Chapter 295: Those Who Wait For Someone


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They were on the roof of their temporary residence at the apartment. Youran was standing in the wind when Aoba came to visit. She stood next to her as they looked down at the night city. The two of them, with twintail and ponytail, let their hair flutter in the wind. They were gazing at Tsugaiyama.

“What were you doing here?”

“I was looking at him.”

“Oh, since Natsuno-kun went to Tsugaiyama.”

“…I didn’t so much as think that he would actually be able to escape from that room. My plan should have erased that possibility.”

“But Kohaku-san said that when you say things like “according to plan”, that’s an immediate flag for things to not go according to plan…”

“Sounds like something she’d say.”

“Hey, what would you have done if Natsuno-kun hadn’t been able to make it out of there? Would you have kept them locked up?”

“I was planning to use a drug.”


“An aphrodisiac.”

Youran said it casually, but Aoba was astonished. This was, after all, her first time hearing this.

“Aphrodisiac? You mean what I think you mean, right?”

“Yeah. I would’ve either dispersed it via the ventilation duct or mixed it in with their food, but I was gonna use it one way or the other.”

“But is it really okay to force things like that? I feel like all that would do is make Akiha more stubborn.”
“Do you ever get turned on, Aoba?”


Aoba’s face went blank again. Youran’s choice of words was always so extreme.

“Turned on…”

“Like your body suddenly feeling hot outside, or a sudden thrill in your heart, those sorts of things. It’s happened in my case of course. Even when he’s not there, the slightest thing can make me remember him and get turned on. Sexual excitement, in other words.”


Aoba slightly hesitated, but Youran wasn’t the sort of person she could hide things from, so she answered honestly.

“…Well yeah…”

“And what do you do at those times? I endure it as much as I can and do everything I’m supposed to do before going to meet him.”

“I think…I’m the same.”

“And even when you get aroused in front of others, it’s not like you’d be cool with getting it on with just anyone. Even if you feel like it, it won’t be directed at anyone but the person you like.”


“I have the sort of drug that would easily make anyone feel that way. For as gentle as it seems, it lasts super freaking long.”

“Super long…just how long?”

“A month, unless they have sex before that.”

“Whaaaaat, I didn’t even know that drugs could last so long…”

“There are those kinds.”

Youran sighed, continuing.

“I was thinking to use it. Just in a friendly way to lightly push his shoulders. Wouldn’t be much of a big deal to use it on her if she already disliked him anyway.”


“But there wasn’t any need to use it. You see it? The moment he broke through the wall?”

“…Yeah, I did.”

Aoba nodded meekly. She understood exactly what Youran was indicating. Of course, she was not talking about his fists or how he kept punching the wall even when blood began coming out. It was of course a heart-wrenching act that captivated them, but that wasn’t it. Right before breaking down the wall, wings had come out of Taiyou’s shoulders. Angelic wings that emitted a white light.

“At that time, we were all separated from him.

“Yeah, that was…Akiha’s portion.”



Youran had suddenly grown quiet. Wondering what was up, Aoba, peered in closer. Under the night sky, Youran’s face was red enough to where anyone could tell. Aoba giggled.

“You fall in love all over again?”


“Did it take this long because you initially felt like it was forced for you?”


Silence made the situation eloquent. Even if she didn’t put it into words, Youran’s face made everything plain. Doubtless, Youran’s heart had been seriously struck when Taiyou had done forceful things. She had of course desired that.

“Would you like him to do that again?”


Aoba smiled mischievously, poking and prodding at Youran’s face.

“C’mon c’mon, whaddya say?”

“S-Sure I do. Got a problem with that?”

“Nope. I was just thinking along the same lines.”

“You too?”

“Yeah, after all, Natsuno-kun was suuuper cool at that time. I was also jealous of Akiha, who was there with…no, who had him go to all those lengths for her.”

“If you could change, would you?”


Aoba slowly shook her head after thinking it over.

“I don’t think I’d want to change. After all, Natsuno-kun would definitely do the same for me. He would look at me and act for my sake. I think I’m fine with that.”

“And I want everything.”

They heard Kohaku’s voice from behind. Aoba and Youran looked back at the same time. They saw her coming over here from the entrance to the roof. Kohaku walked slowly, coming to where the two of them were.

“I wish to experience it all. Every single drop of Danna-sama’s love.”

“Well aren’t you the greedy one, Kohaku-san!”

“Of course! It be Danna-sama’s love after all.”

“Agreed. By the way, is it only you? What about Kotone-chan and the others?”

“Suzune and Kazane went shopping. Kotone is making preparations in her room.”

“Shopping? Preparations?”

“Preparations for the party. We be certain that Danna-sama will make the fifth bride fall in love with him and then return.”

“So you do believe in him.”

“And I believe you fledglings were half-believing half-doubting.”

“That’s because I know Akiha well. Kotone-chan and the others are amazing.”

“Why not do the same? It be not difficult to unconditionally believe in Danna-sama.”

The three women spoke atop the roof at night, all the while the wind was blowing. They were gazing at Tsugaiyama, and the indistinct white light of wings was visible. As they gazed at it, they enjoyed a good chat.



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