Chapter 334: Morning Star of the Distant Shore


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

If he had “good sense”, this would have been a good place to shut his mouth, but he did not. Taiyou had been through so many outlandish situations in less than half a year to the point where the term “common sense” meant nothing to him. Therefore, he directly conveyed his feelings to Shirokiyami.

“You were born white. Not just in your appearance, but in essence as well, I’d say. That’s how white you look in my eyes.”


“And I think…that is unbelievably beautiful.”

“Beauti, ful?”

“I bet you hate me saying this, but you’re beautiful, white and all.”

“But…my hands, are…”

“You wanna say they’re dirty, right?”


Taiyou grasped the edge of the blade before his eyes. Since he showed no sign of ill intent, Shirokiyami hesitated for a second, and he grabbed it tightly.

The blade dug into his skin, causing a shock of pain running through his hand. Red blood trickled along the grey blade next to his skin, which gave off a beautiful, iridescent glimmer illuminated by the fairy’s phosphorescence.

“Why…did you, do that?”


He grinned, moving it away from his hand.

“This katana…”Heaven Reversal”. It’s a super sharp sword, right?”

“Mhm…national, treasure.”

“I bet an amazing swordsmith had to have created this beauty.”


Shirokiyami tilted her head, as if asking ‘what about it?’.

“Look at the blood flow…trickling down onto the ground.”


“You are this blade. You are the color white, putting every ounce of effort into one simple objective. And that purity cannot be violated by anything. Even if your hands were to be ravaged by blood somewhere else, I bet that blood of yours would flow right off, just like this, never sticking to you.”


He held his breath. This was the first time he had ever felt such a sway of emotion from her.

“That’s what I think. You’re cute after all.”


“Sullied humans can never be cute like you are. Of course, I don’t doubt that you’ve killed plenty of different kinds of people. Which is why I’m left to conclude that no matter how many times you kill, you will never be sullied by any of that. That is who you are.”

“I’m…not, dirty?”

“Nope. At least, that’s what I believe.”


Her eyes and mouth were wide open in amazement, as if displaying her true feelings.

“That’s the…first time someone, said that.”


“They would always…say that white is, disgusting.”

“I dunno who said that, but they’re probably just idiots.”


“Well, that’s not so rare. It’s like how people go wine-tasting and mistake 1,000 yen wine for 100,000 yen wine or vice versa, all the while having a smug smile on their face.”

“Maybe you…are the same kind, of person?”

“So you’re saying that you’re the thousand yen wine?”

“M, hm.”

“And that there’s someone else who’s the ten thousand yen wine?”

“Ye, s.”

“Then I wanna drink the thousand yen one.”


“No wait, that’s not quite right.”


“The real reason is that all those big-shot wine critics have rotten tongues. That’s all.”


Neither of them questioned that statement. They gazed at each other, eye to eye. Soon, their surroundings were enveloped in darkness. And then soon, all they could sense was their own breathing…

“I have indeed returned!”

Hera had returned to the mansion. Kohaku, who had been gazing at the morning sun in the living room, came over to greet her.

“Welcome back. I take it that ye went to see Danna-sama?”

“Yes indeed. But wow, I did not think that jetlag would be this dreadful.”

“They be on the other side of the world, eh? Where specifically, ja?”

“I would say precisely on the opposite side.”

“So directly below, ja.”

“Yes indeed.”

“And that be where Danna-sama and Shirokiyami be staying.”


“Be that right. Then I be quite jealous. Going with Danna-sama on a trip overseas…Aye, I would have liked to have done that at least once in me life.”

“But you’re going to live the longest out of anyone, Kohaku-tan, from what I can tell.”

“In terms of me lifespan, aye. But there be several hurdles more than the others in me case.”


Hera tilted her head, and Kohaku grinned, stroking her ring as she spoke.

“Giving birth to children is a gamble on me life. Ye can tell by looking at me body.”

“Ohhh, is that true?”

“I shall try and pester him about it, ja. Have him take me somewhere in winter.”

“Taiyou-chan will definitely grant that wish of yours.”


They looked outside.



“It’s going to happen very soon.”

“What will?”

She looked at Hera with a quizzical expression. Before her was a fairy making an unusually serious face, one wing missing from her body.

“Taiyou-chan’s brides will have soon all gathered.”

“What are ye…there are still two…mm, I guess one left now, ja.”

Kohaku checked on the status. The revision from the number of wives had split into six parts.

“Then, does that mean…”

“Yes indeed. It is indeed what you think it is.”

“All right…but then, why do ye make such a face, lass?”

“What face?”


Kohaku hesitated. It was quite rare for the loli baba to refrain from saying something.

After a brief pause, she decided to speak.

“Ye look like yer so sad that ye might die.”

The fairy in front of her at that very moment looked so faint, like she might disappear at any moment.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. Hera always is the most ethereal, she’s one that’s shrouded in mystery, claimibg her memory starts when she met Taiyou and all.
    What is she? What’s his skill?
    So far we never meet anyone with similar situation as Taiyou.

    Other than that, well damn Taiyou you’re smooth~
    Hera actually did read the mood there. How mysterious.

  3. i hope hera becomes one of taiyous brides and what about taiyou parents are they alive or dead ????????

    • from what I remember in the early chapters Taiyou’s parents have been working overseas for years and left Taiyou in Japan. If they will ever make an appearance in the LN *shrug*

  4. Perhaps Hera will disappear when all the brides are assembled.

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