Chapter 338: I’m Sorry, Master


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“Ah, don’t mind her. I won’t let her try anything. But can you tell me what happened to Sakura-san?”

“Y-Y-Yes! S-S-She’s being forced to marry.”

“…Hmm, couldja say that once more?”

“S-S-She’s being forced to marry.”

“…Who has?”

“S-S-Sakura-san has.”

“…With whom?”

“Taiyou, I know you’re trying to be the funny man, but that’s not quite how you do it.”

Akiha interjected from the side. True, this was usually how the straight man funny man combo worked in comedy, but in this situation, the person talking to Taiyou was actually divulging some important information, so it wasn’t really the situation for trying a gag.

“No, I wasn’t…well okay, maybe I was just a little bit.”

“So you were actually somewhat surprised?”

“Well…yeah, in more than one way.”

Taiyou made a slight grimace. He was surprised and intrigued as to why Sakura was not only getting married, but also in regards to why Juurokuya had been so panicked when she reached out to them.

“I guess…she couldn’t, get away.”

“You know about this?”

“Mhm…because we, are friends.”

“Didn’t you say the same thing earlier? Now I’m even more curious. This is too much to process all at once.”

“It’s not…that, difficult.”

“I mean yeeeah. You don’t even have to ask what the term “arranged marriage” means. And she’s a well-off lady, so you don’t have to question every little detail.


“What, cat got your tongue? You look mighty surprised.”

Akiha had a surprised look on her face because she saw Taiyou looking at her with an extremely astonished look.


“You what?”

“I had forgotten…Oookay, since she’s technically Youran’s little sister, that person must also be super well-off.”

“How do you forget details like that?”

“No…well, I mean, the way we met gave me a different first impression, and besides…”


“Youran hasn’t really felt like a girl of high upbringing as of recently.”


Akiha made a somewhat convinced face. Youran certainly had not had that impression as of late.

Although she technically had the title of “Juunishima New Moon Director Youran”, she had quite recently begun to live as one of Taiyou’s wives, even going so far as to call him “Master”. From the standpoint of Taiyou or Akiha, it was very true that the term “pampered girl” wasn’t even detectable from her current aura.

“A-A-And besides, S-S-Sakura-sama is the child of one of the mistresses…”


“U-U-Unlike New Moon-sama or Adashino-sama, she is the ch-ch-child of a mistress, s-s-so it is imperative that she…”

“…Because of her status, she needs to become a pawn for political marriage?”

“Ohhh, that’s fantastic!”

“You think that’s fantastic?”

“Well yeah! It’s not every day you get to be in a situation like that, right?”

“I really don’t know what your standards are at this point…”

“A-A-And we need to stop this from happening.”

“Is the marriage meeting right now?”

Juurokuya gave a big nod. Taiyou nodded in understanding.

“But even if you ask me to stop it from happening…how exactly would I go about it? I mean, forcing my way in there and taking her away with me is easy, but…”

Taiyou figured that a tough measure like that would be the easiest way. As he was right now, he never had a single issue with most of his opponents, plus Shirokiyami was accompanying him, and she had the will to fight.

It would be a piece of cake to drag Sakura away from all of this, but it was only a temporary solution and wouldn’t end up solving the real issue. This was a problem that he had the most difficulty with, namely that it was a problem that he could not solve with brute force alone.

“Wouldn’t it be better if Youran…or heck, even you, came out in public as New Moon Director and did something about it?”

“T-T-That won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“B-B-Because the one who orchestrated all of this happens to be… New Moon Director.”

The words that came out of her mouth truly made it an anticlimax, along with her disappearing voice as she whispered out the auxiliary verb and name. With that statement alone, it was as if Juurokuya were displaying her feelings and position all at once.

“She ordered that it happen? Why?”

“Mmm, who even cares? If she’s the one who caused all this then can’t you just tell her to stop and have that be the end of it? If you really are her Master, that is.”

“…I’ll try calling her.”

Taiyou took out his smartphone, dialing Youran’s number.

—-This phone number, as requested by the owner, cannot connect.

“Did she block me!?”

Taiyou was flabbergasted. This was completely out of left field.

“Ooo! Fantastic!”

“Fan…tas, tic.”

“No no no, hold up hold up hold up.”

Taiyou checked the screen of his phone. The name and number were both unmistakably Youran’s. He tried one last time to enter the same number, but as before, the same message about the number being blocked came back.

“What could this mean?”

“Seems to be more to this than meets the eye, I say.”


Taiyou thought about it a bit before dialing a different number. This time the call went through like normal, and a young woman’s voice answered him.


“Leticia, can you get through to Youran on your phone?”

“What’s this all of a sudden?”

“She blocked me from calling her phone.”

“…Wait a sec, lemme try.”

The princess of Phili immediately grasped the situation, hanging up. There was a hotline set up between the two friends, which Taiyou had remembered, hence why he had called Leticia.

“And could you try and contact her as well?”

“I-I-I’ll do my best.”

Juurokuya also gave it a go with her phone. As she looked at this spectacle, Shirokiyami took out her sword—-’Heaven Reversal’ and patted it, almost as if preparing for something.

“Wow, things are getting kinda interesting!”

Akiha said in a carefree voice.

“You’ve really taken a liking to this whole thing. Is it interesting to you?”

“Yeah dude, it’s fun! She freaking blocks you and has some crazy reason for distancing herself from you, which is already curious in and of itself.”

“That’s all well and good for you, but I just have a bad feeling…”

His phone rang. The call was from Leticia. After confirming this, Taiyou quickly picked up.

“How’d it go?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”


“She just said that and left, that fool.”

Taiyou narrowed his eyes more and more, while Akiha’s eyes grew more and more excited.


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