Chapter 3: And at the Park…..


「Do you want to increase in level? 」 (Hera says the shortened word Reberage “Level Increase”)

「Did you say Level Increase? 」

「That’s right. Ah, could it be you didn’t understand that? “Level Increase” is also known as Leveling Up, or more simply put, it’s when you accumulate enough Experience Points by doing various things in the field in order to Level—」

「That explanation is way too complicated and even harder to understand. Not that I don’t like it but」

He put one hand forward and used it to rub his temple. (Temple as in forehead temple) As of this moment, he really doesn’t know how to react to the situation which just occurred in front of him.

For the time being, let me try pinching my cheeks.

「It hurts」

「What’s the matter? Taiyou-chan is still level 1, so even if you pinch your cheeks you won’t get any experience you know? 〜」

「I know that doing this sort of thing won’t increase my experience points………the better question is, you, what are you exactly? 」

「Me? I am the Level Fairy, My name is Hera. ah, just letting you know I’m the Level Fairy, not the Level Deity, therefore, don’t get any weird ideas about doing any ecchi pranks on me kay〜?」

「Sorry, I am below 18 years of age, so I don’t really understand that kind of material」

Taiyou had very distant eyes. Contrary to his words, his mind was still filled with the trauma of not being able to raise his female swordsman’s to the max level.

「Is that really so? However, I am really happy that you aren’t going to play any mean tricks on —– muah! 」(muah = “me” said in a really cutesy way)

Taiyou grabbed Hera and began to touch all over her body.

「What are you doing?! Didn’t you just promise me you wouldn’t do anything ecchi? 」

「Ahh, I had to make sure that you were real. I thought your body may not have any substance」

「You can touch me ya know, At least Taiyou-chan can」

「Only me? 」

「Yes. Only Taiyou-chan can touch me. Other people cannot see me let alone touch me. Because I am an exclusive being in charge of Taiyou-chan」

「Is that the case? 」

「It’s true〜. At any rate Taiyou-chan is really composed, this is the first time since I was born that someone was not surprised by seeing me」

「……… Is this, perhaps, one of those punch line jokes, where because this is the first job you had since you were born, you are trying to show redeeming qualities of an experienced worker」

「Biku! 」 (Sound effects of Hera shuddering)

Hera’s body trembled exaggeratedly.

「I hit it right on the mark, didn’t I? Well, I guess this kind of thing happens way too often doesn’t it 」

「Taiyou-chan…..You are way to composed」

「I’ve been told that a lot, when I am angry or when I surprised people tell me that I am so calm that it’s disgusting」

「Is that so? 」

「……To put this together, you are some sort of a Fairy, and I have achieved some sort of qualifications, and you are my supervisor which can allow me to gain some level ups, is that a good overview? 」

「That was a lot you had to say….. But that is correct, you understood so quickly this saves me a lot of time〜」

「If you were a god, you would probably be able to explain this a lot faster. Well, you are somewhat of a similar race so let’s leave it at that」

Taiyou, had a distant look on his face again but for a completely different reason. He had a look on his face that said, I can’t believe this is happening to me.

「Nevertheless, why did you choose me? 」

「Umm, it’s because of this」

Hera buoyantly/floating over the table and flew towards the wooden book shelf. And she began to softly touch the cleared game data and game software which was on the shelf.

「It’s because Taiyou-chan has love/affection〜」

「love? 」

「Yes, the love of raising a level. That’s why I chose you Taiyou-chan〜」

「That’s all there is to it? 」

「A person who can continue to carry things out to the extremes, is rare in this world. A person like Taiyou-chan who would complete every single game they played until the max level is like one person in 100 million. In Japan, you are the only one」

「……weirdly enough, that doesn’t make me too happy. Well, at least I know the reason now」

Taiyou let out a light sigh.

