Chapter 313 – Loli-Baba


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「These guys don’t listen to sense.」

Kohaku said as she continued to cling on to Taiyou.

「No need for them to listen to sense. In order to clean this town up, I need to make this place a safe area for others to live. That’s all I really need to do.」

「You’re right, and since I’ve got front row seats to this event, you better show me an impressive scene of your bravery, husband.」

「Thanks for the support.」

Taiyou said, and looked around him.

Just a few dozen minutes ago, the place was alive with conversation, but now it had descended into shouts and screams. Almost all of those he had beaten down still had their consciousness, and because of that, their shouts still rang out.

「Since I beat up about 30 of these guys alone, it seems that I can’t be beat by anyone. Was that enough of a show for you?」

「Hm, a little less than expected. If you couldn’t be beaten by anyone, I’d expect you to kick at least 100 guys’ asses first.」

「I don’t understand your standards – the numbers you come up with don’t make any sense.」

Taiyou made a pained smile. He couldn’t do anything about the number of enemies she had expected.

Since he had beaten everyone that had come at him, the rest lost their will to fight, but he still went after all of them and kicked their asses as well.

Even with all the unrelated people in the store from the beginning, there was never more than 50 people there.

There was no way he could impress Kohaku with 100.

「Here, you guys. Can you shadow clone yourselves? If you can clone three shadows for each of you then my husband will finally be able to beat my expectations.」

「Don’t ask for so much. Who the hell makes a shadow clone just so someone can thrash it?」
「Well, then, my standards were all for nothing.」


Taiyou tilted his head in confusion. What the hell kind of standards was she talking about?

「Yes, standards that live up to last night, when I practiced thinking “Man, my husband is strong” after you fought like a juggernaut. Now it all seems to be for nothing.」

「What the hell kind of practice is that? Use your time more wisely!」

「An old woman doesn’t have much time left for other things.」

「Just the way you said that was weird.」

「What way? Ruff!」

「Please speak like a normal person.」

「Ok! Ruff!」

「That’s not normal! …are you really getting excited lately or something, Kohaku?」

「You found out. Of course. For you to be undefeatable with me clinging on…my husband truly is strong.」

「So I guess you do think I’m undefeatable.」

Even though he said it sarcastically, he still felt happy about her comment.

She said she had spent a whole night practicing, and now her words, “My husband is strong,” had a strange force to them, and it filled his heart.

Even though it was just a set phrase of hers, it really affected him.

It felt good, and he wanted to hear it over and over.

At least, that’s what he thought.

And trying to hide what he felt, he looked around the store once again.

「Well, looks like we’re done here, but I should leave a message or something.」

「Good idea. “This territory in Oritachi is all mine so I kicked the Jagado gang’s asses all myself, that way it has some appeal to it. It will help your famous name become even bigger as the rumors fly.」

「Is there a good way to tell them?」

「You can beat them until they get up, and then beat the crap out of them until they’re run out of town.」

「A little too harsh, don’t you think?」

「What are you saying, husband?」

Kohaku sneered at him.

「That’s the most basic of basic. You have to do something practical, high class, legendary like that or else.」

「A little scary though…and just in case I didn’t get it…what’s practical about it?」

「Well, it’s…practical…」

She beckoned him closer and Taiyou leaned in, She whispered and told him.

She nodded, and just after that she said to him in a loud voice…as if she wanted the others to hear.

「If you want my second best plan, then you can play whack-a-mole. Until you get these guys out of town, you just beat them up as you find them, and keep going until they all run away.」

「You’re mixing moles with gangsters.」

But, Taiyou did think this was a pretty good plan.

He thought and nodded, and after hearing Kohaku’s words, the gangsters all around him reacted with an Eeek!

Not out of pain, but out of fear.

It was just as Kohaku planned, so he thought it worked well.

「Well, then let’s get out of here.」

「Sure, let’s go to the next group of thugs’ place.」

Kohaku looked over the store and laughed.


Even though she looked so young, she still gave off a very powerful erotic feel, and said,

「When we do find the thugs, if you see one you have to beat three of them, okay?」

Taiyou was taken aback. That erotic feel.

All of the thugs around crawled away, in fear.

Eroticism and fear, and able to command both at the same time.

The loli-baba, eternal little.

Kohaku Azumaya.

And again, with her awesomeness filling Taiyou’s eyes, she turned to him and he said,

「You’re really something, Kohaku.」

「You should think before you say that line to me.」

「It’s not a line. The way you say it, how threateningly, it’s just how I feel.」

「Hm? What do you mean?」

「Maybe, you’re not doing it intentionally?」

「Hm…I guess the erotic threatening was done purposefully.」


She said it so calmly, as Taiyou grimaced again.


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