Chapter 301: Pat Pat


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Here, Taiyou-san, please hydrate yourself.”


Kazane extended a sports drink with a straw in it from the passenger seat. Though small in stature, her appearance was none other than a modest wife. Nodding coolly as he leaned in to put his mouth on the straw from the driver seat, Taiyou also looked like he had achieved the presence of a husband…Well, if it weren’t for his feet hurriedly pedalling.

“But wow, this pedal is in a super easy-to-reach area. Although I probably couldn’t pedal while sprawled over.”

“That’s apparently a recumbent type.”


As he turned to the side, he saw Kazane searching with her smartphone, sport drink placed to the side.

“Yes, they’re like large-scale bikes that allow you to relax your back while riding them.”

“Ohhh, come to think of it, I’ve seen them around town once in a blue moon. I’m guessing they’re pretty major overseas?”

“Umm…Yes, that seems to be the case.”

“Yeah, I thought so. Cause everyone I saw riding those things were foreigners.”

“And then we have, birdmen? Apparently, those human-powered aircrafts are made in a similar way.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen those on television before. Makes a lot of sense.”

Interesting, thought Taiyou to himself as he continued pedalling down the public road. He glanced at the other girls. Kazane was next to him, having swapped seats with Kotone behind her, and then Suzune, who was eager to join him for her turn. The act of powering a car with girls on it had some sort of sexual stimulation to it.

“Taiyou-san, it seems that we’d come out near the ocean if you took a left up ahead.”

Kotone said. She also had her phone out, acting as their navigator.

“Ocean? You girls wanna see it?”


The three sisters said all at once. It was late autumn, so the sea breeze might be a bit cold on the skin, but if that was what they wanted, then it was unavoidable. Taiyou cut to the left with the handle at the intersection. From between the buildings, the endlessly outstretched form of the ocean’s water horizon showed itself. The blue sea sparkled with the reflecting rays of the sun. All of a sudden, the three sisters were even more excited.

“Amazing! We’re at the ocean, at the ocean!”

“So bright!”

“Hey, there’s something resembling a ferry over there.”

“The ocean, eh? Maybe I should have Youran make another one of these vehicles in ferry form.”

“That sounds interesting!”

“But but, are you sure that a normal ferry wouldn’t suffice?”

“Mhm, it would be best to have one that has rooms for everyone to ride on.”

“Yeah, I feel like she also had one of those…Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if she had a private jet.”

“””Private jet?”””

“Try searching ‘private jet’.”

The three sisters all began searching as soon as Taiyou said that.

“So cool, this is like a living room, and there’s even a sofa.”

“No, this one’s cool, Koto-chan. It’s like a dining hall.”

“Not even close, Suzu-chan. Look at this and how the surface area is wider than the furniture.”

“Well boys really do like these types of transportation with rooms and everything. Every so often I think about using these to go on trips.”

“Trips…That’s great!”

“Hey hey, Youran-chan had a ferry, right? And that ferry even had a car inside of it, right?”

“Yeah, a wagon- no, I think even a bus could enter it?”

“And I bet if we rode in a vehicle with rooms, it would be super fun to do a lap around the world.”

“Cross the ocean, embark on land with the car and see various places, and then get back in the ship and go to the next country.”

“That seriously excites me.”

“Yeah, that’s a rad idea.”

Taiyou and the three sisters talked about exciting ideas as he drove. They were trying to imagine in in their heads as they discussed it. Just the thought of everyone travelling together aroused their excitement.

“Kaza-chan, it’s about time to switch.”


It was now time to switch seats, and Kazane moved to the back seat while Suzune sat in her place. Halted by the traffic light, the car stopped. As if taking advantage of the movement, Suzune pressed in on Taiyou’s shoulders. She seemed quite thrilled to do so. Well, not just her. Kotone and Kazane looked pretty happy as well from the rear view mirror. Even at times like these, the three of them shared their pleasure.

Taiyou reached out, brushing Suzune’s lower chin area. Suzune twisted in a ticklish manner, and Kotone and Kazane let out a “mm…” sound. Firmly patting her head, Taiyou ran his fingers through her hair. The girls loved having their heads being firmly patted, just enough to where their scalp was being pressed against.

A sweet atmosphere enveloped the car. The flushed faces of the girls emitted pheromones, filling the car. Being a young man, of course, Taiyou wasn’t able to remain unmoved. Though he was only patting her head, he also began to feel a slight arousal.

“Ah…why have you stopped?”

“Well, the signal turned green.”

“Oof…such a shame.”

“Haha, but we’ll continue this later.”

Taiyou said as he laughed, lightly pounding her head. Suzune and the others seemed disappointed, but said nothing in particular. In this sequence of events, they all had an unspoken understanding: saying that they would do something later was not just a spur of the moment; they all loved skinship, so if they said it would happen later then it seriously would.

At every coming signal during the drive, he continued to pat each of the three sisters’ heads as they took turns in the passenger seat.



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