Chapter 31:  The Unconscious Princess

「Well, If you don’t really know the answer, than it’s fine. The three girls aren’t classified as the Eternally Little, besides I’m going to crush that plan without fail. The thing I said about them being perpetually young won’t happen anyways, so don’t worry about it」

「………You plan to crush them? Wasn’t it your plan to just give me the vital information? 」

Though Taiyou feels caught up in Yurikago’s words, this only lasted momentarily.

「Ahh is that so? You want to leak out the information to me so that I will be your 『Means』of destroying them」

「That’s right, allow me to tell you that “using” you is just a『means』, the 『objective』is to completely destroy the plan/project 」

「Is that so? I understand」

Taiyou nods, on the contrary Yurikago who had so easily persuaded Taiyou to accept her proposition of making use of him was really bewildered.

「What? Are you just going to let me make use of you? 」

「Yea, I am」

「Are you really alright with that Taiyou-san?」

One of the triplets next to him, interjected in the conversation. Their faces were filled with surprise towards Taiyou, and towards Yurikago it was a mix of distrust and antipathy.

「It’s fine」

「But, didn’t she just say that she was just using you?」

「Moreover we don’t really know the true colors of this person」

「I think it’s too dangerous to trust her」

「……..I understand where you guys are coming from」

「In that case—」

「However, for the time being, our 『Objectives』coincide with each other. And the most important thing is that, her 『Means』to accomplish that objective, includes the plan to protect you girls from harm」

「After all, that is just one of my 『means』So depending on the situation, that may change in the future」

「I know, but protecting the girls will put you in the least riskiest scenario, right? In other words, it will be your most preferred method/means」

「That is not exactly the case, it is better to say that this plan will be the easiest to settle later on」

「That is exactly why your 『objectives』are in line with mine」

「Well, I suppose that seems to be the case」

Yurikago acceded to the statements and stopped arguing. After silencing her, Taiyou continued to talk to the triplets again.

「It’s just like you heard, at the very least she plans on keeping you guys away from danger………The “means” she has in mind and the “objective” that I have are the same. Therefore, even if we join hands I think that it should be fine」


「The enemy of your enemy, is not really your ally but you can at least make use of them…..Recently I heard such a saying which I thought applies to our situation right now. I also endorse such an idea. Going according to such an idea I feel like I can trust her……No have confidence that I can trust her」


The triplets just listened, whilst floating a worried expression.

The three sisters had a face that seemed to want to say something. They don’t completely accept Taiyou’s reasoning, but at the same time, they don’t want to blatantly voice out their complaints.

Looking at their faces, Taiyou thought that at least for now, this plan was adequate.

And once again, he faced Yurikago

「That’s how it is」

「Yea, I got it. Even so, both you and I may be more similar than I thought」

「I’m hoping that we can get along…..At the very least until this particular case is settled」

「In that regards, I am the same」

「Well, let’s go over the more concrete details, shall we? Not about the content of the information. …….But, I want to know, what is the plan you have in store for me? 」

「I want you to come along with me, and steal information」

Yurikago’s pupils were shining with fire as she said those words, she was like a carnivorous animal that was eyeing her prey.

At night, the hands of the clock were about to face up.

Taiyou and Yurikago was in a town called Gyoushika Gouroku. Gyoushika was a town that existed on the borders of Seikasono town, and in between the towns there was a mountain called Mt. Futagoyama Mountain which spanned over 100 meters in height.

They were near the research facility that was in Gyoushika.  The two people were in a building that was able to oversee the research facility from a long distance away.

Right now Taiyou was accumulating experience points by taking of his coat and putting back on again. Next to him, Hera was silently watching over him.

He didn’t know what to expect from here on out, so he thought that he should continue to raise his abilities even if only a little.

Although there was only Yurikago with him right now, he was actually raising his level in front of her. In more normal circumstances, he would never do such an action in front of others, however, just this once he thought that it was necessary in order to accomplish his objectives.

「Although this may be trivial of me to ask, is there any significance to your current actions?」

「I’m getting stronger」

Yurikago was just staring at him in silence for a while but, she finally got curious enough to ask him what he was doing.

Taiyou responded to her question in a joking tone.

「Kung fu?」

「That’s right」

「…….You, do you actually think that something you watched in some anime could be applied to real life? 」

「Why do you reach such a conclusion?」

「Well, I mean it seems that you aren’t able to distinguish between reality and make believe」

「I can distinguish! I’m just a normal person! I’m not crazy enough to think that doing this will actually teach me Kung Fu」

「Then why are you doing such a thing?」

「……….It’s for my mental concentration. When I do this, I can settle down my feelings easier and focus」

Taiyou took a deep breath and answered her.

This was not a complete lie, gathering experience did in fact have that calming effect on Taiyou. Piling up enough experience in order to gain a level and increase his stats. For Taiyou this was the ultimate form of mind and soul healing.