「So, what do I have to do in order to gain experience points? Do I have to encounter some Yakuza/hoodlums in the vicinity and fight against them? Just letting you know but I am really weak, I won’t be able to defeat a goblin let alone a slime」

「It’s alright〜, gaining experience points is nothing difficult like what you mentioned, in the beginning anyone can do it〜……… It’s more like doing a repetitive chore/task」

「I am completely used to doing something boring in order to level up, I don’t care about that at all. So, what is the task exactly? 」

「Yes〜….. ah, something came up just in time〜. Its this〜」 (Note: Hera talks in a cutesy manner so I am adding ~ whenever she ends with なのです)

Saying those things, Hera pointed towards a box under the shelf as if it was her most prized possession. The box was about as big as her, Taiyou grabbed it and took a long hard look at it.

「……..Jenga?」(note: Jenga is a game where players take turns in removing blocks from a tower in order to balance it on top)

「That’s right, First off take it out from the box and please arrange/pile it on the table」

「Like this? 」

「Now then, please destroy/demolish it in one go」

「……..Like this? 」

「Once the blocks have all fallen, now please proceed to piling it up again」

「………………..Oi, don’t tell me? 」

「With this your experience points went up by 1! 」

「Hey! This really is a chore! 」

「That’s what I told you, the task is something of a fatigue duty〜. What will you do? 」

「No, even so, I will continue to do it」

Taiyou continued to repeat the action. He piled up the blocks, then he tips them over, then he piles it up again and tips them over again.

No matter which angle you saw it from, you would think that what he was doing was a completely useless action.

「…….Do you really think this will increase my level? 」

Suddenly, Hera had a serious look and she listened intently. Taiyou also glanced at Hera in return.

「If I was to talk about this to other random people, let’s see….. If I told people that I had memory loss and suddenly discovered I had a miniature fairy as a sister, I would be immediately kicked out of my home, and most likely dragged away by a yellow ambulance (for crazy people).that’s because to other people you are an inexplicable life existence.  That’s pretty much what would happen」

「Is that so〜? 」

「Anyhow, you, are you a living life form? Do you need to eat something to survive? 」

「Food? I don’t really need to eat anything to live, but I can also choose to eat. My foundations are omnivorous just like a human, I can eat anything a human can, however if it is at all possible, I prefer to eat meals with a low/diluted/sparse salt content」

「Ahhh, so you like Dog Food? 」

「Hey! I am not a dog! 」

「Alright fine, I understand, From now on I will officially call you by the name Hera」

「He……tsu, Wait a moment, isn’t that the thing that Taiyou-chan wanted to get so badly, the one that was in front of the station?」(It doesn’t state where he gets her name from. Most likely it’s a name from a game or maybe the name of one of his characters?)

「Unexpectedly you know various things eh, because you were a level up Fairy I thought that you would only have knowledge about gaming. Even though you were just born today, how do you even remember such things? 」

Whilst Taiyou was continuing to pile up and demolish his Jenga blocks, he tried to gain some information out of Hera.

「uuuu…That’s cheating, Taiyou-chan is way too composed〜」

Whilst he continues his laborious work of piling up and destroying his Jenga blocks for experience points, he tried to ask various questions to Hera in the hopes of gleaming out some sort of useful information, however in the end he didn’t really gain anything of value.

After a while, most of the interest he had towards Hera’s background was gone.

(More importantly I wonder what happens when I gain a level? and if I achieve the maximum level I wonder what I will be able to do?)

Taiyou is a person whom has always raised his game characters to the maximum level. From his general knowledge of gaming, when a person gains a level they will be able to increase their abilities, and if they hit the maximum level, at the very least they will be an invincible/unrivaled existence within the game.

However, this was the real world, and in normal circumstances he wouldn’t even be able to raise his level let alone gain experience points. It was very natural that he thought about these things as he was suddenly given the power to be able to raise a level by Hera, and it made him imagine the endless possibilities.

Whilst thinking of the various possibilities, he continued to pile up and demolish the Jenga blocks for a period of one hour.


Hera awoke with a start, and then as if she was dancing around a tree she jumped up.

