Chapter 318: Discourse Between Sisters


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

After hanging up, Taiyou took a deep breath. That was when Kohaku flung herself onto him.


“Perhaps ye should call everyone right now, lad.”

“Eh? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Call everyone and have them go someplace fun, that is, ja.”

“But it’s already midnight.”

“Then a hotel is a good idea, ja. A good hotel that doesn’t have the word ‘love’ attached to it. A window that spreads across the room revealing the night sky, and we have boisterous merrymaking till dawn, lad.”

“Merrymaking? I sorta wanna know, but at the same time maybe it’s best I don’t probe.”

“Well of course I meant an org—-”


He covered Kohaku’s mouth, looking around.”


Unfortunately, they had been overheard. Even more unfortunate was that they had been overheard by someone they knew. Namely, a pair of policemen. One of them was the officer who had met him several times in his former hole-digging life. The other one, he had not met before, who was a younger policeman.

The policeman that he knew averted his face. However, it wasn’t so much to avoid looking at Taiyou as it was to avoid Kohaku. He seemed to be unable to act confident around Kohaku, who he had known since he was a child. On the other hand, the new policeman didn’t know a thing about her, which was why he stepped forward to faithfully carry out his duty as an officer.

“Are you a high school student? What exactly are you doing at a time like this in a place like this?”

“Well, uhh…”

“And who’s that child next to you? Your little sister? Or maybe—-”

“Umm, you see…”

“Oi, Miyashita, give it a rest already.”

“But why, Senpai?”

The young officer replied, to which the main officer was at a loss for words. He had no answer, so the younger one asked Taiyou again.”

“What’s the issue? Is it something you can’t answer?”


“And I’m pretty sure that I heard something strange when you were talking.”

“Yeah, that was probably the part about the orgy party, ja.”



Taiyou was flabbergasted, the young officer lost anything he was about to say, and the familiar officer put a palm to his face. This truly show three different reactions for three different individuals.

“W, w-w-w-w….”

“I be having Danna-sama give me plenty o’ punishment until morning. I was planning to have the sisters come along as well and fawn over the wee lad and that be about it. Have ye a problem?”

“Did you say sisters—-”

He was about to ask what she meant by that, but Taiyou frantically covered her mouth with his hands. It took the officer a moment to process this.

“Y-y-y-y-you deviant! What were you planning to do to this young—-mgh-”

Even with the street lamps, it was easy to tell that his face was red. His superior had covered his mouth.


“Don’t mind them, don’t mind them at all. Let’s go.”


“Sorry about all that. Please do enjoy yourselves.”

“Everything good?”

“Yes! Please excuse us.”

The officer said as he dragged his junior along with him somewhere else. Taiyou breathed a sigh of relief, as he was quite bad at dealing with the police, who he couldn’t just fight to resolve things.

“Well that’s no fun, laddie. If it were just the young’un, I could’ve messed around with ‘im a bit.”

“Please don’t mess with anyone, at least when it concerns the police…”

“Then ‘ow about I rephrase this. If it were just the lad ‘ere then I would’ve bragged about ye.”

“And please don’t do that either. I’d die from embarrassment. And why would you even say things like you did outside?”

“What things?”


Taiyou grimaced, looking around and making sure that no one was listening this time around before speaking.

“You know. Orgies, sisters, etc.”


“People are creatures that are drawn in by words, so if you use that sort of language then people are gonna take it to mean just that. I like all of you and sometimes I want to love on you all together at once. But I don’t think calling it an ‘orgy’ is quite right. Not outwardly nor inwardly.”

“I see. I get the gist, ja. Then that be all the more reason for me to use the term ‘sisters’.”


“I’m sure that ye envisioned women who have slept with the same man when I said ‘sisters’.”

“Is that wrong?”

Taiyou was surprised, and Kohaku brought herself closer. She clung to his waist with her arms wrapped around him. Her body temperature seemed like it was hotter than normal.

“I just literally meant sisters, ja. I think of everyone as sisters, gathered around Taiyou with the same sentiments.”


“Not in a sexual way. I meant on an emotional level, ja.”

“I understand what you’re trying to say. But I feel like that’s exactly why we shouldn’t refer to them that way. It’ll still create misunderstandings.”

“No good, eh?”

He felt the slightest drop in the strength of her grip. She probably felt a bit down, and he felt pain wrack his chest for making her feel that way.

“W-Well, nothing wrong with saying it in the house. Not in public maybe, but as long as everyone understands the nuance then it could be fine.”

“So I can use it?”

“Yes, but not in front of strang—-mugu-”

Suddenly hugged from behind, he slouched forward. Kohaku’s lips pushed at him, and Taiyou was surprised at the sudden kiss, letting her do as she pleased.

“Thank ye, Danna-sama. I love you, ja.”


“As thanks, I would like to service ye tonight, Danna-sama. We just need to get down and dirty, lad.”

“And what might this ‘down and dirty’ imply?”

Taiyou grimaced.

“I know that ye thought one thing when hearing that phrase, but I swear it all be things that ye wouldn’t even dream of.”

“In a sense…I’m looking forward to it yet dreading it at the same time.”

“All ye need be doing is looking forward to it, laddie.”

The two of them linked arms, beginning to walk. As he felt Kohaku’s warmth, Taiyou thought about someone in the corner of his head: Orikawa Maho.



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