Chapter 340: Bite Your Tongue


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“You were…”

He had seen her before, and he had a good hunch as to who she was, but not complete confidence. Taiyou stares her straight in the eyes and asked her a question.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

“Amagiwa Yuri.”

“Amagiwa Yuri-san.”

He parroted back in a murmur. As he had not heard her name enough times, Taiyou had to repeat it in order to etch it into his memory.

“So who’s she?”

Akiha asked. This appeared to be their first meeting, as she didn’t seem to know her.

“Her older sister, apparently.”


Akiha stared lengthily at Yuri, and then at Shirokiyami.

“Her last name is Amagiwa?”


“Well c’mon, if the older sister is called Yuri Amagiwa, then her sister would also be called Amagiwa something or the other, right?”

“Oh, I get it. Yeah, you’re right.”

Taiyou nodded. He had, in fact, gotten an idea of what Shirokiyami’s actual name was when he was talking with Kyosuke, remembering the sounds but forgetting to bring the subject back up again. Now that Akiha had stirred things up naturally, circumstances were different. Now, Yuri’s start had been spoiled, and she narrowed her eyes as she looked at Taiyou. Shirokiyami also gazed at Taiyou, her face asking for help.


Of course he would. Taiyou quickly began moving toward her.

“Hey, what are you trying to do? Don’t come so close!”

Yuri’s voice grew rough, but Taiyou continued to move forward, uncaring. Sure, something was up with the two sisters, and for whatever reason Shirokiyami could not oppose her older sister, but that had nothing to do with Taiyou. He ignored Yuri, instead picking up the shrunken Shirokiyami and returning right back to where he had been.

“Let go of that girl.”

“I refuse.”

“Hey…Ruri! You get away from him this instant!”


Shirokiyami twitched. She attempted to use force to break out of Taiyou’s embrace, but-

“Not going to work.”

Taiyou laughed cynically.

“Once I have her in my grip, there’s no longer any way to resist me. I am undoubtedly higher in power than she is. No matter how many times you order her to, she can’t even escape in the first place.”

“What, are you trying to be her ally?”


Taiyou made a perplexed face.

“No, I don’t intend to be her ally, per say.”


“It’s just, you know, that she’s my bride and I don’t like other people bossing her around.”

“Huh? Bride?”


“Have you caught the stupid?”

“No, I think I said something pretty normal just now.”

“Pfft, you just made that up on the—-”

Taiyou kissed Shirokiyami. It was completely out of the blue. Shirokiyami made momentary resistance, but she soon succumbed to Taiyou’s embrace, losing the strength to fight back. The kiss itself was only a surface one, but the effects were extraordinary.

“T-The heck are you doing?”

“Just wanted to show you how close we are, that’s all. At this rate, we’d slip past an R rating and go straight for the X rated section, so I guess we’d best leave it here for now.”

“Actually, I’m cool with seeing it go down here.”

Akiha remarked from the side. He wasn’t sure if she was serious or joking. But it sure was good timing. Yuri was unable to say anything, mouth opening and closing in surprise.

“No, I definitely won’t do that here. And why do all of you enjoy that sort of thing?”

“That sort of thing?”

“How come you always want to show people every little thing?”

“That’s some obvious stuff, man.”

Akiha winked.

“Cause it’s fantastic!”

“No, I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who thinks that.”

“I guess it’s cause I personally flaunt everything.”

“Well, that in itself is worrying…”

“How so?”

“I mean that I am questioning your strange desire to show off personal things to people.”

“Just think of it as boasting! You know, like ‘I bet y’all want some of THIS, but you can never get close to it, losers!’ or something like that.”

“I’d never go thaaat far.”

“But it’s fantastic, y’know?”

And that was how their little banter went. During that time, Yuri was constantly shaking.



Just by having her name called, Shirokiyami’s body stiffened, almost like she was a small child. Taiyou lightly patted her head, focusing his feelings toward her.

“Are you going to seriously listen to that guy?”


“Like I said…”

Taiyou butted in. He saw no further point in letting her bear the full brunt of the attack.

“She can’t move because I am hugging her. I am more powerful.”


Yuri moaned like a child throwing a tantrum.


“As I said—-”

Taiyou said in a slightly exasperated tone. No matter how many times she tried to order her younger sister around, it would not work. He was stronger, after all, so why didn’t she get that?

However, Yuri’s next order was absolutely unexpected.

“Why don’t you just die! Bite your tongue and die!”


Shirokiyami made a small nod, opening her mouth. Taiyou wasn’t able to react immediately, confused by the sudden turn of events. By the time he had realized what was going on, it was too late. The girl in his arms stiffened up again, but this time, it was as if…as if she were saying ‘I’m sorry’.


He tried to stop her, but it didn’t go well, as he had not reacted quickly enough. The next moment, he could feel Shirokiyami’s jaw movement.

Red, fresh blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth, dripping onto the ground. Taiyou was utterly dumbfounded at what had just transpired.


As if she had anticipated this happening, Akiha had swiftly hrust her hand between Shirokiyami’s lips.



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  3. It seems some events happened off stage, I’m sad I didn’t get to read about Shirokiyami’s first kiss.

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