Chapter 329: Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance


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“Remodeled Monster?”

“Where are you looking?”

Taiyou didn’t even have the time to puzzle over this as Rin pulled the trigger once again. Numerous bullets formed an irregular orbit as they flew over. Nothing like this should normally affect Taiyou, but he was astonished as he looked at the orbit.

“The heck is this? Do gun bullets normally fly like this?”

“Big Brother Bullet Edition 63. The unique rifling of the gun barrel causes the bullets it fires out to curve in various orbits in order to target opponents. The aim is dependent on air density, light density, as well as the difference in the likability between Big Brother and I.”

“What kind of crazy theory is that!?”

“Wait. I can’t just ignore that last part, dammit!”

Taiyou and Kyousuke interjected at the same time.

Rin continued to fire the bullets during that time. She changed magazines twice and fired just short of forty shots, but it had no effect whatsoever. Either Taiyou’s body would reflect them far away or Shirokiyami would hit them away.

“It’s not working, Rin.”

“Then perhaps we can test this.”

Rin said, changing the magazine again and firing.

Unlike earlier, the continuously fired bullets came straight at them. As always, Taiyou took the shots in a placid manner, and Shirokiyami brushed them away—-however…


Taiyou was shocked.

Nothing had happened to him, but the bullets that Shirokiyami had tried to brush away brightly burst open upon contact with the blade, swallowing the blade and Shirokiyami whole. Perhaps because of the effects of the bullets, scarily enough, Shirokiyami froze for an instant.

“Big Brother Bullet Edition 69. The moment it lands, it compresses the air of the whole region, forcibly expels the quantity of heat, as well as freezing the very movement of the target to the very limit indiscriminately based on how cold Big Brother is to me.”

“Don’t say disreputable things like that! When have I ever been cold toward you!?”

“If you claim that is not true, then you must bestow seed upon me, Big Brother.”

“Like hell I can do that!”


Along with an adorable shout, they heard a smashing sound. Shirokiyami had just done something to break out of the freeze.

“If it’s to the limit…all I need to do is break it.”

“How naive you are, Distant Wanderer. Those bullets were developed especially for one such as yourself.”


“Doubtless one as strong as a fiend like you could easily break through my feelings for Big Brother in an instant, but I am not so sure about that katana of yours.”


Letting out a voice of anguish, she looked at the katana that she was gripping. ‘Heaven Reversal’ was still frozen.

“I’m sure that a fiend like you is the strongest with their sword, but take that away and all you’re left with is a high school girl with supersonic speed.”


“Now then, why don’t you go ahead and allow us through? A fiend of your power cannot possibly stop me.”

“Not…finished, yet.”

Shirokiyami thrust her katana into the ground, pulling out a strand of her long hair. When she then focused energy, her flimsy looking hair tightened into straight strands.

It was like it became a long needle.

“Seriously? She can do that too…?”

“That’s a bluff. If it were actually beneficial to a battle, why not use it from the start?”

“Want to…find out?”

“Very well. I shall teach you about how fearsome and how erotic my feelings are for Big Brother within this 4 meter 37 radius area.”

Rin’s gun and Shirokiyami’s energized, weaponized hair clashed together once again. Taiyou suddenly realized that he had been left out of the loop. He approached Kyousuke, speaking to him.

“It’s my first time meeting your sister, Mikuriya, but man is she fiercer than those rumors.”

“You knew, Natsuno?”

“Is there anything I don’t know regarding the students?”

“Wow, so now we’ve just become famous for our negative points, huh?”

“You’ve got yourself quite the catch for a sister.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Kyousuke was surprised.

“In what way?”

“The way she says unashamedly that she likes you. I really think that’s great.”

“…Sure, if it stopped at ‘like’.”

Kyousuke gave a sigh.

“I have not forgotten how you used your amorous advances in order to get in the way of my ‘Sibling Fertilization Plan’ .”

“I don’t…use, amorous advances.”

“But it is true that you got in the way of us getting in bed together!”

“So you think that’s still fine?”

“…Well I mean, it’s nice and frank.”

Taiyou averted his eyes. Even he had to admit that it was a bit difficult to follow her when she said things that were so blunt, hence why he averted the conversation.

“More importantly, why are you here?”

“Just a little errand with the boss here. You?”

“I don’t know. I just tagged along with Shirokiyami.”

“That right?”

“More importantly, what’s with this whole ‘remodeled monster’ thing she talked about?”

“Well, Rin’s been performing surgery and reconstructing my body, so I think she means that.”

“Surgery? Reconstruction?”


Kyousuke made a small wry smile.

“There’s a lot being worked on, but I guess the one that stands out the most is my stamina. Even if I run into a car or end up in an explosion, there wouldn’t be any major issue—-geh!”

As he was about to continue, Kyousuke made a strange voice, holding down the top of his head. This happened to be at precisely the same time that Shirokiyami had hit Rin’s head with her katana.

“Owowow…depending on what it is, sometimes it hurts like death, but it heals quickly enough.”

“That’s all well and good, but what happened just now?”


Kyousuke smiled pleasantly, but didn’t answer.

Thinking about it, the same as earlier, he seemed to receive damage whenever Rin was attacked. Even if asked, however, he would not answer. Taiyou wondered if something was the matter.

While Taiyou and Kyousuke were conversing, Shirokiyami and Rin’s fight had intensified. She had tried once to use her cooled-down sword, but as expected, there was something different about it and Shirokiyami instead came at her with her needle-like hair.

Meanwhile, Rin was unleashing numerous types of bullets in order to face Shirokiyami: ones that turned, ones that blew up, ones that froze, ones that smelled like her brother’s body odor after not bathing for three days.

The battle raged on, but to Taiyou—-


That was really how it felt to him.

It was practically his first time meeting Rin, so he didn’t pay her much heed. Shirokiyami, however, felt quite weak compared to all the times he recalled fighting her.

Rin was right in what she said: Without her sword, Shirokiyami was nothing more than a supersonic high school girl. If it were a bit earlier, then Taiyou would have still thought that to be amazing, but not this time. This time, she seemed to be within his reach, now that he was stronger.

(I have the opportunity right now…)

A wicked thought planted itself in his heart.



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