Chapter 331: The Genius of Lost Items


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama


Shirokiyami’s face contorted. Taiyou began to attack her relentlessly, well aware that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.



Without answering her question, he focused only on attacking her.

Taiyou’s power had long surpassed that of a regular person. He was exuding tremendous power as always, but on this occasion it was clear that it was even more than he usually let out. In terms of speed, he had enough specs to make the world record if he were to decide to run in a 100 meter dash. The same could be said for his other powers, they were all entering into the realm of superhuman.

Taiyou was utilizing all of that power to the max as he continued his onslaught.

Shirokiyami’s surprise lasted for only an instant. The moment that she had understood that Taiyou was coming at her holding nothing back, her severely distraught mind was pieced back together.

“One Sky…Four Oceans.”

Her katana was frozen, unuseable. She had turned to a different option, namely her white hair, as she pulled on it and focused in order to make it into a weapon.

The tip of hair was sharply protruding like a needle as it stabbed Taiyou.


Pain coursed through to Taiyou’s bone marrow. He had been utterly careless. He had anticipated the amount of damage potential of the narrow, sword-like hair, but the pain was far greater than he could have predicted.

“The heck is this?”

“Super painful…Acu, puncture.”

“Is that seriously…But if it only hurts, then who cares!”

Gritting his teeth, he advanced forward. He couldn’t afford to stop just because of mere pain. Right now was his greatest chance yet. She couldn’t use her katana, which put her at a severe disadvantage. Not only did Rin mention that- Taiyou felt it as well.

“Heaven Reversal” made Shirokiyami untouchable and a hopelessly merciless opponent, but this time around, he did not feel that feeling of despair. Although getting stabbed by that hair gave him deathly pain, he felt like he could still make something of this situation. This was the time to hold his ground, because who knew when the next chance would come?

So he gritted his teeth, attempting to move forward.


That very moment, he crumpled to his knees.

He tried to step forward, but his right foot wouldn’t budge. In fact, he had lost any sensation of his right foot, as if he had lost the entire leg without realizing it.

His eyes slowly trailed down to the area in question.

“—-No, it’s still here.”

His right foot was still there. Although he still could not feel it, it was definitely connected to his body.

“Is this also part of that attack of yours?”


“That’s actually pretty useful.”

“But can I…ask you to stop, right now?”

“That’s one offer I’ll have to refuse.”

“If you don’t…you will not like, the result.”

“I don’t care about the consequences.”

Taiyou brushed her statement aside. He kicked the ground with his remaining left leg, closing in on Shirokiyami and unleashing a swift punch.

“No matter what happens from here on out, that doesn’t change the fact that this is the best chance that I’ve got. A one-on-one fight to defeat you, right here right now.”


“Yeah, I got rid of her.”

“Is that…so.”

“All I want to do right now is defeat you.”

He put his feelings into words, rousing himself up. He launched more attacks at her.

His speed would decrease if he only had access to one leg—-or so you might think, but in actuality, the pain left over in his marrow from the stab boosted his will to fight, covering for the perceived lack in performance. Taiyou was currently what you would refer to as a “wounded animal”. His attacks were becoming more and more rough, but on the flipside, each of his attacks had raw power, enough to overwhelm everything within the surroundings. Normally, this would also take effect on his opponent, at the very least exerting pressure on them, but…


It didn’t seem to be working on Shirokiyami. She had initially been surprised when he had attacked her, but she had since then grown calmer, and right now she was back to her normal, poker-faced self. She was beyond calm—expressionless and calculating.

Her gaze flitted over to ‘Heaven Reveral’. The katana was beginning to thaw in the ground that it had been stabbed in. In just a little bit, it would likely regain its former status. If she were to regain that katana, she would be overpowered. Any hope of winning against her with that katana was next to none.

As he attacked her, he thought frantically about what he should do, how he could win. Just one hit would be enough. For Taiyou, landing one strike meant victory. It was the same before and even now it hadn’t changed.

How, how how? What could he do in order to create that chance?

As Taiyou frantically searched through his mind, something caught his eye. Bullets on the ground, fired earlier from Rin’s gun. Technically speaking, they had hit Taiyou, but without affecting him due to “Nullify Long-Range”.


It was as if God Himself had sent this gift down.

He didn’t know for sure what would happen. Still, this item was like the embodiment of hope to him at this very moment. This was the item that could potentially help him break through.

Taiyou scooped them up into his arms.

“What…are you, doing?”

“Just thinking I might be able to use this, y’know. It technically never activated after all.”

“Going to, throw it? …It won’t…hit me, you realize.”

“‘Course not. There’s no way that something like this would hit you if it were shot.”

“If that’s, the case…”

“If that’s the case…”

He cut through Shirokiyami, mimicking her exact statement. He twisted his mouth into a grin that was at the brink of insanity. It was the smile unique to a human who stopped at nothing to achieve their goals, one foot in the realm of madness.

“Then I just gotta…do, this!”

He slammed his fist into the pile of bullets.

Flame bullets, freeze bullets, curve bullets, explosion noise bullets…scent bullets.

All sorts of bullets—-and they all exploded simultaneously.



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