Chapter 34: Transparent Loli Baba


First he was doubting his eyes, then he was doubting his consciousness.

That was how bizarre the appearance of the person in front of him was, he didn’t know whether she was real, and if he could even touch her or not.

Her height is around 130 centimeters, she had a baby face and a bobbed haircut. It reminded him of the zashiki warashi. (TL: Zashiki-warashi is a Japanese demon, known as a yokai) The clothes she was wearing was a see-through one piece dress, and it would seem that she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. Additionally, she was in a pose that generously showed off her body.

Although she looked like a little girl, she had a very promiscuous pose.

Seeing such a person in front of him, it couldn’t be helped that Taiyou was feeling embarassed.

「What’s the matter? You are staring at me so much. Do I look so adorable, that I’ve made you want to give me some candy? 」

「If I start giving out candy here, this will clearly tick the children crime box! Also stop calling yourself adorable! 」

「Hm? But I am Cut—」 (Cute)

「Like I said, please don’t say it!」

Taiyou lets out a large voice, and interrupts the little girl’s dialog.

「If you connect those two things, a bad thing will happen」

「How difficult, I thought that this kind of expression was universal. The Japanese language is gradually becoming more inconvenient」

「There is no connection with Japanese. If you really want to call yourself adorable, at least use the correct first person pronoun to refer to yourself. To begin with, why are you using “Washi” to refer to yourself? 」(TL: she is using the words わし(washi) this is a term is a normally used by elderly males to refer to themselves)

「But I am using the correct first person pronoun which corresponds with my age」

The little girl, tilts her head in an adorable manner.

「Corresponds with your age?」

「Umu, It corresponds with my age. For a woman of my age it’s obvious that I would use 『Washi』or 『Ore』to refer to myself. 『Atashiya』is another way I can refer to myself, but it makes me sound like a weak and frail person」

「Ore……….Atashiya…….? 」

She pointed out three different ways in which she could refer to herself in first person. Taiyou started to think for a while, after seeing how casually the little girl referred to herself in Washi.

Suddenly, he began to connect the dots.

Washi, Ore, Atashiya. He started putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and realized that all three ways to refer to herself could be used by an older aged woman. In other words, when she said these were the words suitable for her age, it was implying that she was an old woman.

Inside, she was an old women, yet her looks seem to be a young little girl.

A very young looking old woman.

Suddenly, a word that existed within Taiyou’s head floated across his mind.

—Loli Baba. (Illustration: Loli Baba)

Although the external appearance is that of a young girl, the mind and soul……..the inner workings of the person were at an advanced age. In recent years, people have started to call such a girl the “Beautiful Witch”, But Taiyou understood it intuitively, and if he had to choose between the two words, Taiyou liked to refer to these girls as the “Loli Baba”.

Is she truly a Loli Baba?…..As such thoughts passed his mind, he received another flash of inspiration.

It was in regards to the female limitation Sakura talked about, after growing up normally to the age of 10, their aging would stop and they would retain their youthful looks for the rest of their lives, although their internal organs would still continue to age and grow weaker which would inevitably lead them to die, looking young.

「Are you one of those girls? The “Eternally Little”…..?」

「Umu, Some might also refer to me as an unsold old housemaid」

「Orudo………?」(TL: he’s saying old)

Taiyou was puzzled due to hearing words he was not accustomed to hearing He understood from the flow of the conversation that this was some sort of way to refer to her, but the meaning of her words were unable to be understood.

He intuitively understood the meaning of Eternally Little as a way to describe her being small for all eternity, but he didn’t understand how that related to her being an old housemaid.

Whilst Taiyou was still looking doubtful, Yurikago slipped herself into the conversation.

「Azumaya Kohaku, What are you doing out here with that kind of appearance?」

Yurikago knits her beautifully shaped eyebrows, she really seemed to have an unpleasant face. It would seem that Yurikago knew the true colors of the young looking old woman standing in front of her, as she called her by the name “Kohaku”, however, just like Taiyou, Yurikago was also doubting why she was out here with that kind of appearance.

「Umu? This is my everyday clothing, is there a problem? 」

Kohaku, lifts up her see-through skirt as she answers. Although she raised the hem of her skirt to the very limits before revealing her crotch area, to begin with it was already transparent so it wasn’t like anything changed.

「You are telling me, that’s your everyday clothing?!」

「That’s right. These clothes are really comfy, they feel great on the skin, and it’s really easy to move around in. During Spring and Summer I always wear these clothes, is there something weird about them? 」

「Of course it’s weird, to go that far and disregard the normal standards of clothing is being ignorant of the fundamental point」

「The fundamental point, what’s that?」

Kohaku tilts her head in puzzlement. Yurikago was just staring at Kohaku.

「Your external appearance. Wearing such transparent clothing and appearing before a man……….As a woman aren’t you the least bit ashamed of yourself?」

「Kukuku, For a woman who exceeds the age of 80, calling me a woman is inappropriate, you would do well to remember this fact」

Kohaku says this whilst giving a chuckle under her breath. Taiyou took a little bit of time to process the information.


