Chapter 36: My Heroine wouldn’t have Rape Eyes


「Fumu? What is this about? 」


What the heck is going on? More like that was what Taiyou wanted to ask.

The level up fairy and the loli baba were staring at each other.

「Don’t tell me, you can see her?」

「If you are talking about that alien existence right in front of me, then yes I can」


Taiyou was in a state of blank amazement, and he was troubled at what to do.

Asides from him, Kohaku was holding on to her chin and was fixatedly staring at Hera who was floating in the air.

「Mysterious, it really is an odd appearance you have. With that kind of size, you definitely aren’t a human being」

「Aren’t you supposed to be more surprised?」

Taiyou was already worried at what to do, and he was puzzled at the reaction of Kohaku. For someone who just saw Hera’s appearance—-the figure of a non-human fairy, her reaction was way too indifferent.

「Have you seen this kind of thing before?」

「No, This is the first time, I have seen the existence of a supernatural being. The reason I am not surprised is because I’ve seen plenty of weird things. When you reach my age, it’s really hard to be surprised at anything」

「As expected of a loli baba nanodesu〜」

「Umu, it seems you have understood」

「Ehmm, hello……」

From the side a nervous Yurikago can be heard.

When I turned to the side, I could see a mixture of a person’s expression that was filled with both fright and puzzlement.

「You guys, since a while ago, what are you talking about………Who are you talking to? 」

「Umu? Yes please enlighten me, what is this all about」

Kohaku asks Hera for an explanation.

「The thing is desune, The only people who can see me, are people who have kissed Taiyou-chan desuyo〜」

「Hou, what a pleasant story」

Kohaku’s expression turned to that of amusement, and she fell silent.

Looking at her response Yurikago was becoming even more afraid and flustered.

「Wait, don’t just go silent on me, please answer the question」

「Well…..Even if you wanted me to answer…..How should I put this? 」

Taiyou who was suddenly put on the spot truly did not know how to respond.

“If you have a kiss with me you will be able to see the fairy, how about it?”…..It wasn’t like I could just say it that kind of thing with blatant honesty. Under normal circumstances saying such a thing, will guarantee an ambulance of a certain color will show up and take you away.

However, at this rate, just trying to cover it up will not work out either.

When I was being hesitant, Kohaku who was in a deep sea of thought, suddenly raised an idea.

「Allow me to confirm, if somebody kisses his lips, without a doubt, they will become able to see you? Is there some kind of limitation to this? 」

「There isn’t any〜. Regardless of who it is, men and women of all ages, anyone who kisses Taiyou-chan will be able to see me desu〜」

「I understand, alright」

Kohaku nods her head and walks towards Yurikago.


「Umu, I was thinking of explaining everything to you from now on」

「If, if you want to explain it to me, can’t you stand over there? Why are you coming…….so close to me? 」

「It’s easier to do something rather than worry about it, in other words, it will be easier to explain if you just experienced it in person, rather than just using words」

「Experience it? Eh? What is this about? 」

「Oh yeah, by the way, what is your name?」

「Hera-chan nanodesuyo〜」

「Umu. Then Hera, please restrain his movements」

「Roger that〜」

Hera gives Kohaku a salute, she flies in the opposite direction away from everyone else.

It was an action taken in order to prepare for a speed boost, after taking about ten meters of distance she turned, and at an extremely great speed, she flew towards Taiyou.


「It’s a revolution desuyo!〜」

Hera was rotating like a rifle. With such vigorous momentum, she was drilling towards Taiyou.

The fairy’s small body hits the defenceless Taiyou squarely in between his groins.

「Uguu—–Y, ou…….」

Taiyou was crouching on the ground pressing between his groins. Taiyou who received a direct hit to his most precious jewels, was feeling the pain to the pit of his stomach, and he was fainting in agony.

「I’ve told you…….to stop……hitting me here…..」

「But, but Taiyou-chan, unless it’s a short distance attack, it wouldn’t work on Taiyoou-chan desuyo?」


「Will this be good enough〜?」

Hera asked Kohaku.

「Nice jya」

「Wh, what is happening….?」

Though the details of what exactly is happening, is quite clear to Kohaku who can see Hera’s figure. For Yurikago, who cannot see what was happening, all she could see was that Taiyou was suddenly on the floor crouching and holding on to his groins,. Even as a joke she could not predict exactly what was happening, and she was getting the cold sweat just from seeing this baffling spectacle.

The fact that Taiyou did not seem to be acting, only further increased her bewilderment of the situation.

「Now then, the next person is you」


「That’s right」

Kohaku suddenly stepped on Yurikago’s foot with a Don! The moment Yurikago got stepped on, her whole body went numb for a split second as if electricity ran through it, with a start her body crumbles to the floor.

