Chapter 361: You’re Welcome


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Youran averted her eyes, sinking down.

“But, how can I face——”

“Like I said, that’s irrelevant.”


Youran’s voice cracked. She hadn’t expected him to be so confident in his tone. He grabbed her pretty face with both his hands, gazing into her eyes as he spoke.

“Objective and method.”

He repeated the same words that he had said numerous times. This had also been Youran’s policy.

“Today, I want to flirt with all my brides. That’s my objective. In order to achieve it, I won’t bother to ask what you’re plotting. I won’t even remember it. To be more blunt, I couldn’t care less about your worries or feelings as of this moment.”

“You don’t care…?”

“Ahahaha, Taiyou, so fantastic! So full of contradictions, but so fantastic!”

“That’s my Taiyou-chan! My lovely angel Taiyou-chan!”

Akiha and Hera said each of their usual lines, laughing loudly.

Youran looked at them blankly before looking up at Taiyou timidly.

“Is it really fine?”

“Do you wanna refuse? If not, then that was a contradiction just now.”


Youran nodded, looking down and then back up.

She was quick to shift her personality this time around.

Youran had always been switching between her two faces: Juunishima Youran and Juunishima Shingetsu no Kami Youran. This was her forte.

“Come home. I can get a car, so wait a sec.”

“But what about your trailer, Taiyou-chan? Aki-han has never ridden on it, right?”

“Trailer? The heck is that? It sounds fantastic!”

“How do you call something fantastic when you don’t even know what it is?”

“Not a trailer per say, but a human-operated car.”

“Human-operated? Like those things at tourist attractions?”

“Yes. Like the one that Master let Aoba ride on.”

“What? What? I haven’t heard anything about this!”

Akiha was highly interested, and Youran responded in a pleasant manner as if her hesitant attitude from earlier had been a lie.

“This is great, Taiyou-chan.”

Hera whispered next to him. She had an unusually calm expression on her face.

“Not especially.”

“Not especially, you say?”


Taiyou nodded, speaking without reservation.

“You probably want to congratulate me for accomplishing something, but this ain’t it. Cause all I really want to do is gather all my girls tonight and have some fun.”

“Then what about the whole thing with Yuri-chan?”

“That is that, and this is this.”

Taiyou flicked Hera on the forehead.

“Besides, it’s something that she’s plotting. I can’t just force her and make things too vague. That would be no fun.”

“Owowow…now that you mention it, that makes sense.”


Taiyou nodded, lending his back to his brides before walking off. Full speed ahead, to a night of flirtation with everyone.

Nighttime, in the condominium living room.

Taiyou was sitting alone on the sofa.

His brides were in each of their rooms.

They said they needed to prepare, so Taiyou was waiting, strangely excited. It had been a while since they did this sort of thing. Come to think of it, they had hardly ever even been all together at once. Someone always had something to do, and people were almost always going off somewhere. He was excited that everyone would finally be in the same place.

“Oh yeah. Hera.”


He called her name, and Hera showed up.

“Where the heck were you?”

“Looking at the stars in the sky from the roof!”

“Stars? Why that again?”

“Because it’s your lovey-dovey time with your brides. If I get in your way it’s a horse kick and the River Styx for me.”

“But it’s not like a horse could do anything to you.”

He flicked her head.

“You stay.”


Hera stared blankly.

“I stay with you all?”


“Wait, Taiyou-chan…don’t tell me…are you lusting after my——”


This time he swatted the fairy.

“Lust after that body? I’m not quite that sinful.”

“You haven’t even considered a one-night stand?”

“I sure haven’t. But I still want you to be here.”

He said, looking into her eyes.

“Mmm, well, okay.”

Hera said after thinking it over.

“Then, how about you raise your level before everyone gets here.”

“Raise my level? Why?”

“Because that’s what connects us, Taiyou-chaaan.”

“Surely you jest…but alright, you have a point.”

Taiyou smiled, beginning the next repetitive activity for the next level.

Hera watched over him as he did so.

He repeated the same thing over and over silently; something that normally would have no meaning.

“…I’m grateful to you.”

“Say wha?”

“Thanks to you, I got together with all of them. So I’m grateful. That’s all. Nothing too deep.”

“Hm, in that case, you had best be even more grateful. You are to revere me.”

“Like a shrine or something? We could call you by some Buddha-like or deity-like name like Daikongen or Daimyojin.”

“A temple would be preferable to a shrine, indeed. You can make twelve of them and put me on the highest floor, indeed.”

“Alright, and then once that’s over I’ll plunge a golden arrow into your chest.”

“You might as well go further and lock me up in a pillar inside of a vase theeen.”

“All of them at once? Wow you’re busy.”

They had a silly conversation as he continued to work on his repetitive tasks.

At length, Taiyou spoke one word.


He said.

Hera also spoke one word.

“You’re welcome.”

She said casually.


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