Chapter 352: Rescue


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“I owe you one, Bro.”

After knocking the enemies down and barging in, Kirisaki Enya thanked him.

Deep in a certain Chinese restaurant in Oritachi…

In a private room stood Enya, his upper half naked and covered with tattoos, not to mention blood splattered over his hands. Although he did not by any means look respectable, you could not help but admit that he had a certain dignity about him.

“Are you all right, Enya-san?”

“No injuries as of right now.”

“Thank goodness.”

“Why are you here, Bro?”

“I received notice of a group attempting to ensnare you in their trap.”

“It was really shameful, they got me like the Feast of Hong Gate.”

“So for now we should–”

“Taiyou, an enemy’s coming.”

Akiha walked in from outside the room.

“Oh? Why is a different girl than before…”

“I’ll introduce her later. She’s my fifth wife.”


Enya’s eyes glittered. Due to the nature of his occupation, he did not bear any prejudice against having multiple women at the same time. In fact, he was the type of person who thought that was how it should be- the true way to show your colors as a man. In a sense, that was also a type of prejudice, but very favorable in Taiyou’s opinion.

Right after Akiha had gotten in, the door broke down and several men came rushing in. Much like Enya, they were yakuza and they were holding daggers in their hands.

“You little–”

One of the men attempted to say something, but Taiyou flew at him and sunk him with a fist before he could finish.

“D-Don’t move.”

One of the men who entered the room acted quickly, selecting the most vulnerable member out of them all- Akiha. He had grabbed her arm and was holding a knife to her.

Taiyou did not panic.

There wasn’t even 5 meters between them. Even if she did have a knife pressed to her, he could stop that before the man even had a chance to react.

“Make one move and you won’t like what happens to her.”

So he got closer without giving it much thought.

“D-Damn it.”

The man moved to cut her with his knife, but the next second–


Before Taiyou had even gotten over there, Akiha had reacted quicker. She grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted it before giving him a back kick to the vitals.



Enya whistled.

“Way to go! Looks like Bro picks them right.”

“You could do THAT too?”

“Just a bit. Thought it might come in handy one day.”

“Come in handy?”

“Yeah, back when I thought ‘I gotta protect Aoba!’”

She said nonchalantly, not bothering to hide her smile.

(That does make sense), thought Taiyou.

“And when was this? You brought Aoba to my place about half a year ago, so it’d be before that, right?”

“Yeah, sixth grade of elementary school, I’d say.”


Taiyou nodded, turning to Enya.

“Let’s go ahead and get out of here. Can you come with, Enya-san?”

“Of course.”

Enya caught the dagger that Taiyou threw.

“I’ll go on ahead. Follow behind me Bro.”

“Ah, no, it would be best if I go ahead. There’s no guarantee that they won’t have guns. I’m better suited for those sorts of situations.”


“Akiha, you come next. Sorry Enya-san but you’ll have to be at the rear.”

Taiyou, Akiha, and then Enya all left the room, filing out into the open. Several yakuza heard the commotion and tried to attack them from either side, but they were easily defeated by Taiyou and Enya.

As if timing their arrival, one car came promptly to the scene. While Enya had a startled look on his face, Taiyou simply opened the door without much thought.

“Please, ride with us.”


Once he understood that Taiyou had prepared this ride, Enya readily agreed and hopped into the car.

It was a box wagon. Taiyou, Akiha, and Enya all got into the rear, and Taiyou leaned forward to give his thanks to the driver. Then he turned back to look at Enya and asked him again.

“Are you all right?”

“For sure, Bro. No injuries. What about you?”

“I’m fine too.”

“Good. Anyway, could you get me somewhere real quick?”

“…A raid, is it?”

“Yep. I can’t just back down as it is.”

“Understood. How do we get there?”

Taiyou got the location from Enya, informing the driver. It was the office of his enemy. It would take 10 minutes till arrival, so Taiyou turned to Akiha and spoke.

“Now ‘wait in the car this time’…is what I would normally say, but you won’t listen anyway I bet.”

“Of course not.”

Akiha grinned.

“Why would I ever let something fantastic like this slip me by?”

“As usual, I seriously don’t know your criteria for what is ‘fantastic’.”

“What, come on, that’s easy!”

Akiha grinned even wider.

“What I say is fantastic is fantastic!”

“Well aren’t you a free spirit…”

“Got yourself a nice girl there, eh Bro?”

“She’s like a restless horse. Difficult to handle.”

“Reminds me of Big Sister.”

“Big Sister? You mean Orikawa-san, right? She’s the rich lady owner of that big business.”

“She was a little rascal as a kid. Still is, as a matter of fact.”


“I couldn’t beat her even if I tried.”

“So that’s why you treat her as superior.”

“Nah, that’s a bit different. I don’t follow people just cuz they’re strong.”

“Ah, that’s very true.”

What Enya said made a good amount of sense. To him, someone’s outward appearance was important. He didn’t follow anyone due to pure arm strength. In fact, the opposite was very possible.



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