Chapter 33: Blood Energy 〜 Blood Soul


The window was opened and closed at a rapid pace, Taiyou had reached level 7. right at this moment the power he needed the most had been gradually increasing, Just before he left the hiding area, he used two of his fingers to grip on the metallic window frame, using merely his thumb and index finger he crushed  the metal frame like it was butter, that was the kind of power he obtained thus far.

After checking his abilities numerous amount of times, he decided that this “power” could also be referred to as “physical strength”. In other words, there would be a direct correlation between his hand grip and his physical strength.

He had the physical strength that could crush rocks and bend metal, in addition he also had a specific ability which allowed him to nullify all long range attacks.

Those were the two abilities he possessed at the present time.

Even so, Taiyou was not able to fully feel relieved. According to what Hera told him, if and when he reached level 10, he would be able to acquire some other new skill, if possible he wanted to raise his level to that extent, but it couldn’t really be helped, there was just not enough time at this juncture.

He remembered back to when he had to choose a skill at level 5, if at that point in time he chose “Super Armor” instead of long distance immunity, this probably would have been much more compatible with his current fighting style. Considering that he had a vast knowledge in terms of gaming skills and their effects from playing numerous games, if he had “Super Armor” he probably could have become an indestructible force that would dominate in close quarters combat.

Although he wanted to go back and change his decision…..

(I suppose it’s useless to complain about the things I will never have)

He quickly gave up on that thought, and decided to make do with the abilities he already acquired.

The hour hand of the clock approaches 12 am, and changes into a completely new date.

Taiyou and Yurikago went out of their hiding spot, and started to go near the research facility.

They were concealing themselves in the shadows of the research facility, the two people were facing each other as a dim street light shone on their faces.

「Then as a last precaution, allow me to review our victory condition before commencing the plan」

「”the victory condition”, these are words you would not normally use」

「Well aren’t you a gamer? I thought that if I used those words, it will become easier for you to understand? 」

「Well I suppose so..」

Taiyou let out a forced smile.

It wasn’t like she said that he couldn’t understand unless she talked in “gamer terms”, but she was definitely implying that he was nerdy enough for her to want to use such terms to make him better understand.

「Anyways, let me continue on with the victory condition, alright? There are two conditions, and if neither is fulfilled it will all become useless–」

After saying such a thing, Taiyou was slightly taken aback. Taiyou was looking at her gaze in order to discern her intentions and he quickly grasped the situation.

「Ahh, Alright. What you are saying is both conditions are of extreme importance and both must be fulfilled, right? 」

「That is the case. Then let’s go over the first condition. We need to sneak into the facility, and establish a connection with their terminal to an outside network, we then need to take a part of the essential information within the system and take that home with us」

Yurikago put up her index finger to signify that she was referring to the “first” step.

「A part of? Why don’t we just take all the information we can get? Ahh, is it because the terminal is not connected to the internet, so it is impossible to do so? 」

「No, that’s not the problem」

Yurikago lets out a mischievous smile.

「I plan to leak out the stolen information to mass communication services, the thing is, leaking out a bundle of massive information isn’t really efficient, instead it is much better to give out the juicy pieces of information in order to incite public outrage」

「What you mean is……」

Taiyou places his hand on his jaw, and takes on the thinker pose.

「So for instance, when there is some sort of cheating scandal with a famous celebrity, you only have to release information about the newest guy. When the media lets out information that is exciting, yet doesn’t disclose all the information. At that point in time, the people will be driven to find out what happened in order to get the latest scoop」

「I see, however, what is the difference if we just let out all the information? Isn’t the results…. going to be the same regardless? 」

「There is a considerable difference, the motivation of the public is also important to consider. It is all for the purpose of creating a small spark, and blowing it into a big flame」

「…….I see」

Taiyou nodded slightly, although he doesn’t understand all the subtleties of what she said, he just accepted her word for it.

Yurikago extends her middle finger, to signify the “second” condition, and she made a V-sign.

「The second condition, when we begin our escape, I need to be able to get out of the facility by any means necessary 」

「Hm? Isn’t that obvious?……」

「This isn’t something trivial」

Yurikago cut Taiyou off in the middle of his speech and looked at Taiyou with a serious face.

「I’m not talking about the fact that my life is precious. I am not even saying that I need to get out unharmed, the fundamental thing is that I need to erase my presence from ever being within that facility」

「What is this about?」

「I will go as far as saying that in the worst case scenario. Rather than getting caught by them, I want you to kill me, and completely destroy my corpse so that it will not be distinguishable」

Yurikago spoke this with a cold-heartedness.

It seemed as if she was trying to confirm whether Taiyou could do this for her, but he did not answer her back.

Hearing such savage words come out of her mouth had obviously made Taiyou speechless. Although she prefaced it by saying that it was not a trivial matter, he did not expect for her to actually go that far.

