Chapter 30: Boss Gorilla

Kotone turned her face away, and her eyes were shut. Her face was flushing in heat and it was a really bewitching look of a girl who was resolute, Taiyou’s heart was throbbing like crazy with a dokun (heartbeat sfx).

And as if he was given one final push over the edge, the triplets both from the left and the right were nestled/snuggling really close to him. One person was fixing Kotone’s hair, the other person was taking off her blazer type uniform and exposing her chest.

Dokun, Dokun, Dokun……….. (Sfx heartbeats)

His heartbeat was growing louder by the moment, and he felt like at any moment, his heart would just dash out of his mouth.

His throat dries up and becomes raspy and the root of his tongue also felt really dry, it was that kind of feeling.

And, the blood stream of his whole body converges at a particular place, and a sweet aching starts.


He whispers into her ears, and he raises the forelock that drifts over her forehead gently.

The moment Taiyou’s hand touched her, Kotone’s body quivered. (Sfx bikun =tremble) At the same time a hot passionate breath leaks from her mouth, she appears to be completely・・・・・prepared.

Just like that, Taiyou, brings his face closer to the breasts which were bared open by the sisters.

「No matter how you see it, this is going overboard!」


Because of the sudden interruption, the sweet atmosphere we just had was completely blown away. Taiyou who got the hugest surprise of his life, so much that his heart seemed like it could pop out, immediately separated from Kotone and stood straight up.

When he turned around, what he saw was the appearance of a girl with a twin tail with a crimson face and an angry expression.

「Certainly I gave you some space so that you guys can talk it out, however it’s not like you guys can just do whatever the hell you want, alright?! I don’t really care that you guys were acting out some sort of rape play in the middle of the day and outdoors for that matter! But please think of the timing! 」

「Ah, Uuu…….I mean… That iss……I’m sorry」

Yurikago was furious as she gave him an extremely menacing look, and Taiyou apologized meekly. When he looked back at it, what he was about to do here was probably a really bad decision.

He was currently on the Ohashi Bridge, which was an important traffic route between the two towns: Hirohise and Seikasono. Even during midnight, it would not be weird to see passer-bys or a car passing through.

And even if it was a little bit away, they were still quite close to the entrance. Taiyou could only shiver at the thought that people would find him at the crime of such a love scene.

「Geez! this is why virgins are……You better remember to control you lower body and rein it in a little, alright?!」

「Aiya……I am ashamed」

「Good grief, if I knew that you guys were acting out such a cheap love scene, I would have just left you here without helping you」


When the word help was said, he suddenly remembered.

「Incidentally, why were you with the girls?」

「You are slow in remembering such things!」

Yurikago had an astounded look on her face.

「Just now you guys entered into your own fantasy worlds, and was about to act out on your sexual desires 」

「That is our fault」(Kotone Speaking)

「When we met him we were just so happy」(Suzune Speaking)

「That’s why it just flowed that way」(Kazane Speaking)

「I don’t really blame you guys for it」 (Yurikago Speaking)

Yurikago was quite lenient with the girls and this time it was Taiyou’s turn to be completely astonished.

「Hey you, aren’t you going to become the Harem king?」

「That is…..」

「What? Do you plan on throwing away these girls? 」

「No, that won’t happen. I plan to take responsibility for them until the end」

Taiyou asserted confidently.

Although even now, they still haven’t sealed the deal, but in his heart it was already a done deal.  In this case, it was natural for him to want to take responsibility.


「Are you telling……The truth? 」

「Responsibility………Responsibility…..」 (Kazane is going crazy~)

The three sisters were reacting to Taiyou’s words. Kazane seemed to reach some sort of conclusion in her own mind, and thinking about that “something” made her cheek blush red.

「Ahh, I am serious. Right now—」


Before Taiyou was able to finish his sentence, Yurikago cuts him off with a voice that seemed shocked.

「That kind of behavior is not allowed. Listen up, if you really want to become a Harem King, then go look and learn from the wild animals of the jungle, got it?」

「Why animals?」

「Amongst humans there are a lot of cheating males, especially those males that are good at spouting sweet words」

Taiyou somehow remembers about Sakura.

「What I mean is you should look at animals for a good example of things.  The male of the animal in a polygamy fights it’s enemy’s and takes full responsibility, the wives of the pack are completely defended, got it? If you look at a lion or gorilla this will become obvious」

「Hee (is that so?)」

「From here on, you will be taking the position of defending these girls. Although it’s fine if you want to spout words of love, but pay attention to your surroundings when you pledge your love. If you are completely absorbed with them, and forget to be mindful of your surroundings, you could be easily taken out by the enemy and your pack could be annihilated in one fell swoop, isn’t that just utterly stupid? 」


Taiyou nods. He thought that the word Yurikago spoke had some sense in them.

