Buddies


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Editor: ryunakama

「But do you, Taiyou, really like Aoyama?」

Suzune asked, and Kazane looked directly at him.

There were only the two there, so there was little sound of their soul’s chorus in the question.

Suzune talked normally, and Taiyou though, and answered:

「I don’t know…I don’t know, but, I wonder.」

「You wonder?」

「I…don’t hate her.」

「Yeah, that’s no doubt.」

Taiyou nodded soundly.

He couldn’t totally say he liked her, but he definitely didn’t hate her.

He couldn’t hate a girl that was free-wheeling.

「Is that so?」

Suzune asked, and moved closer to Taiyou.

As did Kazane, as she rubbed her cheek on his chest.

「I love you, Taiyou.」

「I do too, I’m happy that I met you, and I thank God that we met all the time.」

「Me too, I’m happy that I met you. I’m thankful for this destiny.」

「I think you should start to like Aoyama.」

「You do?」

「I do, and Leticia.」

「Hm? Why did you mention Leticia all the sudden?」

He tilted his head after hearing that name pulled out of the air.

He looked both at Suzune and Kazane, and answered.

「Um, is that what you’re hoping?」

「Of course it is, right?」

Suzune and Kazane continued as a reminder.

「You are able to have two more wives, right?」

「So we’re saying that both Aoyama and Leticia should be them.」

「I know that I was talking about Akiha, but why Leticia all the sudden?」

「Well, because Leticia also is in the 『close friends』group.」

Suzune said, and Taiyou perked up finally knowing what they were getting at.

Close friends.

Akiha and Aoba.

Youran and Leticia.

With that connection, they brought Leticia up for him.

「When close friends like the same person…normally it’s a tragedy, right.」

「But, you break through that tragedy, Taiyou. I think.」

「Yeah, normally it becomes a battle, when two close friends like the same person. It’s true, a real tragedy.」

Taiyou realized they were right in what they said.

He understood well, it pretty much always becomes tragic when two friends like the same person. But in a country that allows a husband with multiple wives or a wife with multiple husbands, you can resolve it pretty easily, but in a country like Japan where there’s only monogamy, it always becomes a tragedy.

「From what I heard from Kohaku, it seemed like there were many like that long ago.」

「Long ago?」

「How long ago?」

「Medieval times and before that.」

Taiyou said, and the two talked with Taiyou about it.

「For example, if a poor girl marries into a rich family. Then she lives in a good family with a good husband. Then, she introduces her friend to the same fellow. They have the same experience of being poor, and by doing so she kind of helps out the other poor friend she has.」

「I see.」

「I understand.」

「Well, it seems the most common pattern is sisters doing it. Because sisters are born in the same poor home…but it’s possible for friends as well.」

「「You’re right!」」

Suzune and Kazane said together.

Taiyou didn’t say other information in the story he heard from Kohaku.

The story of the same man marrying sisters, and the reason.

It was important to have a successor back then, as without a direct blood connection you lose the right to speak or even the ability to flourish as a family, back then.

In order to give birth to an heir, one would need the same blood, using those sisters as an example.

It was easy to understand, and a man like Taiyou could understand it quickly.

However, these two girls didn’t expect him to talk about that.

Youran would enjoy that story very much, but the three girls had no reason to be interested.

「Taiyou, what are you thinking?」

「You look like you’re pondering something.」

「…nah, nothing.」

Taiyou smiled and didn’t continue.

He didn’t expect to talk to them about this, and he had no intention to. How he felt right now, he just calmly returned to thinking about how well the room smelt.

When one of the girls were alone with him, he liked to just enjoy the feeling, and kind of zone out.

That’s why he didn’t continue.

Instead, he began speaking about something else.

「I was just thinking about how much I loved you.」

「You’re joking.」

「Yeah, we know right away.」

「I’m not joking, really. I was just telling you some weird story about something Kohaku told me long ago, but because I’m talking to you now, I stopped. That’s why I made that weird face.」

「Well, that’s okay then.」

「Yes, we’ll listen to anything you say.」

「Fine. That’s why I love you so much, it makes me so happy, and I’m fine with that.」



After a moment, the two nodded.

「I love you Taiyou.」

「I love you Taiyou.」

「I love you too.」

The held him, saying the same thing.

After exchanging those words, they both looked very cheerful and happy.

That’s because he said he loved them with no joking in his voice.

Because they would laugh at him whenever he said that to them (though Youran would become a bit put off by it), he would tell them that with no hesitation.

Not just that he loved them, but when he would get like that, he would never hesitate.

It was connected to his wives’ happiness.

Because of his first, Aoba, he had thought a lot about this, but now Suzune and the others reinforced it.

「Suzune, Kazane…and you’re listening too, Kotone.」


「For Akiha and Leticia, let’s put our power together and see what happens!」



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  2. 「For Akiha and Leticia, let’s put our power together and see what happens!」
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