Chapter 35: Loli Kiss


「Junishima Youran?」

Taiyou repeated the name he just heard from Kohaku.

And he looked towards Yurikago, she was glaring at Kohaku with a face full of displeasure. Seeing her in such a bad mood probably meant that what Kohaku said was the truth.

In other words, it was her real name.

When Taiyou was thinking about what could be wrong with having such a name.

He suddenly realized something.

「Having the name Junishima, are you perhaps a relative of Sakura?」

「Junishima Sakura? Umu, I heard that they were half-sisters born of different mothers. Sakura wasn’t born from a legal wife nor was it from one of the concubines, she is apparently a child born from a mistress」

「Is that so?」

「Who cares about such a thing」

Youran brushes it off as if it was something really trivial.

「Is that so? No hang on a minute, if you and Sakura are sisters, then why are you trying to hinder her plans? Is it because she is your half-sister? 」

「It can’t be explained in such a simple manner」

Youran let’s out a sigh and displays an expression of resignation.

「You, how much do you know about the Junishima clan?」

「…….To put it bluntly, it’s to the level that I don’t even know how to write the name. Sakura has mentioned that it was a way of writing that was an unimaginable, and it was writing Island twelve times in a row 『Shima, Shima, Shima, Shima, Shima ,Shima, Shima, Shima ,Shima, Shima, Shima, Shima』」(TL: Juni= twelve, Shima= islands)

「Kukuku, To come up with something like writing Shima twelve times,  what an interesting way of thinking. If that was truly how it was supposed to be written, I wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared in the Guinness book of records. That’s because the longest family name in the history of this country is at best 5 characters」 (Kohaku speaking)

「Then how do you write it?」

「It uses the character 『双』from the first part of the kanji for “twins”, the Chinese numeral for 『六(six)』 and lastly the kanji for 『島(Island)』, combined together it is 『双六島』」

「Pair…….Six……Island. Ahh, so because there are a pair of two sixes, it totals to 12. Indeed, if you weren’t told how to write it directly, it would be hard to reach such a conclusion by yourself. To be frank, after seeing the characters I assumed that it was read as “Sugorokushima”」(TL: Sugoroku 双六, is a traditional Japanese board game played with dice)

「Well Japanese family names are often derived from geographical locations」(TL: some examples: Yama= mountain is very commonly used by Japanese people or Mura for village etc)

「Ahh, In the case of Westerners, they have a lot of their family names based on occupations」(TL: example: James Baker, Fabbri =blacksmith, Chandler= candle seller/maker)

「Even Junishima is a place name. In Japan the Junishima island is the third largest island located on the Sea side of Japan. Also, the Junishima family has been the landowner of the island for over 1000 years」


「And, I am a daughter from that family. So is that foolish woman over there」

「You aren’t just a mere daughter, isn’t that so?」

Kohaku chuckles as she says this.

「What do you mean?」

「She is born from the eldest son of the Junishima clan, this would mean that she is the next candidate who is supposed to lead the family as head of the clan, she kind of like a “Princess”. She also has an official name she is addressed with by her subordinates」


Taiyou leaks out a voice of awe, he didn’t think much of her having an official name, but when it was mentioned that she was the rightful successor, he frankly thought that she was amazing.

Seeing such a reaction from Taiyou, Kohaku couldn’t help but let out a smile.

「It seems that you have yet to fully understand the implications of this situation?」

「Hm? What do you mean? 」

「Allow me to ask, can you imagine what kind of place the Junishima island is?」

「That is….Isn’t it an island, and it is the third largest island within Japan? …..Wait a minute, if it’s the third largest island in Japan, just how big is the island? And you are saying that they own the whole thing? 」

「Finally you have begun to grasp the magnitude of the situation. Well in this case, although the mysterious size of the island is not a trivial thing, it is of secondary importance. The important factor to note is the population of the people on the island」


「Yes, the Village of Junishima. Over one million people live in that village, it is the most populous village in Japan」

「………Did you say one million people!?」

Taiyou gasped  and he rapidly turned towards Youran.

The girl with the twin tails had a cold indifferent expression on her face. Although she didn’t affirm the statements made she also didn’t deny their validity, she had a look on her face which implied the truth in Kohaku’s words.

「It can’t be? How can there be a village with one million people in it? 」

「In this country there is no such thing as an automatic promotion of a village, the law of this country states that as long as the village doesn’t apply for it, it will continue being classified as a village…………Regardless of the fact that it has 1 million people living in it or 120 million people」

「So obviously the Junishima clan has purposely withheld from applying to fix their status, however why would they do such a thing?—-」

「Isn’t this enough?」

Taiyou was about to further question the fact, but Youran interrupted their conversation with a firm tone.

