Chapter 282 – Love Grows


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

For a few second, Akiha froze into a statue.

What the hell just happened, was her expression as Taiyou continued to gaze at her, and she thought.

Had she ever seen a scene of someone being so shocked they couldn’t think before?

This was the first time.

For Taiyou, she was cheerful, free-wheeling, considerate to friends, and willing to brave danger to help children, and…



Hearing that whispered, Akiha turned and glared at Taiyou.

No need to say something like that.

Taiyou looked at her with an apologetic gaze and then looked straight at her again.

「Okay, okay, that fragile thing was a joke.」

Just then, after being so shocked by Taiyou that time itself seemed to change, Akiha snickered and a smile came to her face, then she said:

「Even more important than that is food, right? Such a great place, they must have some awesome food. What kind of food? Croatian?」

Taiyou wanted to yell, Why the hell would it be Croatian, at her.

But he didn’t.

He just looked straight at her, and it was a look that he was determined to transmit his love.

No doubt, he was in love with her.

Not because Kotone and the others said to, not because of Aoba.

After spending time around her, he just naturally came to think so.

「I love you.」

He said again.

「I love everything about you.」

「Don’t say stupid things.」

「I love you…」

「I’ll get pissed.」

「I love you.」


Akiha hit the table and stood again.

A knife and fork flew off the table.

The waiters around stood, but didn’t move.

It wasn’t time for them to react.

They simply acted as if they had no notice of their customer’s private conversations, and brought the food into the room.

「Don’t make fun of me!」


「What do you mean, why?」

「Is it so wrong for me to fall in love with you?」

「Well…I mean.」

Akiha looked over at Aoba.

I said I was a lesbian, right…she said with her look.

「Ah, there’s another reason I love you.」


「I just noticed, but I like to see my wives get along well. Just a while ago, Kohaku and Youran got in a huge fight, and I was having fun watching them. The way they go at it…I could watch that forever.」

「What? You’re contradicting yourself, I thought you said you like to see them get along?!」

「Natsuno-kun, you need to explain more.」

Aoba lightly chided Taiyou.

It was what a wife needed to do.

「Let me explain, Taiyou. You know Kohaku, right? The eldest one. Then there’s Youran, and they both are very smart and quite experienced. Those two were discussing asset management.」

「Asset management?」

「Yes, they were discussing about how to get Taiyou more assets, and they fought over legal matters, and wow was it a fight.」

「It was funny, they both were super pissed even though they were saying the same thing.」

「Yes, Kohaku said it was for Taiyou and Youran said it was for the family, and because they said it in that way the difference between that made them get in a fight.」

「I think the first one that noticed was Youran, right? She always has the habit, just like I do, of talking about goals, and because of that Kohaku then noticed as well.」

「After that the conversation really sped up between the two.」

「Well…I mean it doesn’t sound like it was about asset management.」

「Yeah, it was about creating venture capital.」

「Yeah, Aoba doesn’t know what was said because she slept halfway through, but Youran wanted to make the base of the capital in Juunishima and merge it with her own.」

「That’s something she would do.」

「Yeah, she would.」

The conversation between Taiyou and Aoba really heated up as they remembered what went on.

After a brief pause, Taiyou turned to Akiha, and said:

「Having someone that you can fight with well, and then when the fight is over talk about without caring what was said before. I’d be very happy if my wives had a friend like that as well. It’s too bad Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane don’t know what I’m talking about, as they don’t fight.」

「I heard about that, not fighting? Someone told me it’s 『Something like the left hand fighting the right hand.』 」

「Yeah, I was told something similar. When I kiss those three it’s like 『The top lip kissing the lower one.』」

「That’s a strange example.」

「Well, there’s three of them…at least that’s the story. Because of that, I came to love them. Just the same reason that I came to know you through Aoba. There’s a proper reason.」

「So you want to persuade me with THAT?」

「Aoba, go outside for a bit.」


Aoba stood up and kissed Taiyou’s cheek and left.

She called the waiters out with her, and only Akiha and Taiyou were left.

What is this? Akiha seemed to express, and Taiyou took a deep breath, and said.

「I love you.」


Akiha’s composure changed, and it was to the most extreme one yet.


The sound of a heartbeat, the both could hear it.


Taiyou groaned softly, and Akiha finally felt his love.

The one phrase he said, helped her finally understand.

She could finally feel his unlimited love for her.



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