Chapter 350: No Normal Nonsense


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Editor: ryunakama

“I haven’t decided yet. Although it has been decided.”

“What do you mean?”

Hera tilted her head.

“There isn’t anyone I’ve decided is good. However…”

He turned to Ruri, touching her cheeks.

“It was destined that we meet, and the same goes for the others. So no matter where this seventh person is, they’re sure to be destined as well.”

“Oho, is that right? Then it must be so! Your next partner of destiny awaits!”

“Any idea who it might be?”

“None whatsoever!”

“I figured.”

Taiyou chuckled.

“Oh? There is…none? But is there anything…I can do?”

“Ah no, you’re mistaken about something. Don’t worry.”


“I’m good at this sort of thing.”

“He has had much experience up till now after all.”


“Rather than tell you, I’d better show you.”

Taiyou walked off to the condominium with Ruri in his arms. Ruri seemed to understand what he was getting at, her face reddening. Taiyou found that to be endearing, giving her a smooch.

He swaggered through the street carrying his princess.

As he did so, he thought about the seventh bride. Surely she was somewhere. Although his harem value had been decreasing each time he got a bride, it was clear he had room for one more.

That was what gave him the conviction that his next woman of destiny was somewhere out there.

What kind of person were they?
Were they pretty, or cute?
Active, or quiet?
Younger, or older?
There were many possibilities- endless possibilities, you could even say.

But they probably were not normal. There were no such girls around Taiyou like that. Hera’s existence was already one thing, but even Aoba, the most normal out of the bunch, had no qualms with gratifying Taiyou’s desire of having multiple wives at once.

There indeed were no normal girls around him. He suddenly recalled the other number with a value of “0” that had appeared alongside his harem value, still a zero to this day. He was confident that number was what had been distancing him from normal girls.

“Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan!”

“What is it?”

“Once all the brides have gathered, how about we go on a trip?”

“A trip?”

“Yes, a trip for the newly-weds. A honeymoon! That can be everyone’s first memory all together!”

“Well, that is a good idea, and I do think we should do that, but…”

“But what?”

“You make it sound like you’re coming along.”

“But of course I am.”

She said it like it was obvious.

“But this is a honeymoon that we’re talking about.”

“Yes indeed.”

She still showed no sign of getting the picture. But this was to be expected- after all, she was the least normal out of all the girls.

Taiyou couldn’t understand, but maybe there was something within her that made her feel like it made sense to come on the honeymoon with them. But there was no need to press her about it.

The only reason this had surfaced as a problem in his head was because she had used the term “honeymoon”, but as just a regular trip, there was no issue with bringing the entire family along. Hera was after all like family to Taiyou.

In fact…

“No, I’m reading too much into this.”

He denied what he had just thought about. He had always unconsciously left Hera at the top of the group of brides, but that didn’t mean anything.

After walking for a bit…

“Oh yeah…what do we do about that?”

Ruri suddenly looked up as if remembering something.

“About what?”

“The people you don’t like romantically…but sexually.”

“…Ah right, we were discussing that.”

Taiyou made a slight wry smile.

“Are there any others…besides Juurokuya?”

“If I told you, you’d probably kidnap them.”

“I will take care of…all the preliminary arrangements.”

“…Why are all the girls around me like this?”

“Because you are fantastic, Taiyou-chan!”

Hera said optimistically, and Taiyou swatted at her.

“Now you’re acting like Akiha.”

“But it’s true! You are a fantastic person.”

Hera sought agreement from Ruri, who nodded.

“The greatest man on earth.”

“That’s a gigantic compliment!”

“But…I am serious.”


Taiyou silently continued walking, pondering what to do with his super-serious brides, as well as what to do about himself in the process.

He continued to think about that.


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