「Terere te te te–♪ Taiyou-chan Leveled up! You are now Level 2〜」

「Did it finally happen? With that said, it took a pretty long time to raise my level from 1 to 2 didn’t it? 」

「That’s just how this works〜」

「That so. Well, now what? I increased my level after all」

「Yes, various abilities have gone up〜 Ah, Taiyou-chan it’s your real life abilities that went up you know?  It a little bit different from the normal parameters a human would normally increase, but still, various abilities really did increase okay〜? 」

「Huh? 」

「And also your cold has disappeared/recovered, your body/skin is gleaming and your nose has cleared up〜 」

「Why is it my cold?! Well it is natural that your status/stats recover when you level up but.」

「Now now〜, we will be moving on to the abilities that you gained, okay〜」

「Oh, ooo…..」 (I think this is his reaction getting of getting excited : P?)

Taiyou was attacked by a strange sensation. His head was instantly filled with a torrent of information that consisted of characters and numbers which rushed through his field of vision.

「Strength 21, Agility 3, HP……This kind of feels like a great amount of abilities to examine」

Whilst trying to grasp an understanding of his own abilities, he tried to process the information and compare it with his abundant gaming knowledge. It was mostly very similar to the games he usually played so he had an easy time grasping the main concepts of his increase in abilities.

Incidentally, he saw an ability value that he wasn’t familiar with.

「Popularity 1, Charm 0…..Hmm, This feels like reality just hit me in the face」(interestingly, it says Harem (ハーレム) instead of charm but I think the author meant Charm so…)

「Eh? What happened? 」

「Don’t worry about it, its nothing.」

Taiyou said this whilst exhaling/sighing. He grasped the concepts of the abilities that he raised in one go, and acknowledged that for a level 1 character, his stats fit the bill…..Reality also hit him hard as, he realized that his popularity and charm were close to non-existent.

However, he was satisfied with this. As he a hobby, rather than increasing an average amount of status points and distributing evenly, he would rather focus on one thing and be great at that thing.

For that purpose, he became motivated more than ever.

「Now then, shall we grind out a bit more? 」

Saying this Taiyou went back to piling up the Jenga blocks, however.

「Ah, that’s not right. What you need to do now, to get experience points, now that you have achieved level two is different. Simply put, every level the things you must do to advance will be different〜」

「Is that so? Then what do I have to do next? 」

「Umm that is…. Please dig up a hole」

「In this way, in order for him to raise his level, he went towards the park in blissful ignorance, not knowing that a certain policeman was waiting for his arrival.」


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Haha~ XD! So that’s how a ‘shady man’ got captured by a policeman, lol.
How unfortunate of him. Anyway, this is getting interesting, really interesting, wait, did he level up in the 1st chapter? then if so, the next leveling up activities will really be something to look forward to!! Kukuku…~!

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. Thanks for your hard work :). My day just got better because of this!!


I also think the story is building up! ahahah

Glad you enjoyed it :), Next one coming soon!


“interestingly, it says Harem (ハーレム) instead of charm but I think the author meant Charm so…”

Actually he did meant harem, not charm. Description on novelupdates is wrong as well due to this.
If you read up a bit further(even reading chapter titles is enough) you’ll understand why.

cant decide if thats funny, disgusting or just silly


Thanks for a great read! So refreshing.


For all of you who didnt get the level god thing at the beginning of the chapter. Its a reference to Level Goddess Willis from the Rance series.
You are welcome


Im glad Im not the only one!!!!


Thanks for the chapter! 😀


Thank u always for ur great work…

Different think for different level, at least he can avoid die of boredom in the way…


Thanks for doing this Chaper! ?


I dont get it what did he gain when he lvl up


「Popularity 1, Charm 0…..Hmm, This feels like reality just hit me in the face」(interestingly, it says Harem (ハーレム) instead of charm but I think the author meant Charm so…)
^-“Harem” is a legit atat; depending on the game it may mean how many people are pining for the character, how many people the character has made theirs (there may be more that pine for them than those) or how many people can they keep as romantic/sexual partners at a time (slots may be still free).


“Taiyou is a person whom has always raised his game characters to the maximum level. From his general knowledge of gaming, when a person gains a level they will be able to increase their abilities, and if they hit the maximum level, at the very least they will be an invincible/unrivaled existence within the game.”

Taiyou has obviously never played any of the Star Ocean games before since even at max level, the secret bosses can still wipe the party out even at max level with the best equipment in the game. XD