Taiyou along with the three sisters and Yurikago all moved under the bridge. He was met with the still fainted Sakura, and for some reason a Shirokiyami who was hitting the walls and beating it up.

Six people except for Sakura was standing in a circle.

「And so, why was it that you were with the three girls?」

After calming down, Taiyou re asked the question to Yurikago again. When he did ask her, Yurikago had an expression which said “You are so slow to ask such things” as she stared at him, maybe it was because of her straight forward personality, but she didn’t actually say the words and just proceeded to advance with the story.

「I heard information from a source that both you and that white girl was planning on destroying the 『Blood Soul』Plan. And when I knew about the three girls being targeted, I thought I would take the liberty of bringing them along before they became hostages」

「By the way, I know you said this a little while ago but what is this 『Blood Soul』you mentioned that it was a plan of some sort?」

「That’s right, 『Blood Soul Plan』. It is the name of the research being advanced under Junishima’s clan present master for the next term.

「Research? You mean about that longevity? 」

「That is precisely the case, it’s the research about being able to achieve perpetual youth」

Yurikago was saying this with a snort before she continued.

「You, how much of this plan are you aware of?」

「It is from her–」

He glanced at Sakura.

「—-I’ve heard about the story from Sakura, apparently it is a research about beauty. What was it again……..Eternally Little? She said something about making use of them and advancing the research」

After saying that, this time he turned his gaze towards the three sisters. The three girls bowed their heads, and nodded in assent.

「That’s about right, however that is not all there is to it」

「What do you mean?」

「What are they using the Eternally little for? Or why are they using the Eternally Little? Those questions have yet to be answered. You think to think more deeply about the meaning of those questions」

「Eternally little………」

「When they pass the age of ten, these females, their growth and aging stops」

Shirokiyami mentions this in a mutter.

「That’s right. Moreover the Eternally Little only consists of females, thus they want to research it, and find out the cause for their non-aging and by solving it, they hope to achieve perpetual beauty—」

「Perpetual youth, don’t they feel out of place if they never grow old?」

Yurikago stares at Taiyou even more intensely.

Although Taiyou had a momentary mind blank, the idea caught up with him after taking another breath.

「—-Is it immortality they seek?」

「That is correct」

Yurikago nods.

「Ahh, of course the thing about achieving beauty is also not a lie. But under the pretense of making a woman beautiful, they are able to officially garner more attention and thus make more money from it. Also from a technical point of view, the latter is essentially perennial youth…..and it is more feasible to achieve this than unlocking an immortality gene. That’s why they are doing this, I mean if things go well than they may also unlock immortality, either way they get huge benefits, that’s how it is」

「So that’s what this is about….」

「More like, it is a mystery to me how you did not arrive to this conclusion by yourself much sooner」

「No… Well if you didn’t explain it to me in this way, there would have been plenty of different ways to infer their motives, right? 」

Taiyou says this with a bitter smile on his face. He felt like he just came out of a quiz in which he was given so many hints, before he could solve it.

「Yeah, it is an absurd thing」


「I’m saying that all this research about trying to achieve immortality is just an absurd proposition. In the first place, how many brilliant researchers in the past history have failed to come up with the answer to immortality? 」

「Well I suppose that is true, But this time around, it would seem that they are getting quite close and it can be said that it is no longer an impossible feat to achieve. From a theoretical stand point….I can’t say I know much about the Eternally Little but if such a human being does truly exist, although achieving immortality is one thing, advancing in the research of obtaining perpetual youth seems quite likely」

「Fun(exhales). Tell me, if you girls were to achieve that state of perpetual beauty what would you think? 」


「For example those three, if they were able to continuously keep up their current faces and not age, whilst you alone become an old grandfather, what would you think?」

「That is…..」

Taiyou became vacant as he looked at the three sisters, and he imagined such a scenario in his head.

He imagined himself going out of school and entering the society, and pursuing a normal job for himself. And the companion which stood next to him, doesn’t change at all and their appearance remains that of a young girl.

He was imagining that kind of spectacle.

「That is….」

At first he thought, it was considerably good, but then a sense of incompatibility gradually dawned on him.

Something would be weird. But what would be out of place? He didn’t really know the clear answer to that question.

――――2015/04/08 Post Scripts―――――――――――――――――――――――

Memo at the time of the 30th Chapter



【Main Abilities】

Strength: 30

Charm: 65535

Popularity: 0

Skill: Long distance immunity

Fighting Power: 5 (According to Shirokiyami)

【Main Properties】

A debt of about 11 million yen (+one million yen)

An annoying Fairy (Virgin?)

A broken Smart phone

One room apartment


Kotone, Suzune, Kazane



Shirokiyami (An evil god, Fighting Power: 139)

Miyagi Aoba

Junishima Sakura

【People who can see Hera】

Hayakawa: Kotone, Suzune, Kazane


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