Chapter 29: The lack of boundaries in the last few years

「It’s kinda cool?…..–Eh? 」(Kotone Speaking)

Kotone is confused by Taiyou’s words and the three girls with the same face (yet different sizes) had a bewildered expression on them.

Was the words he said insufficient? Taiyou supplemented with more words to better explain his thoughts.

「Of course I think that it’s cool/good, but more than that, it is probably more correct to say that I am envious…… Of the relationship/bond you guys share between each other. That’s because our conversation just now….. Is it correct for me to say that you guys don’t keep secrets between each other? 」


「Or more like, we can’t」

「If our emotions are even a little bit heightened it leaks out, even if we try to conceal it, it’s completely useless」

「Is it like when the door to your bedroom is broken, that kind of feeling?」

「Yes, yes. It’s like its half open, I mean we can close it but the moment our hand leaves the door—-the room will open by itself again. I suppose it’s meaningless in a sense」

「Recently it’s been a bother to hold it closed all the time」

「Which reminds me, do you guys remember the time when we got lost in the shopping Centre?」

「I remember, at that point in time we were still able to talk within each other’s hearts, we are able to tell each other our locations but we weren’t able to guide each other properly」

「The signs in that Centre was really similar, and there was a place that looks identical on every floor, we ended up being spread out on different floors/levels」

「It’s because Kaza-chan got on the elevator, I went after Kaza-chan and Suzu-chan  in a panic thinking that you guys got swallowed by a big metal box. The door to the elevator closed and suddenly the both of you were gone. Although I realized that you guys were fine in the next instant」

「Although we were in a state of panic, feelings of safety were able to be transmitted so we were able to calm down」

Taiyou’s words stimulated their old memories, and the three girls became quite talkative as they reminiscence about their past. These were things that only the three girls would know about.

Their chests which were brushing up against Taiyou all pulsed with the same rhythm of heartbeats. The girls in front of him that shared such vulnerable things about them made him feel that they were so precious to him——unbearably precious.

「Do you guys, regularly talk amongst yourselves like this?」

He couldn’t help but to want to participate in the conversation. However with his single careless phrase, their nice atmosphere was broken.

「……..No, that’s not true」

「We usually get weird stares from other people, so lately we don’t really talk amongst ourselves much even when we are together」

「It’s been several years…..approximately」

Their conversations amongst each other was interrupted, and the lovely atmosphere they had around them was completely shattered, and it changed into something different. And it was definitely not something pleasant.

An awkward atmosphere flows out. The current state was achieved with a single careless phrase from Taiyou, and he regretted it so much he could die.

The unified movements they had up till now was also torn asunder.

「Th, that’s right, we still need to talk to the person who brought us here–」

Whilst Kotone said this, she erects her body. Around the same time, Suzune and Kazane also parted from him.

The warmth disappears, Taiyou chases after it and his reaches out his hands to grab them.


He gripped Kotone’s arm and drew her towards him. He put in too much power, and the two girls on the side were dragged into it, and they lost their balance and got tangled up in each other.


They hit their heads together and Taiyou’s eyes were sparkling with stars. Taiyou tried to suppress his dazed state by blinking his eyes and lightly shaking his neck.

When he finally regained his vision, right next to him was the appearance of a blushing Kotone.

She was acting all shy/bashful, why was that? And then his vision expanded even more—


After seeing the situation he finally understood. When they fell, their bodies were entwined and tangled together, the position was as if Taiyou was pinning her down. Kotone was blushing due to the position their bodies were at currently.

「So, sorry, I didn’t mean it」


From his left and right he heard the same words, He didn’t need to confirm to know that it was Suzune and Kazane’s voice.

As the girls called out to stop him, each of them were holding unto to Kotone’s hands from each side.

「I…….Don’t mind it okay」

Kotone was still blushing…..and she had a face that seemed she was determined as she glanced away from Taiyou’s gaze.

Under the bridge where various people with no common sense was gathered. Sakura was dropped off on a spot with a clump of grass on it, Yurikago was sitting with her legs crossed. A little distance away from Yurikago, Shirokiyami who was like a white porcelain doll, had her finger tips linked together and was staring at the riverbed with an unfocused gaze.

Her boundless gaze seemed to be staring at a single point, yet it could also be that she was staring at nothing in particular.

「What are you doing over there?」

Yurikago was curious about what she was staring at and asked her a question. Shirokiyami answered with a straight tone, neither filled with good intention or malicious intent, it was nothing but an earnest response.

