Chapter 283 – A Wise Man Said…


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Editor: ryunakama

Love the wife that’s with you more than anyone.

That was the agreement between Taiyou and the wives.

No need to love wives equally, but love the one that you’re with the most.

While thinking that, the wives thought the same, and Taiyou made sure to do it.

After Aoba left, Taiyou felt his feelings surge, and he went to profess his love once more.

Not to a wife, but to one he wanted as a wife.

「More than anyone in the world, I love you.」

That’s how far his feelings for her had risen.

It wasn’t a lie, and he wasn’t just saying it.

He really loved Akiha then more than anyone.

And he was shaken as to whether Akiha had felt it.

「W…what are you saying?」

「I love you…I’ve been saying it from the start.」

「So you sent Aoba out so you could lie like that to me?」

「Does it look…like I’m lying?」

He stood from his seat and went next to Akiha.

He put his arm on her shoulder and CLUNK, her chair fell as she sprung upwards.

She backed her way to the window, as she had an expression she didn’t want Taiyou to see.

But Taiyou didn’t back down.

There was no time for argument now, only…

「I love you.」

—he wanted Akiha.

「No closer.」


Without paying mind to her refusal, he walked closer, until he was with her at the window.

He held her wrist and pushed her up against the glass – she was turned toward him.

Their bodies were almost like a couple’s entwined bodies on top of a bed.

「Hey…stop! Let me go!」

「Do you not want me?」

「Of course I don’t! I only want Aoba…」

「I won’t give Aoba over…as a wife…or a lover.」

Taiyou said clearly.

It was a clear refusal on top of the confession he made.

With the emotions between them running wild, Akiha swallowed her breath and waited.

「However, as a friend, or maybe with you as an addition. For her, and…for me.」

「…I understand why you want me for her…but why for you?」

「Because I love you.」

He said, and got even closer.

He approached to kiss her.

For an instant, Akiha’s expression seemed to change.

Confusion, abandonment, then, reaction.



She kneed him straight between the legs.

He was completely unprepared for the knee, and took one right in the…area.

That unsympathetic knee that seemed to travel upwards and rip his organs to shreds made him grab his balls and squat.

He looked up at Akiha with eyes tearing up.

She had turned away again, and he couldn’t see her face.



The next moment, Akiha sprinted out of the room.

The door flew open, and she shot out the room.

「Akiha? Natsuno-kun?」

「Chase her.」

He said to Aoba as she entered the room.


「Chase her. You don’t have to bring her back, just be with her.」

「What about you, Natsuno-kun?」


Hera appeared in the air after being called.

「I’ll take care of myself here.」

「…ok, got it.」

Aoba nodded and her ponytails whipped around as she spun and ran out of the room.

He watched her disappear out of the room and then Taiyou went WHUMP and fell spread eagle to the ground.

「Hah…I’m tired.」



He nodded as well as he could laying on the ground.

「Tired of having women I’m trying to convince sprint away from me like that.」

「You…have experience from Youran doing that as well, desu.」

「I guess I do, don’t I?」

「Can you still get her?」



Hera looked down on the prone Taiyou.

He looked at her fluttering and the ceiling above her, and thought.

Can I still get her…that was the question he didn’t know the answer to.

Akiha and Youran, just as Hera had said, both had fled when he had tried to convince them to be his wife.

However, the reasons were quite different, as Taiyou had noticed recently.

Youran had been overcome by his strength and practically pushed into relenting (and by doing this, he succeeded), but Akiha was just like that earphone cord in his pocket, an entanglement that you couldn’t solve just by brute force.

「This is tough, what should I do?」

「Are you going to give up?」


Taiyou didn’t know.

He didn’t feel like giving up.

He had told her he loved her over and over, and honestly, because he truly had fallen for her.

From just a liking, to a pure, honest love.

Yes, he truly did love her now.

To give up…there was no way he could make that choice now.

However, he was still a little lost.

Especially since she had disappeared now, again, the confusion returned.

Like the mixing of oil and water, the stirring had stopped and the two again separated.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan.」


「I know that you always get angry at me, but this time don’t okay?」

「What? Why that…out of the blue?」

「Will you promise me you’ll listen and not get angry?」

「…just say it.」

「If you give up now, the game is over.」


Taiyou’s eyes opened widely and then he laughed.

Hera had really chosen words that…well, sounded like Hera, and it helped him get ready for what was next, words that were specifically chosen that sounded like those handed down from great minds.

Taiyou put his hands out and Hera flinched.

「Thank you.」

Usually he would slap her around a bit, but this time he didn’t.

Instead he patted her head, and stood up slowly.



  1. That can carry various meaning there, whether she meant game over as in his future going bleak or the window for Akiha’s route truly closing off on him.
    Or even about his levelling, that’s the only game-ey thing about him and Hera, and if next level uo need Akiha’s help, that can also mean end of the game.

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

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