Chapter 341: ‘Cause I Love You


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Taiyou was a moment too late. He grabbed Shirokiyami’s face, attempting to open her mouth.

“Not here. Over there.”


Akiha was actually the calm one in this situation. Taiyou realized what she was trying to say.

He swung around, charging at Yuri. As soon as they came into contact, he made a blow to her vitals, knocking her unconscious. He set her limp form on the ground before he turned back to Shirokiyami.

She was slowly opening her mouth in amazement. Akiha flicked her hands, breathing on them. They had deep teeth marks on them with blood welling up.


He raced toward her only to get flicked on the forehead.

“Like I said, not here. Over there.”

She grabbed his face with both hands and steered it toward the dumbfounded Shirokiyami. As he stared at her, Taiyou asked Akiha for affirmation.

“Is everything really okay?”

“How many times I gotta tell you? I swear I’ll knock you down.”

Akiha pushed his shoulders. Taiyou lost his balance, having been pushed over to Shirokiyami. He decided to forget about Akiha for the time being as he looked at Shirokiyami. He firmly grasped her so that she wouldn’t try and run away.

“You alright?”



“…going to di—-”

“Nope, not letting you.”

Taiyou completely cut her off. He just had the feeling that if he didn’t cut her off, she would actually end up in an irreversible situation.


He covered her mouth with his hand, preventing her from saying another word. He turned to Juurokuya and spoke in a commanding tone.

“Take that girl along and lock her up somewhere. Treat her with care, but make sure that she doesn’t get away.”


Being that Taiyou was her master’s master, the order was quickly carried out thereafter. After Juurokuya contacted someone, two well-built men appeared and took Yuri away somewhere. Watching them leave, Taiyou stared at Sakura as he continued to prevent Shirokiyami from speaking.

“What a handful…”

“I do hope that I’m not next.”

“No, I’m not going to have you take responsibility over what just happened.”

“You should realize that responsibility belongs to people not just because of their orders, but also because of the consequences that their orders bring about.”

“I’m not trying to head in that direction right now.”

“Then what are you trying to do?”

“I wanted to discuss your marriage appointment.”


Sakura’s smile was now slightly unraveled.

“Her sister coming over here and Akiha getting hurt as a result was simply a means to an end, or at the very least a byproduct. I see no point in further debating the particulars, as it would only prolong things and prevent me from discussing what I came here for.”

“But if you do not resolve this, then she will remain in that state.”

She was talking about Shirokiyami.

“Nothing bad will occur as long as I have her in my arms like this.”

“How long will you hold on to her then?”

“As long as I need to.”


Akiha jeered from the side.


“You’re quite the cool one.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“What would that be?”

“Why are you here?”

“Because Juurokuya asked me to be here.”

He promptly answered. That was the biggest and only reason.

“You came because she asked you to?”


“So this was not voluntary.”

“…What exactly are you getting at?”

“I was simply wondering how I could get you to give up.”

“You want to make me give up?”

“I know what you are trying to say. However, I do not think of this as a particularly bad thing.”



Sakura nodded, and he could tell that she was being upfront about it.

“I feel like how a man would if he had led a happy life and then suddenly got sent overseas in order to find work. Sure, it’s a bit sudden, but it is work after all, and after completing said work, he may very well be set for life after a few years.”

“…I see.”

“So it’s actually troublesome to get in the way of this.”

“I understand.”

“So can you do me a favor and leave now?”

“No, I think not.”

“…Oh? Why not?”

Her face stiffened.

“If this were only about you, then I would have left by now.”

“Is there some other reason, then?”

“You see, Youran has blocked me on her phone.”


“I don’t want to constrain her. In fact, I want her to be more free than she is now. But as of right now, she wants to call me ‘Master’ and rule over her. So it has got to be something serious if she, of all people, blocks me on her phone.”

“…New Moon-sama?”

“…All right, I’ll just go ahead and abduct you.”


Sakura’s face was filled with astonishment at what he just said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing will be resolved if we stay here. I don’t understand what is going on, but there are too many things in this world that become too late to take back once they’re in motion. I will first put a stop to this, then think about what to do next.”

“You can’t just—-”

Sakura half-rose to her feet. This was the first time that she had moved since they had intruded.

“Don’t bother. There is no one here who can stop me.”

With Shirokiyami in tow, Taiyou charged at Sakura, lifting her up onto his shoulders. He turned around, looking at Akiha.

“Are you okay?”

“‘Course! Who d’you think I am?”

“Any injuries?”

“It’s all fine, nothing to worry about.”

“Okay…but I’m glad.”


“When she tried to kill herself, the force of her mouth must have been seriously strong. I’m amazed that all you got from that was a slight injury.”


Akiha snorted.

“What kind of a reaction was that?”

“Look at this.”

Akiha held out the hand that had not been bitten. There was a ring through her ring finger.

“Isn’t it because of this?”


When he realized what she was trying to say, Taiyou’s face flushed just a bit. It was the ring that converted feelings into protection, originating from ‘Blood Soul’. Taiyou felt a little bit embarrassed to hear that her wound was light because of that.



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