「Insect..ti,cide」 (insecticide)

「I don’t understand. You don’t talk very clearly do you」

Yurikago just bluntly states such a fact, unlike Sakura who usually speaks in a more round about manner, Yurikago just isn’t the type of girl to play with her words.

「I think that it’s…..Clear enough. Everyone knows that…..obstructing/intruding on a pair of lovers, is what an insect does」

「I see. So, what do you plan to do? 」

「Threaten. People who get near…….I will kill them, that kind of threat」

Shirokiyami made an abstract explanation. Yurikago was a little doubtful, but after she thought about it for a while she was able to grasp the meaning behind the words.

「I understand, you released a barrier of killing intent around this area, didn’t you? What a handy skill you have there」

「Because I am being employed, this is…..Also a part of the job to earn my salary」

「Hee」(acknowledging, hee= is that so?)



「That person’s body temperature……Feels really good. The girl’s feelings…..I under, stand」

「………Eh? 」

Yurikago’s eyes were wide open, and she had a slightly surprised face.

「I am surprised, that 『Shirokiyami』can act like this. No, I suppose since the start you were always a woman? 」


Shirokiyami just stared blankly and tilted her neck at Yurikago’s words.

「What’s with that reaction?」(Yurikago Speaking)

「I don’t…. Know. From the start, I was always…..a woman」

「Ahh, I suppose you are the type of person who doesn’t even understand their own feelings」


The girl with white hair just stares at Yurikago in puzzlement.

「Well, I suppose it’s none of my business that you are being a faithful dog」

「I don’t really understand…..What you are say….ing」

「If you become an adult woman you will understand」

「But you are also, not an adult」

「I am a worldly-minded person, so my mind is considerably more dirtied than you」

Yurikago laughs under her breath.

「Is that, sarcasm?」

「Not really? If I were to put a word it’s envy」


「Oh come on, I just thought that you were the type of human being who is not tainted no matter the situation. Although I am, boastful of the amount of knowledge amassed within my brain. I can’t think of a way to make you corrupted/contaminated. In that meaning/sense I’m jealous of the fact that you can remain so pure」

「…….As I thought, sarcasm」


「I am…..Extremely tainted….that’s why」

Shirokiyami gazed at her own hands.

Yurikago correctly understood the meaning…..of her actions.  Yurikago was a woman who knew of Shirokiyami’s notoriety, prestige and on top of that she even knew Shirokiyami’s real name.

Although she really understood why Shirokiyami was looking down at her own hands.

「That’s not what I meant」(TL: Yurikago is not referring to the blood Shirokiyami has on her hands, she is referring to her pure mind, and the fact that Shirokiyami doesn’t enjoy killing or torturing people, though I don’t know her back/origin story 😛 I’m sure it will be disclosed down the track)

Yurikago picked up a pebble from the ground, and like a natural she flicked the stone right at Shirokiyami. Shirokiyami doesn’t avoid the stone, and just gets hit by it.

「It hurts (ouch)」

「For someone who naively got hit by that stone without avoiding it, stop babbling on about how you are tainted」

「Meaning, don’t….understand」

「Obviously, I suppose a natural airhead like you won’t understand 」

Yurikago finished off with that and returned to the topic at hand.

「Let me confirm one thing, you are working for that man right?」

「………Yes, for my salary」

「That’s more than enough info. Seriously, what part about that man is good I wonder? 」

Yurikago says that and she went into deep thought

Because Yurikago doesn’t say anything, Shirokiyami goes back to being an insect repellent and releases her killing intent, she turns her gaze upwards, and she can feel the atmosphere of the people above the bridge.


「What’s wrong?」

「Yeah, there’s something……」


「For some reason……….I want to do…..this」

「What are you talking about?」

Yurikago looks doubtful, Shirokiyami who had a really calm complexion just until a little while ago had a strange look on her face.

Her usual expressionless face was still predominantly the same, but there was something weird about it.

Shirokiyami suddenly turns her body around, and unsteadily walks towards the wall. Just when Yurikago was thinking what she was going to do.

Pechi, Pechi, (sfx of hitting something), Shirokiyami starts to strike/kick the wall. Without any power, she just starts to strike the wall continuously in that kind of manner. At first Yurikago was confused, but then she her face flared a deep red color and she dashed to the top of the bridge.

「No matter how you see it, isn’t it doing way to much!!」

On top of an unpopular bridge, there was two sisters who were baring their elder sister and was in the process of presenting her to Taiyou.


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