Chapter 284 – Best Friends


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 284 – Best Friends


「Thank you, I never thought that you’d save me with your that again.」


「My this?


「Yeah, your cheerfulness, I guess.」


「I see, desu. I guess that it’s my only saving grace, desu.」


「Is that all you got?」


He responded calmly, as the two left the room.


「Okay, where to go?」


「If you want Aoba, she’s above us, desu.」


「Above?! Even higher?」


Taiyou looked up at the ceiling.


He wondered how he could get any higher, but with Hera’s wife perception, there was no doubt where Aoba was.


So Taiyou looked for a way up.


Outside was the same deep carpet as the room.


He found a waiter outside, and asked,


「Excuse me, is there a higher floor?」


「On the top floor there’s a beer garden.」


「A beer garden…」


「There’s no roof.」


「…let’s go.」


He had a bad feeling about this, but he stood in front of the elevator with Hera.


It was a very tall building, so the elevator took a lot of time.


Taiyou started to get impatient.


「You want me to check out what’s happening now?」


「Please, if it’s something bad, come back here quickly.」


「Roger, desu.」


She bowed and disappeared through the ceiling.


Taiyou watched her go, thought a bit, and got out his smartphone.


He looked through his address book for the right address and called.


『Watcha want?』


It was her private phone…so Leticia quickly picked up.


「Can you talk?」


『I can now.』


「You’re best friends with Youran, right?」




Leticia took a breath and answered. 


He was appreciative that Leticia didn’t ask why but answered straightly, and asked again.


「A long time ago, was there something between you?」


『I guess…in a way.』


「And that’s what caused you to be fond of her?」






The same old conversation.


Not like, love.


With that question, Leticia provided an answer.


『Geez, I guess she’s a real idiot, and I’d do anythin’ for her, but it’s like and not love, I guess.』


「I see.」


『Yeah, but…』




『There are some people like that in the world, ya know. And I betcha that Akiha Aoyama is one of ‘em.』


「That’s some direct statement, are you watching all this?」


『There was a reason before why they got friendly, ya know.』




It was a story from when she was the fourth wife.


She knew something was going on between Aoba and Akiha, and had checked it out.


『Is that all ya gonna ask?』


「…I was thinking since you’re the same type that I would get some advice, on how I could get her to fall for me.」


『Then I can’t be of any help, sorry.』


「No, thanks.」


Taiyou said and was going to hang up.


『Oh, yeah, Natsuno.』




Leticia’s tone changed, almost like the teacher voice.


It was a clear and calm voice, using proper language.


He could feel change of aura through the phone.


『It’s already late, so if you’re done, just go home.』




『Are you listening? Go home.』


Could this be Leticia’s naivety coming through the phone?


A mischievous joking line.


I’m your teacher, have you forgotten?


That level of line.




『Yes, what is it, Natsuno-kun?』


「I think that I may have fallen for you, teacher.」


『Yes, I know.』


「Okay, teacher…good night.」


『Good night.』


After that, he hung up, and put the cellphone in his pocket.


The words that he said to her…he didn’t know how real he was in saying them.


「I’ll deal with that later.」


Taiyou whispered and prepared himself for what lie ahead.


The elevator still hadn’t come so he gave up and took the stairs.


You use stairs for an emergency so he ran up them


He opened the door and he could soon hear a conversation.


「Aoba, would you run away with me?」




「Run away with me?」


Taiyou froze where he was.


He didn’t expect to hear this conversation now.


(No…I may have thought it might happen.)


Somehow, the consciousness of it may have never materialized into words.


He knew that somehow, since Akiha loved Aoba, she might try to push Aoba into doing that.


(Just like her to go this far.)


He was holding onto the doorknob still, wondering what to do.


「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan.」


Hera flew next to him, and put her finger to her lips with a gesture of shhhhh.


「We should let Aoba herself respond to this. Just let Aoba do it.」


Taiyou solemnly nodded.


It was rare for Aoba to strongly say what she felt because that’s the way she did things, but he was going to watch anyway.


「Hey, Akiha, I…I really thank you.」




「I really thank you, Akiha, for everything. When I met you, you talked to me first, and then we were together for so long after, everything.」


「Well, same with me.」




Aoba stopped her words in the middle.


Her voice was kind, unbelievable sincere.


Too sincere, Taiyou thought.


「But what do you think I’m the most thankful for?」


「The most?」


「Umm, when my mothers were all in a tizzy, and you came to Taiyou’s place. Because of that, I was very happy. I think you might regret it, but I am really thankful for that. If you hadn’t done that, I think I would have been without Taiyou and the others.」


「That was…」


「That was definitely an intersection in my destiny that only came once.」


An intersection in my destiny that only came once.


He could understand why she was thankful…if he had let her go then their destinies would be totally different.


But…why this story now?


Taiyou thought, then,


「That’s why I wanted to respond to you.」




Akiha had a confused voice, while Taiyou felt an unbelievable hostility fester right behind him.


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