「Umu, Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Azumaya Kohaku, you may call me by Kohaku-tan, if you so wish. If you are willing to call me by “Kohaku-tan” then I shall permit you to pant whilst you cling to my behind, how about it? 」(TL:   “-tan” is another version of “-chan” (which is another informal way to address: female family members, lovers, close friends, intimate friends).

「As if I’d call you that?! And who would do such a thing?!」

「By the way, when you call my name, I will be counting on you to imagine my name in Hiragana」(TL: her name in Hiragana means Amber. Basically, she want’s him to imagine her name as: Beautiful, Soft and sticky, hue hue read comments for more info )

「Like I said, I ain’t going to call your name like that!」

「That is such a shame. Although I may look like this, I am a fully-fledged grown woman biologically speaking」

「Yeah I can see that already!」

「Then allow me to tell you something you may not be aware of. This year since the date of my birth, I am approaching the age of 87」

「87 years old? You were born 87 years ago? 」

「That’s right」

「……..During the Taishou Era? 」

「Are you an idiot?」

「It’s regrettable but I was born in the Showa Era」(this is 1926-1989)

Showa period. He spoke the words as if reciting them, he looked at her in amazement as he became at a loss for words.

「What, it seems that you still don’t understand?」

「That’s…..To be expected isn’t it? I mean you started talking about the Showa Era. If you told me you were born in the Heisei Era, then I would be convinced but this is….」 (Heisei Era: 1990’s)

“To think that you were born such a long time ago”, Taiyou refrained from speaking out such words.

「Umu, will it be easier for you to imagine it if I told you that I was born in the same time frame as the time the Aircraft Carrier Akagi was made?」

「It won’t! And why are you suddenly talking about Aircraft Carriers? 」

「That game was so wonderful, it brings back such nostalgic memories one after another……It makes me feel as if I was in some sort of class reunion」

「That kind of thing is not a game!」(TL: Aircraft Carrier Akagi is a reference to the Kantai Collection game Kancolle, contributed via members in the comments section, ty guys ! Although it is also a real Imperial Japanese Navy AKA the “Red Castle” it was built in the 1920’s hence the same time frame in which Kohaku was born)

Taiyou cuts off the conversation she was making and once again took a good look at Kohaku.

She really didn’t wear anything down there, she was a young looking old woman who was wearing a transparent see-through one piece silk dress. Her appearance seems to be somewhere around a 10 year old girl, however she claims to have exceeded the age of 80, she also speaks in an elderly way.

Taiyou just couldn’t put his head around such an existence.

Whilst thinking such things, Yurikago began to talk to Kohaku once again.

「Hey, aren’t you going to change out of that? I already understand the fact that you are an old woman deep inside, but we have a beast with us right here」

「What do you mean by calling me a beast Oi!」

「It means that you are a Lolicon」

「I ain’t a Lolicon, alright?!」

「Fu〜n(exhale), is that so? But you also made the youngest of the three sisters into one of your lovers, right? 」


Taiyou didn’t know how to answer back.

The youngest of the three sisters— Kazane had the same face as her two other sisters but in terms of her height and her physique, she could be compared to a grade-schooler. Honestly speaking rather than wearing her school uniform, it would suit her externals more if she wore a yellow hat and a red backpack.

Because it was true that the girl named Kazane did exist, Taiyou couldn’t really object immediately to the disgrace of being called a Lolicon.

「Hou? Thou are a Lolicon? Well I don’t particularly have any qualms with that, after all a high school kid like you who is still wet behind the ears, probably has a lot of “frustrations” that he needs to take care of」

「You talk big for someone who is classified as an old housemaid」

Yurikago spoke back towards Kohaku in an amazed tone. Taiyou could only hear words which he was unaccustomed to hearing, and he could not pinpoint her exact intentions in all of this.

「Kukuku. Well then shall we return to the subject at hand? 」

「The real issue?….Ah, Yurikago’s plan」


Kohaku has a dubious expression on her face as she repeats the name and looks towards Yurikago.

「Are you going by such a name?」

「Is it bad?」

「For being able to make someone cooperate with you without even telling them your real name, you have my admiration. Although a true Japanese person would be introducing themselves honestly and take more responsibility of their actions」

「That kind of thing is an old tradition from a cliched era」

「Ahh, As I thought, Yurikago was an alias wasn’t it?」

「That is correct」

Kohaku declares so whilst looking at Yurikago.

「If she won’t tell you herself what her name is, allow me to tell you in her stead」

Yurikago falls silent whilst being astonished at Kohaku, seeing she wasn’t going to speak any time soon, Kohaku turns towards Taiyou.

「In that case, It seems that I will be the one to tell you her name」

「Ah, ahh……」

「Her name is Junishima Youran, she is the Junishima clan’s “Princess”」

Taiyou did not anticipate that she would be from the Junishima clan. Taiyou rapidly turned around to face the girl with the twin-tails and looked at her in completely shock.



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