Chapter 337: We Don’t Need Dinner


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Whoever was piloting that helicopter had some skill to land safely on the school roof, which was clearly not designed for such maneuvers. The door opened, and the passenger could be seen.

“Youran—-oh, wait.”

Taiyou frowned, about to say something else. He stood up and looked at the interior. The pretty twintailed girl inside of the vehicle was a face he knew all too well, but he had momentarily felt that something was off. This had to be the one and only girl resembling Juunishima Youran. Only Taiyou knew about her existence.

“Juurokuya, is that you?”

“Y-Y-Yes! I’m J-J-Juurokuya!”

This girl’s name came from the meaning that she was the shadow of the new moon, aka the shadow of Youran, the director of the new moon.
As usual, she was in a panic.

“You don’t look so good, what’s wrong?”

“I-I-It’s terrible!”

“Terrible? Did something happen to Youran?”

“N-N-No, not her.”


Taiyou wracked his brain. What could possibly be worse to Juurokuya than something happening to Youran?

“I-I-It’s about Sakura-sama.”



“What about her?”

“P-P-Please just come with us, I’m b-b-begging you.”


Taiyou hesitated. Should he come with her? As he was fretting about that, Shirokiyami zoomed into the helicopter in front of him.

“I will…go.”

“Huh? Why?”

Akiha was astonished.

“Because I know…that, person.”

“You do?”

“Actually, I…would say, we’re friends?”

That last sentence was spoken in a questioning tone, but even so, Taiyou was surprised to hear that. The Shirokiyami he knew was far from someone who would have any friends. She was after all the strongest swordswoman in the world and a lonely existence. Sure, he had shared a cozy moment with her just now, but it still boggled his mind to hear that.

“Alright, I’ll go too.”


“I don’t know what happened, but I can at least help you out in some way.”


Shirokiyami nodded. It seemed as though her cheeks were slightly flushed. He followed after her, jumping into the helicopter. Juurokuya was visibly relieved.

“T-T-Thank you!”

“You’re fine with just us two? Then let’s be off.”


“Wait, I’m coming too.”

Akiha said as she got in too.

“Akiha? You’re coming too?”

“What, did you want to leave me out of the fun?”

“Well no, not exactly, but…it’s probably going to be dangerous, you know.”

“Is it?”

Akiha looked at Shirokiyami, who nodded.

“I think…that it’s, fine.”

“You suuure?”

“Mhm…and be, sides…”

Shirokiyami took her katana out from under her dress.

“I will…protect, you.”

“Wow, fantastic!”

Akiha swayed like a high school girl meeting an idol for the first time, letting out a shrill voice. She then clung to Shirokiyami, whose eyes swayed for but an instant.

“If it’s not your thing, remember that you can always say no.”

“I don’t…have a problem, with it.”

“You sure?”


“Of course! You and me, we’re buddies.”


“Okay, well if you’re fine with it.”

He felt like Shirokiyami was being sucked into Akiha’s fast-paced nature, but if Shirokiyami herself didn’t have a problem with it, then he wouldn’t press any further.

During that time, the helicopter was soaring through the sky.


Despite being right in front of Juurokuya, Taiyou called Hera over.

“Ja-jajaaan! It’s me, Taiyou-chan’s one and only! I thought you’d call~”

“You did?”

“I saw the helicopter descend when I was with Kohaku-tan, so I figured you would call me.”

“Alright, well I have a message for everyone.”



Taiyou thought about it. He looked at Juurokuya, wondering what he should tell everyone. Shirokiyami spoke in his stead.

“We don’t…need, dinner.”

“Okay, then I’ll let them know!”

Shirokiyami nodded. Hera flew through the wall and out of sight.

“Wait a sec—-darn, she left.”

“Will you call her back?”

Akiha asked. Taiyou looked at Shirokiyami, shaking his head.

“No, whatever.”

“Yeah, I feel you.”

Akiha said. Taiyou inwardly agreed with her. They both gazed at Shirokiyami as she stared out the window with her obscure eyes. Her mere presence helped them to feel reassured. He wasn’t sure what had happened, nor where they were going, for that matter, but if she were with them, then he was confident that they would, in fact, not “need dinner”. That was how trivial she made this all sound.

“Oho? Are you maybe jealous?”

Akiha spoke in a cheerful tone, poking her face up from below.

“Am not.”


“Yeah, I’m not, although maybe I’d like some of that for myself.”

“Isn’t that jealousy?”

“Well, I’m also quite proud to have such a wife. Isn’t she great?”

“Oh? Maybe it’s not quite jealousy, then.”

“And I assure you that I am serious.”

“Well if you put it like that, maybe I’m the one who’s getting jealous, dude.”

“Doesn’t seem like a joke when you start talking about jealousy.”

After all, Akiha was definitely serious when it came to Aoba.

“Excuse me! Okay, fine, I think I know how you feel about me now, man.”

“How, do you feel…about her?”

Shirokiyami had joined in on the conversation.

“Well, uhh…”

Taiyou was about to continue, but he glanced at Juurokuya.

“I won’t tell you.”

“Whaaat, no faaair!”

“Shall I have…you put, to sleep?”


Juurokuya cowered in fear. Her face was exactly that of Youran’s, and yet she acted like a little animal. Although this was all nice and fresh for a change, Taiyou decided to get back to the main topic at hand.


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