Chapter 293: In the Darkness


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

 Normally, humans have 90% of their sense dominated by sight.

 Anything else is decisively small, unless you’re an exceptionally sensitive human.

 But that already leaves out a staggering amount of blind spots. Nearly all humans realize that when their vision is blocked for the first time.

(This is……)

 Taiyou thought as their lips converged.

 Deep in the mountains at sunset, the night of a new moon was beginning.

 Amidst the darkness where he could not even see the girl’s face, he detected it with his keen sense.

 Akiha’s respiration, her heart, and her feelings.

 They all transferred to him little by little.

 He closed his eyes. It didn’t make a difference either way, but he did so on purpose.

 He tried to get even closer to her heart.

(Akiha……can you feel what I’m feeling?)

 He asked in his heart, though she probably couldn’t answer that.

 Pressing his lips firmly against hers, she released his wrist, entwining her hand around his fingers.

 Akiha’s fingers had come first, of her own volition.

 Their fingers entwined, the bases heated and tickled the heart.

 They kissed. The heat in their lips was enough to burn them.

 It directly shook his brain, melting his rationality.

 Even with their lips connected, even being this close…

 Akiha was still far away.

 It was vexing to be so far away despite moving beyond her lips. It was maddening.



 Their breathing halting, the kiss was broken off.

 The saliva connecting them reflected the slightest light of the stars, faintly illuminating Akiha’s face.

 He saw but for an instant her expression.

 The countenance of a female.

 It was the face of a female Taiyou knew very well.

 Still, she felt far off.

 Far off…to the point where he wondered how she could be so far.


 He yelled out her name, pressing his lips further in.

 Not enough. Still far away.

 His head felt like it was going mad, mad from all the frustration.

 He wanted to decrease their distance even more. He wanted to rip away the invisible wall.

 For that to happen,

(If this persists――)

 In an instant, Taiyou thrust Akiha away.

 It had floated up in his head: The most fearsome thought process in his life was so blasphemous that it brought him to his senses.

 His sweat grew cold at once. He shivered at the sudden change in ardour.

「……What’s wrong?」

 Akiha asked puzzledly.

「Did I do something weird?」


「Is there something……weirder about me than the other girls?」

 Akiha’s voice was gentle and despondent.

 It was odd for her to speak in such a worrisome voice.

 It was the very voice of an anxious girl. He felt useless.

 Taiyou desperately denied it.

「No, that’s not true at all. It’s not you, it’s me」

「Then, why?」


「Is it something you can’t say?」

「I can’t」

「Why not?」

「……It’s too disgusting」

 Taiyou’s mouth felt heavy, whereas Akiha had regained her composure, inquiring in her usual blunt tone.

「What? You mean the sorta thing where you wanna rape the hell out of me?」

「Far worse」

 Taiyou breathed, swallowed saliva, and answered.

「Far more repulsive」

「Far more repulsive? What could that possibly be?」

「I wanted to make you sloppy……I felt like I wanted to……get close inside」

「In an erotic sense?」

「……In a grotesque sense」

 He answered, shaking his head.

 It had popped into his head not even for 0.1 seconds. He desperately chased it into the open.

 It was unforgivable. Not by society, but by his own standards.

 He could not approve of hurting those that he loved.

「I didn’t know you were that kind of person」

「No! That’s not true. I just felt like you were far away and wanted to feel you closer……That’s all!」

「Hmm, well ain’t that fantastic!」


「That means you love me so much ya wanna kill me」

「No, that’s not……」

「Then, you hate me so much ya wanna kill me?」

「I would never hate you!」

 Taiyou’s voice grew unstable.

 No matter what, it was inconceivable that he would hate her.

 Even if the earth and sky were to flip around.

「So that’s, like, because you felt I was far away?」

「Let’s just forget that you heard this――」

「Did you really feel that way?」

 Akiha pressed. It seemed that she would not let him go.


「In that case…」

 He heard a sound. The rustling of clothes.

 She pulled his hands, inducing him to touch her skin.

 It felt like silk, and soft like marshmallow.

 Through experience, Taiyou quickly figured out what that was.


「Come closer, feel it more……come further in」

 She said with a gentle, whispering voice.

「And if you still feel like I’m far off……then go ahead」


 He could no longer stop. His feelings poured out, and he covered Akiha.

 A full-body rain of kisses fell amidst the darkness.

 The distance of their hearts――



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