「Wh, what are you doing……?」

「Don’t worry, this isn’t one of my mysterious arts. I merely poked on one of your pressure points. When someone hits your elbow, you’ve experienced this kind of thing before haven’t you? This is just an even more amazing version of that」

「Ohh, as expected of a Loli Baba desu. Such a knowledgeable Baba nanodesu〜」

「I suppose you can say, that I am well versed in many practical matters. You are quite capable yourself」

「I learnt the technique in order to protect Taiyou-chan nanodesu〜」

「I see, a woman who has someone to protect is truly strong as one would expect」

Hera and Kohaku was singing each other with praises on one side, and on the other end, both Taiyou and Yurikago received damage. They were both in a situation of being unable to move.

After praising each other for quite some time, they turned towards the two people who were on their knees.

「Now then, Shall we do it?」(Kohaku Speaking)

「What should we do desuka?」

「Make that fellow turn his face upwards nojya. If he tries to resist, I don’t mind it if you give him one more blow. I mean, what’s it to a young man like him, he should be full of resilience and recuperate in no time right? 」


Hera salutes and slips underneath Taiyou’s chin and pushes his face upwards.

Kohaku on the other end also turns towards Yurikagi and held her up supporting her by the armpit.

「Wh, what are you…..」

Kohaku didn’t say a word and just lifted her up. Although her diminutive body looked like it had a hard time carrying Yurikago for a second, it would seem that her waist was used well and she seemed to have a knack for carrying heavy things on her back.

And then, she brought Yurikago to where Taiyou was currently crouching.


「Wai, wait! Wait! 」

Taiyou and Yurikago, in particular, Taiyou knew exactly what they were trying to make him do. Yurikago was unsure of the reason, but looking at the situation, she had a pretty good guess as to what they were planning.

Although they both tried to resist, their bodies which have not recovered from the damage they received was clearly unable to fight back.

And the two people had their heads held down, and were made to kiss each other by force.

「Mou! I can’t believe this is happening! 」

Finally regaining her freedom, Yurikago rapidly stands up and scrubs her lips with the back of her hands.

「What are you trying to achieve! Playing around with people’s lips like this?!」

「Kukuku, isn’t it fine like this? It’s alright, trust me」

「Ohh, its a Japanese AKUDAIKAN nanodesune〜」(TL: this is a reference to Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star a spin off sequel animation, She is trying to say that Taiyou is an Akudaikan, which is an evil ruler who plans to capture the seven fountains. Or in this case the Seven Heroines)

「I ain’t an evil warlord–!!」

「Well, just calm down a little, your face looks like you were showered with kisses continuously for one month」

「It wasn’t for one month!」

「If you were affectionately kissed for one month, what would happen 〜? Taiyou-chan, will it be alright if you try it out on Kotone-chan and the other girls? 」

「You may also try it to me. I think my face would become like an enlightened monk jyaro」

「I think it will be like a bitch in heat! Surely〜! 」

Yurikago was indignant. Her ability to move was taken away by force, as a girl who has already declared to Taiyou that she didn’t really like him, her reaction of being unhappy was an expected outcome, however, she was so angry that she was missing the important factor.

「Hey, can I talk to you for a bit?」

To point it out, Taiyou called out to her.

「What? Let me just make this clear, but if you try to kiss me one more time, I will bite your lips off, okay? 」

「No, I wouldn’t do those kind of things to you, or ever take you by force. It isn’t about that」

「Then what are you trying to say?」

「You, do you realize that you have been talking to Hera for a while now?」


「Yurikago became dazed and almost as if she became a robot, she turned her head with a (sfx gi gi gi mechanical sound) towards Hera 」

Unlike a little while ago, she clearly had a good look at Hera. The moment she verified Hera’s appearance, her eyes gradually widened in surprise.

It was like she saw something completely unbelievable, it was like seeing something for the first time since she was born.


「Once again, It’s nice to meet you desuyo〜. I am Taiyou-chans special Fairy, Hera-chan nanodesu〜」

「Wh, what is going on?」

「With this it should be quite clear right? Only the woman who kisses this fellow will be able to see her jya」

「Even if a male kissed him, they would be able to see me ya know〜」

「I’ll say this right now, but rather than kissing with a male, I would rather crush their skulls in」

Taiyou exposed a face full of disgust.

If another beastly male were to kiss him, it would not be possible for him to accept.

「….Ahh I understand. So the thing a while ago was because such a mysterious thing was there」

In the beginning Yurikago was truly shocked, but as soon as she confirmed the existence of Hera, she rapidly recovered and was becoming calm and collected again. After being surprised, she was becoming really calm at a scary pace, she grabbed a small handgun from within her purse.

「So is this why, even If I do this, you will be completely fine?」

Whilst saying such a thing, she pointed her gun at Taiyou’s groins.

Posun! (Fire) Right after the sound of gun fire resounded, the bullet sped up towards Taiyou’s crotch at a rapid pace, however it quickly lost its power.

「Why the hell do you guys always aim at this location?!」

Taiyou roars. Unlike the time when Hera hurled herself into his crotch, the gun which shot a bullet straight to his groins did not even leave a scratch.



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