Chapter 288: Fantastic!


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「You think I can’t control my sexual urges or something?」

「No, but you’re a male and the same age」

「You might wanna know that boys at apparent age are pretty delicate」


 Akiha answered without care.

「Okay, but what other methods are there besides screwing me?」

「Don’t dodge the issue」

 Taiyou smiled wryly.

「I’ll make you mine from the heart. I doubt anything else would work」


「If Youran’s involved then that’s gotta be the case……Cause she’s the kind of girl to say things like “Imma make my bestie your slave”」

「She sounds funny. Introduce me after we get outta here」

「……I think you’d get along, and I mean it」

「Any other way?」


 He said after sighing.

「You could also try and utterly hate me」

 (Yeah, that’s right), thought Taiyou.

 He had only just realized, but as soon as he knew Youran was involved, his thoughts finally caught up.

 She would do nothing impossible. She clearly separated objective from method. In other words, she would choose no method with a 0% chance.

 Which meant that since they were trapped here, Youran did not think it that Akiha had zero potential.

 He had no way of knowing what she had sensed from Akiha as a female, but that alone was enough.

「Well I already super hate you」

「There are others besides me who disagree」

「Yeah well they need a reality check」

「Even though one of the culprits who locked you in here was your best friend Aoba?」

「Not having a reality check is cuuute」

「No c’mon」

「And what have you been doing?」

「Hm? Oh this」

 Taiyou showed her the rubber rings. But that’s all they were, so Akiha’s face grew more and more blank.

「Rubber rings?」

「I have time to kill, okay?」


「……By the way」

 Taiyou suddenly wondered what would happen if he told her about levelling up.

 He had increased his level due to the sudden appearance of a fairy. This made him stronger in real life as well.

 He wanted to find out how Akiha would react.

「By the way, what?」

「……If I said I could get stronger by doing this, what would you think?」


「Whaddya mean “whaaa”?」

「So that’s why you’ve been the hot topic lately? Cause of rubber rings from the future?」

「Interesting imagination you got there. Wait, you’re just gonna believe me?」

「You reek of seriousness. I could see it on your face just now」


「Hey, can I become stronger by doing that too?」

「Huh? No you can’t. These are just regular rubber rings. I do this procedure and then get power from the level up fairy」

「Aww, if only I had a smartphone on me」

「The hell would you do with that!」

「Start with 911」


「You seem calm」

「Well yeah. My head’s fine」

「But don’t drunks say the same thing about not being drunk?」

「Point taken」

 Taiyou gave a bitter smile. True; the more dangerous people are the ones who claim to be sane.

 So even as he smiled bitterly at Akiha’s quip, Taiyou was inwardly happy.

 Because he was making another memory with her.

「If you aren’t pulling my leg, show me the fairy」

「The fairy?」

「Yeah, if they’re real」

「I can show you, but……」


 Akiha tilted her head, as if asking why he shut up all of a sudden.

「I’d rather not elaborate yet」

「Heheh, so you can’t」

「That’s not the issue」

 Taiyou shook his head. He made an even more bitter smile.

 He made a sour expression.

「So why?」

「I reeeally don’t wanna do that right now. Once we’re out of here……putting aside how we manage that, I’d be down」

「What are you even saaaying?」

「…Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you」

 Taiyou said, halting his hands, and spoke again once he had faced away from her.

「Only those who’ve kissed me can see that fairy」


「Just as I said. I swear it is. The people who kiss me……Whether accidentally or on purpose, only people who’ve touched lips to mine can see her. That’s it」

「What about indirect kissing?」

「Probably no good. Has to be lip on lip」


「But we don’t have to――」

「Let’s do it then」


 Taiyou’s eyes opened wide when Akiha said it so casually.

 His face showed his shock.

「Why that reaction?」

「Why not? Got lots of time」

「But that makes it okay?」

「I wanna see whatever Aoba can……she can see it too right?」

「……See it? They’re pretty darn close actually」

「Then show me」


 Taiyou thrust the rubber rings into his pocket, approaching Akiha.

 He suppressed his feelings. He chased out any notion of “love” or “hate” from his head.

 Thinking only of kissing to get her to see Hera.

 Akiha shut her eyes, raising her head.

 And they had a kiss, only with lips touching.


 That moment, an impact raced through Taiyou’s body. He had tried not to think of it, but of course there was no way he could shut his thoughts off while kissing.

 It was a kiss with a girl he liked. Taiyou regretted that the situation wasn’t different.

 And then he would end up regretting something else.

「So, the fairy?」

「Wait up――Hera」

「Ta-ta-daaa! I am your personal fairy, and I have indeed come forth」


 Akiha raised her voice. It was clear that she could see Hera.

「It really is a fairy. Fantastic!」

 Taiyou could not believe his ears, and he became jealous of the small fairy.


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