Chapter 302: Payback


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Editor: ryunakama

Taiyou was sitting on the wharf with Kazane on his lap, listening to the sound of the waves. Kazane was pressing herself against him, letting Taiyou pamper her.

“If people see us like this…”


“They might think we’re father and daughter.”

“No way. Brother and sister at most. I don’t look nearly that old.”

“But doesn’t it look that way when you do this with Kohaku?”


Taiyou made a small wry smile, recalling Kohaku. Being an Eternal Little, she was over eighty years old, but her outward appearance had stopped at ten years. That wasn’t just for her height. Her stature, skin tone, and her mannerisms were all that of a typical ten year old. Even just looking at her sitting down without saying anything, everyone who saw her would have no choice but to say that she looked like a young girl. She enjoyed being pampered by Taiyou and sitting on his lap.

“Yeah, with her we definitely look like father and daughter.”

“I wonder why?”

“Probably because she knows her facial expressions. Her height is about the same as yours, but she is seriously good at making that unique cherubic expression.”

“Yes, that makes sense.”

“…Although nobody realizes how erotic she really is.”

“She’s erotic?”

“Yeah. For example, when she sits on my lap like this, she makes really childish facial expressions, right?”


“Well, in this position with that sort of facial expression, she nuzzles me under my chin with the top of her head.”

“Uhh, like this?”

Hearing Taiyou’s explanation, Kazane attempted to replicate it. It was like a kitten was rolling around while being pampered.

“Pretty much spot-on. Now…all you have to do is act like we’re in bed together.”

“…Oh, I see.”

Kazane expressed her understanding by changing the rhythm of her movement. In an instant, the atmosphere shifted from that of a brother and sister to the obscene air of a couple. It wasn’t so much her movement that had changed as it was the glamorous aura emanating from Kazane’s body. It was enough to knock out a virgin in one hit.

“So like this?”

“Right. And do it with a childlike, cherubic face.”

Taiyou said, showing Kazane his smartphone after taking a picture of her. Her eyes in the picture appeared intoxicated, like she was in heat. Of course, this wasn’t a bad thing. They were in the midst of enjoying a good bit of flirtation. Which was why she was bewildered.

“That’s what Kohaku-san is like?”


“That’s crazy…”

“Yeah, it’s from all the experience she’s built up…After all, the wisdom of age includes all the good things as well.”

While listening to the sound of the waves, the two of them engaged in conversation. The autumn sea breeze was a bit cold on the skin, as anticipated, but with their bodies exchanging warmth, it was more like their bodies and hearts had increased in warmth.

“Hey, look! There’s a lolicon over there.”

All of a sudden, there was an unpolished voice breaking into their world. Taiyou raised his head and looked for the source of the voice, seeing a group of two men and a woman standing there. None of them were all that far off from Taiyou and Kazane’s age, but for the men, from their tone to their walking to their clothes, everything was shallow. The woman was in a more relaxed appearance, but had a shallow expression on her face all the same.

“You’re right! This dude’s a lolicon.”

“This stuff’s a crime right here. High-schoolers being lolicons are way worse than old men who are lolicons.”

“Yeah, super unhealthy.”

The men said to each other, coming his way. Kazane looked sullen and started to stand up, but Taiyou pushed her back down.


“Let’s go. Where are Kotone and Suzune?”

“I called them just now. They will return shortly.”

“Let’s get out of here once they get back.”

They said while waiting for the other two to return, focusing on ignoring the men. The two men were fairly perplexed at how neither of them were reacting. When the woman gave them a look, the two of them spoke again.

“Lolicons are just no good, y’know? But what’s really no good is how they always end up throwing away the females.”

“Right, right. They’re pretty much treated like old women when they get into middle school.”

“But what you really wanna say is that you’re more like an old geezer, yeah?”

They sneered at them, but there was still no response. That was when Kotone and Suzune came back. Now, all three of the mismatching triplets were gathered, sharing the same face but being different sizes. Noticing this, the men flinched for an instant, but soon resumed hurling abusive words at them.

“Oi oi, what’s that, Kintaro Candy (**cylindrical candy made so that Kintaro’s face appears wherever it is sliced**) ?”

“Not even close, man. They’re like those figures with different sizes that you see at windows. Window something?”

“…Let’s go.”

Now that everyone was here, Taiyou pushed the shoulders of the angry triplets and made to head out.

“You’re freakin’ disgusting.”


The woman murmured. At that very moment, the fire of anger was lit in Taiyou. He turned back, glaring at the woman. Her smooth face was twisted in a sneer.

“Right? Creepy.”

“The hell’s that? Their DNA get all screwed up?”

The men spoke likewise, sneering at the three sisters. Taiyou walked casually up to the men.


He blocked out the puzzled sound of the three sisters behind him.

“Oh? What, what? You wanna go—-mph”

“We won’t lose to a frickin’ lolico—-ugh”​

Their words were interrupted mid-speech. Expressionless, Taiyou kicked the ground and charged at the two men, grabbing hold of their faces. He tightened them in a vice, gripped them, and lifted them up. The men grabbed Taiyou’s wrist, struggling with their feet.

“Was it you?”

“Wh-What do you—-”

“Did you say that just now?”

The movement of the pinned men stopped for an instant. Their eyes burst wide open, their faces glazed with fear. They were scared stiff by Taiyou’s cold, penetrating voice.


Taiyou proceeded to pump power into his hands. Creak, groan, snap. He felt the sensation and heard the sound of the bone from their faces cracking.


“Isn’t…Iz isn’t…”

Crumpled on the ground, the two men writhed in agony. As they did so, Taiyou kicked them into the ocean, turning next to the woman. His anger had only increased.

“Wh-What…What do you want?”

“You said it first, yeah?”


“You said that these girls are disgusting before anyone else, didn’t you?”

“S-So what?”

She glared at him even though it was her fault.


It was enough to make him seethe with anger to the point where simply hitting her or cracking her bones would not suffice. Sure, the men had jeered at them, but that was ultimately because the woman had instructed them to do so and they had sprung at the opportunity so as to please her. It was obvious just by watching them. This woman was the root of all this toxicity. As he thought that, his anger intensified.

“I won’t forgive you.”

“Wh-Who cares if you don’t? What are you gonna do about it–?”


What was he going to do about it? Taiyou repeated the question to himself. When it came to “doing” something about it, the question had shifted inside his head to “What was the best way to make this woman suffer?”. Soon, he collected his thoughts. Taiyou approached the woman, lifting her up by the collar. And just like that, he stole her lips. Behind him, he heard a shriek that was rather uncharacteristic of the three sisters.



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