「That kind of story, is unrelated to our current situation」

「I suppose so, the important thing to note is that Junishima Youran is the first candidate to be the person who will stand on top of these one million villagers and  the one who gets to control them in the future. And the important thing to note is that. Although it may be called a “village”, if all those people were to gather, the person who will stand at the top will have an extremely strong amount of influence. Being the village chief……Will naturally mean that person will have the most influence within their grasp. In other words, Junishima Island is like a country within Japan, the village chief is akin to a sort of a king which rules a country」

「……….So, could it be that there is some sort of a power struggle? 」

「The correct assertion」

Kohaku grins whilst nodding her head.

「Although she is the first candidate of choice, it does not mean that it will be a peaceful road to obtain supremacy. If any sort of weakness is shown, it will be quickly taken advantage of in an instant」

「Is that the reason that, in the worst case scenario….She said such a thing」

「That’s right. For this particular situation, no matter what she does it doesn’t really matter as long as she doesn’t get caught in the act」

「Even so, her corresponding action to not get caught is way  too excessive…..」

「What do you mean by excessive?」

Kohaku was doubtful, and Taiyou told the words Youran said to him a few moments ago.

Kohaku was in complete agreement with Taiyou.

「It stands to reason. That she is probably the type of person to go to the extremes of being extreme」

「Is that so?」

「Umu, it’s something that occurs often with her. For instance, right now she seems to be a man-hater, but if a man who she can fall in love with shows up, she will fall hopelessly and thoroughly in love, and she will be the type to give out her everything to that man」

「Just like that?」

「Umu, From her body, to her heart, even her wealth and power, everything will be given. That’s the kind of hopeless girl I see her as」

「Stop talking arbitrarily me behind my back! I am not going to become that sort of a person! 」

Youran shouts out in a loud voice, and frantically denies the statements.

「Na(Hey), don’t you think she’s that type of person?」(TL: Kohaku is asking for Taiyou’s opinion)

「Ahh…..I do get that kind of vibe from her」

「Why are you guys jumping to your own conclusions?! I’m telling you I am not going to become like that, okay?!」

「Yeah,  all I can hear you saying is “Oh noo, I will never become such a thing” 」

「That’s true, the more she tries to deny it, the more it seems that she’s just trying to deny the truth」

「Stop making your own assumptions—」

Youran pouts and turns her face away.

「Aren’t you interested in her? If you make her fall for you, you may just become the king of those one million people, you know? Ahh, by the way, when I said the word “fall” I meant the word “degenerate”」 (TL: Kohaku the perv, is basically saying, he should make her lose her mind like in those princess corruption games~)

「Why did you need to mention that specifically?!」

「It’s my hobby」

「What kind of hobby is that?!」

「What do you say? If you want to do it, then I will give you a helping hand. And when it becomes successful, all you have to do is provide me with a little bit of compensation」

「By compensation, do you mean money?」

「Nope, for someone like me who do not many years left to live, such a thing is unnecessary. I also have no need for lands or power」

「Then, what is it that you want?」

「I want this—-」

Kohaku says this and suddenly started to lean over to Taiyou. The thin transparent dress she wore and the feeling of her smooth skin brushed up against Taiyou.

At the same time, an indescribably sweet smell tickled his nose and made his heart skip a beat.

「What are—–Nnnmuu!」

He was just about to ask her, but before he could speak, Kohaku already planted a kiss on him.

With such a sudden kiss, it could be said that there was no sign of this before it happened.

With his lips being enclosed, Taiyou was both astonished and perplexed.

After a short time, just like the time when he was kissed, Kohaku was the one who parted from him.

Whilst being totally confused, Taiyou was looking at her.

「Wh, what is……」

「I’m going to take the reward in advance」

「Payment in advance?」

「When the time comes, you can just give me another reward of the same kind」

「Nono, wait, wait wait……」

「What is it? You are being such a stingy man, aren’t you? Are you trying to bargain down the compensation? 」

「No, that’s not the problem」

「In that case, were you not satisfied with my lips?」


Taiyou was at a loss for words. It definitely wasn’t unpleasant.

More than that, it was actually quite the opposite.

The feeling of her lips when she kissed him, and the rich fragrant aroma that drifted from her body smelled like a dribble of honey. And now she was finishing him off with her abandoned upturned puppy eyes look.

The result was that a fire started to ignite within Taiyou’s chest.

It was a sweet-tasting kiss that made both his legs feel a sweet aching all the way to the base of his feet. Even if his mouth was torn apart, the words “not good”, it was not possible to say such a thing.

Just when Taiyou was at a loss for what to answer, Kohaku seems to have found something as she points her fingers at something.

「Umu? Hey, can you tell me what that is? 」


Taiyou turns his gaze to where she was pointing and when he did, he let out a groan.

What was there, was the appearance of Hera who was supposed to keep silent in accordance to when  Taiyou was among other people.

「It’s nice to meet you desuyo〜, I exist for Taiyou’s sake, I am the Level up Fairy Hera nanodesu〜」



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