Of course, he didn’t mention the fact that this action was just a small part of the truth.

「Well, If that’s the case then I won’t stop you」

「……..Are the girls, okay you think? 」

「Those three girls?」


Taiyou takes of his coat whilst nodding.

In this place, neither Shirokiyami nor the three sisters were here. Yurikago gave the idea/proposition to entrust the three sisters with Shirokiyami.

「They should be fine, after all that woman is guarding them」

「That girl, is she really that amazing?」

「More so than amazing, from what I know, if you compare her amongst her peers within the same generation, without a doubt she is the world’s strongest in her field of work」


「For real」

「Then why did we separate from her? I mean if she truly is the world’s strongest, shouldn’t we include her as part of our war potential in this plan? 」

「After all she is still in her teens. …..She is not easily controlled. If we give her simple orders she will be able to accomplish it without fail, but for her to follow more complex details, her judgment in the scene in important moments aren’t exactly the best. In the end, she is just one really strong person」

「……..Is it like an NPC? 」

Taiyou was able to come up with this image after hearing Yurikago’s explanation. In the games Taiyou often played, there were plenty of NPC with similar characteristics…..Whilst they were indeed extremely strong, the player could not have direct access to them and they could only cooperate automatically. Though they are far stronger than the player character, their movements are usually dictated by a computer and as such they are unable to make the best decisions when the situation becomes overly complex.

Yurikago’s explanation was quite short, but when he thought about Shirokiyami’s personality, he was becoming more convinced that this would be the case for her.

「If we think about what we are trying to accomplish here, I believe your abilities will be much more convenient for this plan. Furthermore, you seem to think like me, so it will be easier to set things in motion」

「I understand」

Taiyou nods, if that was the case, then he definitely agrees.

Whilst he was continuing to accumulate his experience points, this time around, he was the one to ask Yurikago a question.

「Hey, who on earth are you exactly?」


「Yeah, To begin with, what is your real name? Yurikago is obviously a fake name right? It’s not your conventional type of name, besides it sounds like a stage name that you thought up on the spot. If your name was Youran the way in which you would write cradle/basket, then even that would make more sense than Yurikago」

「Isn’t fine to leave it as Yurikago? If you don’t know about my real name, is there going to be some sort of a problem? 」

「I don’t really mind whatever name you choose, but I still want to know about your true colors. If until the last moment I still don’t know your real intentions, when there comes a time for me to make a decision about whether or not to trust you, it will become that much harder to believe in you」

「Is that so?…..Well when that situation comes, do what you must, isn’t it fine that way? And if you were placed in a situation where you need to make such a decision, even if you knew my true colors how would that change anything regardless?」


Taiyou nods and without changing his tone of speaking he continued.

「Well even if you don’t tell me, I think I have a general idea of who you are」

「What did you say?」

「Ahh, you don’t have to be that vigilant, I don’t really know anything major about you. I simply think that you must be an Ojousama (young lady) of some rich family.

「………Why do you think that? 」

「It’s your atmosphere」

Taiyou was still performing his fluid series of movements of picking up his coat right after dropping it to the ground, when he pointed at Yurikago.

「Since we met in the Ohashi Bridge up till now, your appearance has been consistent. I suppose it can be described as someone who seems “resilient”」

「Isn’t it because of the way I speak? And the fact that my eyes are always narrowed. Even I am conscious of such things」

「Well that is also true but……Well the thing about your eyes being narrowed is not really true……but beside the point. I am talking more about your upper-body」

「My upper-body?」

Yurikago’s glance drops to her own body, after that she quickly hides her own breasts and glares at Taiyou. Her cheek slightly blushed, it was like she noticed that Taiyou was seeing her girlish parts for the first time.

「No, it’s not about your boobs」

Taiyou quietly points it out. The reason he didn’t give her a loud retort was because he found the peculiar aspect of Yurikago that he was about to say quite pleasant.

「Your back….No, it’s probably better for me to say your muscles along the spine. When I look at your posture it’s almost as if you swallowed down some sort of pole, and with that pinned to the ground you have a really nice posture. Even when you stand up or if you sit down, even whilst you are walking, you always have a good posture…..always」 (TL: I guess he is implying that a girl from a rich family always stands tall because of the etiquette they were taught when growing up)

After hearing Taiyou explanation, Yurikago slowly relaxes and lowers her hands from hiding her breasts, but she was still keeping a vigilant look on her face.

Taiyou felt that his guess hit right on the mark.

Having a stable proper posture is how a good girl would have been brought up, her tone of voice, expressions and other mannerisms in which she conducts herself does not seem to be made up. However she also seems to have a wild side to her personality mixed in. Taiyou was becoming increasingly interested in knowing her true colors.


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