「Is that clear? Keep these two conditions always in your mind, as we commence the mission. Then, let’s begin the—-」

「Wait, just hang on for a second」


Yurikago puckers up her eyebrows, and it seemed that she was getting a little irritated.

「Those words you just said…….Why does it have to be like that? I mean I understand why you wouldn’t want to hand yourself over to them, and I won’t question you for that decision, however, I can’t comprehend why you would rather be killed in the worst case scenario」

「Asking this kind of thing, what do you expect me to say? Besides is there even a need for you to know about such a thing? 」

Yurikago gave a fierce and cold counterattack, which nearly caused Taiyou to lose his words again, but this time, he recovered at once and spoke back.

「There is」

He answered back clearly.

「I am but a mere high school student, Although I am not going to be selecting the “means” for this plan, and I want to accomplish my “objectives”, but this task you have given…….The last task of potentially having to kill you with my own hands, this “means” is ridiculous.  If you are asking for such a thing, than you are asking too much from me. If you are unable to tell me the reasoning for such a drastic measure, when the time comes for me to make a choice…….it will be impossible to not hesitate」

「Indeed, that may also be the case」

Yurikago closes her eyes, and lets out a small sigh.

「I’m sorry, I didn’t take that into consideration. It’s my mistake」

「No, I wasn’t trying to place the blame on you or ask you to take responsibility—」

「I understand, in regards to that matter, I will take care of it myself when the time comes. When it comes down to it, you just have to make sure to get away as far away from me as possible so you don’t get caught up in it」



「Don’t give me that crap! What was that? Are you trying to tell me that when it comes down to it, you are going to take your own life?!」

「It is so, is there anything for you to complain about?」

「Obviously there is a problem, talking in that sort of manner……Saying that sort of thing, how could it be possible for me to calm down? 」

「Get over it. Even if I were to suicide… no, it’s not even about that, is it? Let me ask you this, even if I did decide to take my own life, will there be some sort of conflict or disadvantage to your “objectives”? Or will you be hindered in some way? 」

「Indeed, if you are referring to my “objectives”……Then in that sense there will be no conflicts」

「In that case–」

Yurikago was about to declare her finishing statement, but Taiyou predicted her words and gripped unto her wrist. (sfx grip)

Yurikago’s body temperature was transmitted to his palm.

At the same time, his mind kicked into overdrive mode and in an extreme way, his mind rapidly settled down and he felt his head cooling. Taiyou was originally a man who when he experienced a certain threshold of anger or sadness, those kind of strong emotions would suddenly be cooled and he would be calm. However this time around that calmness—was not the usual kind of detachment he usually showed, this exceeded the boundaries of his normal reaction.

The thoughtless words she spewed out of her mouth in regards to “death” that unusual term which one would rarely hear about in ordinary life, really ticked him off. It was as if he became a third party that was looking down on the situation from above, watching both himself and Yurikago that was the feeling he had right now.

「Let me go」

「Then, you must first clarify・・. Why would it be necessary to go that far? What is the reason that you must be killed if push comes to shove? 」

「Like I said, what has that got to do with you?」

「It is not irrelevant any longer, If you won’t tell me what it is, then the worst case scenario may be that this plan will never succeed」

「You are so persistent, all you have to do is follow my plans, you don’t have to worry about anything else 」

「If you wanted something like this to be done, wouldn’t it have been better to just call Shirokiyami?」

「That’s true, if it was her, she wouldn’t have blinked for even a second at my request」

「I also think that is the case」

With her wrist still being firmly gripped, Taiyou nods his head.

「However, you asked for my help」

「So you are saying, I have to tell you?」

「It was your own mistake to assumed that I wouldn’t demand for an explanation. It will be necessary for you to pay for that mistake」

「……..And If I don’t want to speak? 」

「I already said this before, but I am merely an ordinary person. When an emergency situation arises, I will place my life on the line if I have to stop you from killing yourself」


「That’s right. That is to say, you will not die, because I will protect you」


Yurikago has a frustrated expression whilst staying silent.

The silence flows, and both Yurikago and Taiyou just stood there as they stared at each other for a little while.

In that kind of body pose, the two people were glaring at each other.

It was likely that her circumstances really had no bearing or negative effect for Taiyou, nor did it relate to being able to successfully save the three sisters from harm.

Even still, Taiyou could not help but hear the reason. If there came an emergency situation, there was no way that he could just abandon her and run away by himself.

No matter what, Taiyou was resolute in making her answer this question.

「How about I answer that question for her instead?」

Suddenly, whilst the two people were still staring at each other, a voice came out from the side. Although the mysterious voice seemed to be young, there was a clear will and determination which flowed out.

When he turned around. The figure of a little girl, who was stark naked and only being wrapped in silk, was standing in front of him.



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