Chapter 312 – Shopping Together


Translator: Ranzan
Editor: ryunakama

「This is it.」

Taiyou took a step into the club. A cold, unique smell of air conditioning and cigarettes struck his nose.

In the store, everyone started looking at him.

The reason was the loli baba that was hanging from his arm, walking with him. They were a strange couple tossed amidst the racket that these kids were making.

Kohaku looked like a girl of 10 years, but she put off a very strong presence.

「Everyone’s looking at you like crazy…just like my husband to attract such attention.」

「No, I think they’re all looking at you.」

「I don’t think I could have all the girls’ faces stuck on me like they do to you…you’re the center of attention.」

「That’s a smooth way to say it.」

Taiyou made a pained smile, and then composed himself.

He looked over the place and quickly found his objective.

There was a strange presence among the youngsters having fun.

The had a presence about them and also radiated strength.

「There they are.」

Kohaku said.

The two headed to the group together.

At the table in the farthest part of the room from the door, three boys were sitting. Taiyou stood before the table and looked down at them.

「Who the hell are you?」

The guy on the left said, suspiciously, while giving off a natural hostility.

「You got a thick skull.」

「What? What are you tryin’ to say?」

「I have something to tell you, come here a second.」

「Or rather, we have something to ask, right, Taiyou?」

「What the hell are you talkin’ about?」

「Get out of here with that girl, punk!」


All three of them glared at him with harsh words and an angry look.

Taiyou glared right back at them all.

The marble table in front of them went crack and split.

Crack, crumble, crumble.

He pulled back his open hand, and the table crumbled into peices before them.

The boys appearances changed completely.

They were shaken…and afraid.

All the others around backed up like a ripple spreading over a lake.

Their enthusiastic mood was replaced by cold silence.

「I have something to ask you. Could I talk to you a second?」

「…speak here.」

The boy in the center silently said.

「All of these others are my crew…if they hear it they won’t get angry.」

「Ok, then I’ll tell you straight. Could you leave this town, now?」


「What the hell did you say?!」

Clank, the boys on the left and right stood suddenly, and everyone else was talking amongst themselves as well.

「I won’t ask how, you can do it on your own, you can move your whole base. But I want you to leave Oritachi, Seikaen, and Gohroku.」

「You bastard…」

The guy on the left suddenly went to grab Taiyou’s collar.

「Too slow.」

A sudden strike.

Taiyou’s uppercut struck the guy in the chin.

He was lifted off the ground.

「Oooh, he went right through the ceiling, Taiyou! Just like my husband!」


The right guy now followed with a punch.

Taiyou slid away and punched the guy in the side of the face.

He spun in the air like a windmill.

Donka crassshhhhhh! The guy fell straight into the remains of the table.

The two guys were down in an instant, and everyone around was shouting. Everyone in the store scurried away from Taiyou like spiders.

There were only 10 or so left inside.

They all looked hostile and were glaring at Taiyou.

On the other hand, Kohaku was latched on to Taiyou calmly, and began to speak,

「There’s a lot that decided to hang around.」

「This is how much we expected from the beginning, right?」

「Yeah, but I thought they’d ALL run away. They’d be scared of how violent you are, husband.」

「Don’t call me violent…that word hurts me.」

「Then maybe you should call yourself Mr. Tyrant? Hello, he’s Mr. Tyrant everyone!」

「Don’t come up with weird jokes, Kohaku.」

Taiyou said with a pained smile. Since Kohaku and his conversation was comical, they seemed calm and composed. This made the people around them even angrier.

All of them glared at Taiyou at even a more intense level.

「So you’re the leader?」

He turned and address the one seated youth behind the broken table.

「I see. So you’re thinking you can beat us all alone.」

「There are two of us.」

「You don’t need to count the little girl.」


Kohaku’s eyes shimmered. Taiyou wondered what was making her so happy, but ignored her for now.

Then he turned and told the youth once more.

「I’ll say it again. You need to leave this town.」

「Sorry, I can’t do that.」

「No matter what?」

「No matter what.」

The youth said clearly.

「I see, well, then I have no choice. I have to force you out.」


The youth put out his hands and cracked his knuckles.

That instant, inside the store and out, there was a wave of people.

It seemed that the amount of people in the store multiplied.

「Well, well, more like 40 now.」

「Seems like quite a few stayed.」

「What will you do, Taiyou?」

「Just step away from me, Kohaku.」

「hee hee…」

She happily continued to cling on to him.

Her body clung to him as if to say that even if he told her to leave, she would ignore him.

「Stop messing with us!」

Taiyou could see a silent flame of anger burn in the eyes of the leader.

It burned, but Taiyou didn’t move a muscle.



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