Chapter 298: I Want To Fly With You


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Taiyou and Hera had entered the room. The two of them traversed the living room at a brisk pace, stopping in front of Aoba.

“Aoba, I’d like you to come with us.”

“Sure, but where?”

“Hera, which way?”

“Over this way, in the direction of the verandaaa!”

“Alright. Sorry everyone, but I’m gonna borrow Aoba.”

Taiyou took Aoba by the hand, opened the window frame, and went outside. The refreshing wind of late autumn was blowing by, and the strong sound of wind unique to multiple story buildings like this one could be heard.

“Natsuno-kun? What are we doing here?”

“Make sure you hold on tight.”

“Wha? Whaaat?”

Taiyou held Aoba up in his arms, treating her like a princess and holding onto the back of her knees.

“Here, right?”

“You’re a little off, actually. About…two meters to the left.”


As Hera had instructed, he moved two meters to the left, hoisting himself onto the veranda’s handrails.

“Heeey! What are you doing?”

Accompanied by the other brides, Youran reacted the most expressively.

“See ya later.”

Taiyou ignored her, leaping off. The brides let out screams, and even the usual composed Kohaku was surprised to the point where she found herself glued to the handrails. They all looked in the direction which he had embarked. Taiyou fell toward the ground, carrying Aoba. When he had begun hardly scraping the ground–wings stuck out. They were wings of light; the miraculous power that had been bestowed to Taiyou from his wives. Thanks to said wings, their fall had stopped two meters above the ground.

“What? What’s going on?”

“They’re Aki-han’s wings.”

Hera, who had stayed behind, explained to them.

“Aki-han is standing a bit further ahead of where he jumped off, so the moment that he comes within range, he is able to grow wings and fly.”

“I see. So he can do that as well, ja.”

“Eh? Oh, so basically, only the people he touches can’t activate the effect.”

“Yes indeed. He is holding Aoba-chan, so he cannot bring out her part of the wings, but as he is not touching Aki-han, he can grow out her part of the wings.”

“That be very enlightening.”

Kohaku grinned. The three sisters understood the meaning of that smile more quickly than anyone else.

“So he can fly while carrying us!”

“If the other four hold hands…”

“Then Taiyou-san can fly while carrying them up to 16 meters in the air!”

“Aye. Which means that at the end of it all, he’ll be able to fly up to 64 meters–above ground, that be around 20 stories that he be able to fly and carry ye landlubbers.”

“That’s so cool!”

The three sisters exclaimed in joy. Next to them, Youran pouted, lips pursed.

“Seriously, why don’tcha just SAY something next time. I thought someone was trying to mess with me.”

“I am indeed sorry.”

Hera replied apologetically. She didn’t seem to have any bad intentions.

“Ugh, no it’s fine. But is it alright being here?”

“Taiyou-chan and Aoba-chan, combined with Aki-han. I’d just be super in the way if I were there.”

“I, didn’t expect you to be so good at reading the mood.”

“Indeed! Read! The! Aiiir!”

“There is no such phrase.” //note: she said the literal English words

Youran said bluntly.

At the base of the building, Taiyou landed on the ground, putting Aoba and Akiha together on the trailer before setting off elsewhere.

Everyone who saw the sight felt something warm spread throughout their chests. Even after having said all that she did, Youran was no exception.


Kohaku suddenly snorted with laughter.

“What’s up, Kohaku-san?”

“Did something…”

“Funny happen?”

“Nay, I just thought that maybe all our fears were groundless.”

“Fears were groundless?”

“Juunishima Tsubaki escaped from her confines and fled elsewhere. I had worried…that she might try and do something, but that whippersnapper be the last thing I care about!”


“I guess what I’m trying to say is, might everything be resolved as long as Danna-sama be here?”

“…No way…”

“”“We think so!”””

Youran hesitated, but the three sisters answered all at once.

“Right? But what about ye?”

“…Well, it’s not like I don’t, but…”

When she was further pressed, she finally nodded. She still wasn’t entirely upfront about her feelings for Taiyou whenever he came up in conversation, so this was understandable. Right now was no different. She had only conveyed her true feelings once Kohaku had pressed her.

“But I be quite jealous as of right now. That be like being hugged by Danna-sama while bungee jumping.”

“You’re into bungee jumping?”

“The key be hugging with Danna-sama. Have ye not ever wanted to enjoy a thrill or two with him?”


“Have all the time!”

“Super super super all the time!”

As expected, the three sisters had latched onto that.

“Perhaps I shall pester Danna-sama about it tomorrow, ja. Oh, but I be first.”


“No fair!”

“How about whoever gets to him first?”

“Well, if that’s what ye want…”

Kohaku twisted the corner of her mouth into a grin.

“Someone’s already done that, ja.”


“Yuri-chan looks fidgety.”

“I-I am not! I don’t even care about something like…something like…”

Youran couldn’t even fully deny it before fully shutting up as she peered down from the handrail. She gulped. In the wind enveloping the building, it was a loud noise that everyone could hear.

“Ahahaha, Yuri-chan, you’re so honest about your feelings.”

“Except she’s not.”

“Come to think of it, that’s true! Ah, so troublesome.”

“She be a troublesome lass alright. Well, I’m sure that Danna-sama has taken a liking to that part of her as well, ja.”

“Wh-What the heck are you talking about? Look, I–”

“Now then, I believe we are due for some more cups of tea.”

“Oh, please pour some for me as well, desu!”


Kohaku and the others made their way back to the living room in a pleasant mood.

“Hey, don’t just go ending the conversation on how weird you think I am! Come on!”

Youran chased after them. The girls in the Natsuno household were as friendly as ever.



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