Chapter 322: Family Meeting


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Why just the three of us, ja?”

“Call him. I have plenty of free time.”

“And we’ll go ahead and brew some tea.”

The people who spoke in order were Kohaku, Youran, and the three sisters.

Kohaku and Youran were facing the sofa as the three sisters made a pitter patter of footsteps as they headed for the open kitchen. The person sitting on the sofa was facing them likewise and began to speak.

“It’s quite rare for you to show yourself in front of everyone. Did something happen?”

“Nothing at all. I just wanted to see your face, Master, and when I came out of my room then everyone was just there.”

“Oho? Master, eh?”

“Oh yeah, I decided to start referring to him with that title, so hopefully you’re good with that.”

“Did ye distribute maid outfits yet? If not, then can I have one, ja?”

“Kohaku-san, I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of reasons as to why you shouldn’t wear maid clothing.”

“I know, that’s exactly why I want to do it, ja. I do what maids do best and bewitch Danna-sama with me charm.”

“I’m pretty sure that idea is already bad once you start using words like ‘bewitch’.”

“I want to wear maid clothing too. I want to bewitch Taiyou-chan.”

“There’s no way we can procure any clothing for you. You’d just go right through it.”

“That is indeed true.”

Hera poked her own temporal region.

“No, there might actually be a way.”

Taiyou said, and everyone there (save one person) focused their gazes on him.

“A way? The heck you mean?”

“There has been just one exception in all the things that Hera has touched. Of course she can touch the people who I’ve kissed, but there is just one other exception.”

“And what is this so-called exception?”

“Oh c’mon, you gotta know this one.”

Taiyou grimaced, touching her damaged wings.

“Ah, you mean that katana, yes?”

“Oh, Blood Soul?”


Taiyou nodded.

“I have no clue as to how it works, but Hera was able to touch that Blood Soul sword, yeah? If we were to just clarify the principles, couldn’t we make clothing for her to wear?”

“Ohh, okay. Then hold up a sec, I’m gonna have Sakura do it.”

Youran tried getting her phone out to call her, but it didn’t seem to connect to the other side and she put it away.

“Looks to be out of range. I’ll try again later.”

“At this rate, we may as well prepare everyone’s, ja. Everyone dresses up like maids and we let Danna-sama have a taste test, ja.”

“Please be a little more careful with how you phrase things. Seriously, taste testing?”

“””Sorry to have kept you waiting. What have you been discussing?”

The three sisters returned, bringing enough black tea and bite-sized sandwiches for everyone.

“Aye, we were discussing having everyone dress up in sexy maid outfits and bewitch Danna-sama, ja.”

“Well Master is all about the erotic side of things, so I bet it’ll work.”

“””Maids, you say?”””

“When it comes to maids, Kotone and her sisters would probably fit the role the most.”

Taiyou said.

“I-Is that right?”

“Ahh, I think I might get what you’re saying.”

“Indeed. Ye young’uns would probably do well with the classic style.”

“””Eh, what do you mean by that?”””

The three sisters laughed as if protesting.

The banter tonight with the Natsuno household gathered around a low table was quite lively, but there was only one person who hadn’t spoken a word.



“What’s wrong? You’ve just been spacing out.”

“Oh, yeah, I was curious about the thing that everyone is wearing.”


“She means this, ja.”

Kohaku explained to the confused Taiyou, displaying her hand. He could see the ring on her ring finger emitting a slight glow. The same went for Youran and the three sisters. That “engagement ring” was firmly placed around their fingers.

“It seems ye have yet to receive one, lass.”


Youran looked at him in an accusatory manner, as if asking him why he was dawdling.

“Well you see, I wanted to give them to each and every one of you—-wait, didn’t I just discuss this with you, Aoba? About how Akiha rejected it.”

“Yeah, you thought about it for a while before going on a date and intended to hand it to her afterward. I know, but…”

She cut herself off before gazing at everyone’s fingers and continuing.

“But I really do feel a sense of envy when I look at them.”

“I get yer feelings, lass.”

“Yep, if something like this happened to me, I’d also—-ah, I shouldn’t continue, I feel some rage.”

“Well, yer unexpectedly emotional after all.”

“So the only people who haven’t received them are Aoba-chan and Aki-han, yes?”

“Yeah, although Akiha rejected it earlier.”

“Wow, rejected your advance?”

After a brief moment, everyone who peeked out from behind Aoba let out a chorus of “Whaaat!?”

“Master, did she seriously refuse?”

“Just what is that lass thinking?”


“She’s still…”

“Thinking about Aoba-chan…”

“Hey hey, Taiyou-chan, what do you plan to do about that?”

“What do I plan to do? Yeesh.”

Taiyou traced his face with a finger, grimacing.

“We can’t do anything about it without first determining the cause. I can at least tell that she doesn’t hate me or anything. But it feels like there’s something else amiss.”

When Taiyou said that, there was a sound from the entrance hall.

“Well, who be it?”

“Yes indeed, Aki-han has returned.”

“Aye. I recommend moving with haste, Danna-sama. Corner her while ye still have the chance.”

“Yeah, I sure will.”

Taiyou nodded.

Right after that, the living room door opened, and there stood Akiha.

“I’m hooome! Ooo, everyone’s all gathered. Fantastic!”

She was her usual self, overflowing with cheer.



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