Chapter 332: Self-Destruction Is Lame


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Everything was pitch black.

He initially thought it was because his eyes were closed, but his eyes were in fact open—he had been mistaken. He rolled his eyes in all directions, looking around him. A dim, hazy silhouette of some sort came into his vision. He squinted, waiting patiently. During that time, he attempted to grasp his current situation without relying on his sight.

He could smell dirt and felt something soft against his back. It felt like he was lying down outside flat on his back.

He could not sense any people near him. It was probably just him here. His body felt hardly any pain, but for some reason, he didn’t have the power necessary to move. His head was also unsteady and wasn’t functioning how it normally would. He recalled fighting with Shirokiyami, but he couldn’t remember what had happened afterward.

“Nope, no good.”

His eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, and his vision returned to him. The thing he had been able to vaguely see earlier was a tree. This certainly did seem like the outside. The sky was covered by the tree, and he couldn’t see it. There was nothing near him that could help to light up his surroundings, and even if his eyes had adjusted to the darkness, they had their limits as well.

“Maybe I can fly right now…”

He willed it to happen.

If one of his brides were nearby, he would probably be able to bring out wings of light to illuminate the area, but of course, that did not happen because they are on the opposite side of the earth.

His vision was no good, and the same could be said for his senses. He had no choice but to go through his memory. Just what happened? He couldn’t immediately recall what had happened right before that, so he began with what he knew in order to reach the answer.

They had pushed their way up the mountain before running into the sister/brother couple. He had fought with the sister, who seemed to have not just one, but ten screws loose. He then lunged for Shirokiyami, and then——.

“That’s right!”

He got up with a start.

His recollection of his assault on Shirokiyami had jogged his memory. He had hit the bullets left by Rin with the intent to take Shirokiyami down with him, and then he had lost consciousness that very moment.

He wondered what had happened afterward. Where was Shiroki…


“Ta-ta-daaa…hey, it’s dark! I can’t even see that smug face of yours, that’s how dark it is!”

“Where’s Shirokiyami?!”

He didn’t bother to play along with her gags, thrusting the topic at her.

“Yami-chan, you say?”


“What are you talking about, Taiyou-chan?”

Hera spoke in an exasperated tone.

“Yami-chan is right next to you.”

“Eh? W-Where?”

“Right here.”

He heard her voice come horizontally. Hera had probably flown somewhere else. She claimed that Shirokiyami was there, but he couldn’t actually see anything.

“Is she really there?”

“Mm, wait a moment…hiyah!”

Along with a yell, the fairy’s body began to glow in the dark. Normally, this would be a majestic sight to behold for anyone watching, but he did not currently have the time to gaze at that, for to the side was Shirokiyami’s figure.

Her clothing was tattered, and she stared blankly at him, holding her knees in a gym-like sitting position. He could practically see her boundless eyes staring at him.

“S-So you were right here the whole time.”


Shirokiyami did not answer. He felt a strange pressure as he looked at her.

“You could’ve at least said something if you were right there.”


“Anyway, are you alright?”



She was unbelievably silent. She did not react or move in the slightest, to the point where he almost believed she was just a sculpture. Or at least that would have been the case if he hadn’t noticed the slight breathing movement coming from her chest. That just made it frightening. It was unnerving to see her merely staring at him. He was beginning to question what he should do, when…

“Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, did you do something?”

“Did I do something…well yeah, I did, but…”

“I bet you assaulted her!”

Hera’s eyes gleamed as she rejoiced.

“Why are you getting all excited? Besides, this isn’t the kind of “assault” that you were thinking of anyway, and I mean it.”

“But but, aren’t you assaulting her in order to make her your bride?”

“Well I mean…”

“Then I’m right on the money, yes? Sexual assaaault!”

“Don’t call it sexual assault!”

Taiyou snapped.

“Sexual sexual aaa-sault sexual aaa-sault!”

“Don’t sing! Don’t dance! Aaaugh, I’m telling you to stop, fairy…”

“Good luck, Taiyou-chan! I am always your ally, Taiyou-chan!?

“Yeah, I’m so moved from gratitude…”

He took a breath, regaining his composure before turning back to Shirokiyami. As per usual she was staring at him with her boundless eyes. Taiyou was seriously starting to fret about what to do.

“Maybe try attacking her again?”

“…Sure, why not.”

Hera’s suggestion came out of nowhere, but he figured he might as well give it a shot. If she didn’t resist, then that was fine, and if she did resist then that would still be preferable to the way things currently were. That was how desperate he was.

As he was thinking that…


A chill ran through his spine. That was because at that very moment, the tip of a blade had been thrust at the nape of his neck. It was the tip of the national treasure, “Heaven Reversal”. The grey metal of the longsword gave off a cold gleam. It had been thrust at him without a word, without a hint. This movement had all occurred faster than the blink of an eye, up against his neck before he knew it.

“W-Wait a second, I’m sorry. Sorry for thinking something so stupid.”


“I’ll apologize, okay? So just pull this thing away from me.”


“Umm, Yami…san?”

Taiyou fearfully asked, as if checking on her mood. Then, one word slipped out of her mouth.



“Blowing yourself up…is, lame.”



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